Chapter 70-

I don't want to move. I definitely don't want to get up. I don't even want to so much as open my eyes. Can't today just wait until tomorrow so I can I stay in bed all day and not feel ashamed for being lazy?

"My Mother will kill us." Isabella whispers her warning in my ears. Her voice sounds so ravishing in the morning. It's just so perfect and soft...This is what I want to do today. Just lay in bed and make love to Isabella all day, or listen to her talk, I won't be picky about what. Just so long as she sounds seductive and not harsh. "I do not oppose to you sleeping all day if it pleases you my love, however, the wrath of my angered Mother is one I feel I can't handle today." She says this much louder. She laughs, making her chest vibrate in the most wonderful way. "Won't you let me go?"

I shake my head and clutch tighter to her. "Think about it Isabella, if you get up now, you'll be reminded of all the bullshit we're facing. It'll give you a headache and then you'll be annoyed with everything and everyone all day long. Do you want that?"

She sighs and wiggles from me with ease. "Thank you, I'm already reminded and I haven't even showered yet." I cringe and open my eyes. I'm not assaulted by the violent sunlight like I imagined I would be. Instead it's a rather nice amount of sunlight shining through the blinds. I enjoy it now because soon Azah will be in here to open them up.

Isabella leans forward and kisses my lips softly. This kiss is more romantic than usual, more tender and effortless as she moves her lips with mine. She begins running her fingers down my spine then gripping tightly to my night dress. I smile into her kiss, thinking 'Maybe she'll become savage and tear it from me. Then she'll have a reason to stay in bed a little longer and if I'm lucky she won't want to stop and I might get what I want.' But no. Once she reaches the hem she pulls away from me and stands from the bed completely.

"I'll let you sleep my love. I'm going to take a bath, if you feel like it, you can always join me." She taunts me. I pout. What a little tease. There are ways to get me to move other than the possibility of bath sex.

I mean, she could of always set Marie on me. I didn't want her in here for a second complaining about how much 'Queenly duties' I had to attend to. All of which were lies because Isabella handles the really hard stuff. All I really do is practice with my father and every now and then give my opinion in a meeting I begged Isabella to let me attend.

Maybe with the talk of war that will change. Maybe she won't be so hesitant about letting me come...maybe. I doubt Isabella would want me mixed in that as well.

Wait, why am I thinking of this? No. I shake my head in a feeble attempt to make the thoughts disappear. I should be thinking of how nice Isabella's ass looks naked.

All the people who want my head will simply have to wait until we were finished fucking. Then maybe I'll work up the energy to start worrying about that again.

It's minutes after Isabella is in her bath do I find the strength to get up and tug off my own dress and fold it up neatly so the maids won't have too much work to do when they get in here. I fold Isabella's as well, she's sloppy and it wasn't fair to the maids. How long does it take to fold a shirt and put it in the hamper to be washed?

I fight the urge to complain about it to her. No, sex is waiting and I've already taken too long. She'll probably get out and assume I wasn't going to come. Wouldn't that be just unfortunate?

I drop the clothes into the basket and hurry to her.

I find her laying in the tub surrounded by more water than we would both need and the sweet scent of lavender. She laid with her eyes shut and her head back, relaxed. She smiles, acknowledging that I've entered, but doesn't move or open her eyes. Not even when I climb into the bath and on top of her does she budge. The water is warmer than she likes it, I guess she really did expect me to come.

"What happened to sleep?" She asks. I shrug, though she doesn't see that and lock my legs around her waist.

"This seemed more fun." She holds her head up and doesn't bother opening her eyes as she leans forward to plant a sweet kiss on my neck. She wraps her arms gently around my waist and pushes me forward. I wiggle, wanting her arms to be tighter and her lips to be more demanding when they meet mine.

Instead, everything is all too soft. Too unlike Isabella to want to have 'normal' tender loving. How strange, when I want it rough she choose to be all 'nice'.

I let out a frustrated moan, a part of me is still too shy to tell her to stop it and just fuck me like she'd normally do. Then the other parts just wanted to grab her and force her to succumb to my wants. What made her think I liked it when she was all soft anyways? I want my Alpha.

She runs her hands over my breasts, giving them a little squeeze like this was her first time seeing them before placing her mouth over them. She doesn't even bite me hard. Ugh.

I frown and decide to wait it out. Maybe when she gets to my core she'll finally switch gears and give me the hardest orgasm I've ever had.

The Fates are not on my side today at all. Once she did get to my core I felt like crying at how painfully slow she was moving; how utterly angry I am that she didn't want to grab me and shove her tongue inside me, then attack there for a couple minutes while I cum.

Don't get me wrong, Isabella doesn't fail to deliver. I do cum, but it's not at all the orgasm I was aching for. She begins to kiss her way back up to my lips annnd...screw it. I burst out into sobs, making her jump back.

"How unfair!" I cry. "How completely and utterly unfair Isabella! You cannot do that! You can not! You can not! You can not!" My poor love wasn't even aware of the situation she has just put me in. She just sat there with the blankest expression I've ever seen her wear. She blinks a couple times and cocks her head to the side.

"Did I...did i do something my little-" I smack her hand away when she tries to wipe my tears.

"No, you didn't do anything at all." I say with as much sarcasm as I can. I climb up from her and step out of the tub. She lets me, still wearing her blank expression. I steal her towel and wrap it around myself before stomping out of the bathroom.

Fucking Zeus. Was it so hard to for her to just fuck me? She normally knows what I want, why not this time? Maybe I should have said something.

I don't want to offend her, but at least I wouldn't be so frustrated now.

I know...I should march back in there and demand she give me a proper orgasm right there on the bathroom tiles.

Was that even sane?

No way was that sane. She'll think I've gone mad. I pout and dry off properly. It doesn't help to see that Marie and Azah have already been in here since Isabella and I had our not sex in the bathroom.

I know Azah was here because the blinds are open and the bed is neat. On it is two different outfits for Dorotheus I was suppose to choose between. The first one started with his plain white onesie and the brown shorts with a bear on the butt and it's matching button down sweater. I don't look at the next one because I can already see him in this one. Maybe I'll teach him how to growl today and he'll get even cuter.

I know Marie was here because my outfit was already chosen for me. A light blue dress that was rather plain for something Marie choose out and my corset and heels. I pout, I don't want to wear a dress today. I wear a dress everyday.

Why can't I wear pants like Isabella does? Those looked so comfortable. I bet she didn't get all annoyed with having to pull them every time she sat down.

I feel the tears start to come again. Dammit why can't I wear pants?

"My love?" Isabella wraps her arms around me and sways me. "What's the matter?" I shake my head.


"Really? Because you don't normally burst into tears after sex...Can't you tell me what I did? Look, you're crying. I'm sorry. I never mean to make you cry. Please tell me..." I wiggle out of her and begin getting dressed. "Here, let me help you."

"Can I wear pants today?" I sniff, disregarding her question.

She pauses for a moment and frowns, it's not disapproving, just baffled. "Pants?" I nod. "Er- sure. I suppose. I don't think you own any everyday pants though..."

I pout. "I know I don't. Can't I wear one of yours?" She smiles. I want to smack her. Was my anger funny? Why else would she smile? She didn't know the pain of parading around in a stupid dress all day long.

"I think my pants are too big for you-" I frown and go over to her closet and open it. Deep down I know she's right. Her pants will fall off me, because our bodies are different and our clothes are made exactly for us. Plus she way taller than I am. I don't want to listen though. I want to wear pants and fucking hell I will wear pants.

I pull down a dark brown one. I've seen her in it a few times. They looked nice on her so why not me as well? I shove them on violently and wiggle them up to my waist. She snorts. I glare. She stops.

There's way too much room at the bottom and they won't stay up on my waist right. Nonetheless I grab the matching shirt and overcoat. "Help me with my corset." I command. She's grinning really hard as she walks over to help me tighten the damn thing. I throw on the shirt with ease. It's like a damn robe the way it's big on me. My hands don't even make it through the sleeves.

"Are you sure nothing's wrong?" She asks. She comes over to help me button up the shirt and then tuck it into the still falling pants. I shrug.

I really don't know what's wrong with me. I can't help it. "Did I do something?"

"No." She rolls up the sleeves all the way to my elbows and then grabs a belt and loops it through her pants to keep it from falling any more.

"Really? Because in the bathroom you didn't look happy with me at all." She gives me the saddest eyes I've ever seen and leans in to kiss my cheek. I shrug her off.

"Just forget it Isabella. The mood has passed." I turn away from her and look in the mirror.

The clothes are drastically over sized. I don't look too bad though. It's a nice change from looking at a dress all day.

"You're thirsty...Is that it? Are you upset because you're thirsty?" If she hadn't said anything I wouldn't have noticed my eyes being a bright yellow, then of course the faint burning in the back of my throat.

I nod. "Maybe..." What else could it be? She accepts my answer and begins getting dressed her self.

"Well then, In that case, I'm sorry for neglecting you. I'll make sure you have all the blood you can drink at breakfast." I ignore her though I'm not sure why hearing that she would take care of it annoyed me so much. I roll up the pants legs and put on a pair of flat shoes instead of the heels Marie left. I pick up the outfit I chose for Dorotheus and left.

Azah near had a heart attack when she saw me. She was playing with Dorotheus who was still in his little pajamas, his hair all messy around his face and whatnot. He had a new teddy bear in his hands. A white one that was already half destroyed; One of it's ears were half teared off and an eye was gone. They truly do not make toys strong enough to withstand him.

She stared at me for a long moment before she started to laugh. "Is this your way of rebelling against Marie's wishes?" My cheeks heat up in a blush. I shrug.

"I feel it's time for a change. What better way to change than to switch to pants? It's nice not looking at yourself the same damn way everyday you know?" She gives me a blank face and then pushes her shoulders up in a shrug.

"Well, I wouldn't know. I don't really have that option. Oh well, I like it on you. You should have Isabella get some made for you. You look smaller under all those." I sort of forget Azah is maid. She's done more than enough for me and I've never even repaid her. My stomach turns. I feel horrible. I haven't even so much as gotten her a better room. This one is so small and dull when she deserves far better. I let out a long breath. Zeus forbid, I die soon I want at least make sure she's got a nicer room to sleep in.

I nod, agreeing with her. Pants are nice. She stands up and collects the things she'd need for Dorotheus' bath. Then tugs off his shirt and pants.

"Momma!" Dorotheus screams throwing his new teddy bear Azah. "No Momma! No!" I smile at him.

"You have to shower baby. You want to be all dirty?" He screams when Azah picks him up and fights her not to go in the tub. He fights the entire she bathes him. I feel bad and tell her not to wash his hair, just so I can take him out early. He clings to me and frowns at Azah, like she had wronged him by trying to get him clean.

He didn't even want her to dress him. "I'll do it..." I say, excitedly taking the clothes from her.

Its only after I sit him down and look at everything laid out before do I realize, I have no idea how to do this. I know how to put on his diaper, but he kicked the whole time I tried to put on his pants and kept wiggling when i got to his sweater.

The whole thing takes a full half and hour. Azah laughed. I'm sure it would have taken her like two minutes.

I really need to pay her back. How she did that everyday, I have no idea. Maybe if Isabella had let me care for him I wouldn't be faced with this problem. I frown. Stupid Isabella.

"No way!" Demetri throws his fork down on his plate all over dramatic like and grips his hair out of frustration. "How could you even think that? Isabella is waaay stronger than Dad!"

Alec shakes his head. "Way to stick up for Father Demetri- traitor!" This is the conversation raving around breakfast table when I arrive. Isabella, of course, was in the middle of all of it grinning like a damn fool while my brothers near killed themselves in the heat of the argument. Alec shoved Demetri. It wasn't hard, just enough to make him budge, but Demetri retaliated with a hit that knocked Alec right from his seat.

Alec hops back up, with a red mark forming on his arm from where Demetri hit him. "Yeah, only cause Isabella has been training since birth and Dad- you know, has just been in real battles. Not stupid little ones for entertainment!"

Isabella's smile drops then she crosses her arms gives Alec her meanest glare. "Battle cry is a real battle."

"Battle cry is just a game." I say sitting down. "Just a silly little game." Instantly the two shut up and face me. Everyone gives me weird looks, especially Marie, who's mouth hung open wide.

"Alice..Oh Alice, What have you done with yourself?" She asks, touching her hand to her heart as if I'd hurt her.

"I like pants now." I tell her. Mother gives a short chuckle and leans across the table to poor a cup of the delicious smelling blood. I won't be eating anything solid today; not as long as we have this stuff sitting in front of me.

"Oh, she looks lovely Marie-"

"She looks confused about her gender." Alec cuts in. "You are aware you are a girl right? Look like a confused little boy!" I glare him and kick him as hard as I can under the table.

"Make another joke like that and you won't have a gender." I warn. His face goes pale and he pulls his leg up to his chest and cradles it.

Marie snorts. "Alice, that's not a nice thing to say. Besides, he's right. Pants are not lady like."

"Isabella wears pants. She's a lady." Marie gives her daughter a long look before saying,

"Isabella is not a lady. She never was. Not even as a child. She ran around and got dirty rather than learning to sit up right." Isabella gives her mother an offended look and sits up right, proving she knew how. "You, however, I had faith in. Has Isabella gotten you already? So soon..."

I shrug. "I like them Marie. Mother don't you think I look pretty?"

Sulpicia smiles at me and nods. "Of course darling. You always look pretty..."

"See?" I say. "Case closed. I don't want to hear anymore about it. Isabella will have pants made to fit me and I will wear them as I please. Is that a problem Marie?" Marie huffs. I smile. "I thought so."

"Ha!" Isabella is the first one to start laughing. "Ha! Ha! Who would have thought?"

"This is your fault!" Marie glares.

"My fault? I didn't a thing to her!" Isabella complains. "This was all her. Isn't she cute when she's all serious?"

"Can we please stop talking about my pants now?" I take a long drink from my cup and reach across the table to refill my cup before it's empty.

It gets quiet really fast, not even Dorotheus babbles, even though he makes weird baby noises as he eats his mush. The quiet doesn't last long though, because soon Isabella is staring intensely at me. I sigh and look at her. Was today her day to annoy me? Probably so.


"Battle cry is not a silly game." She says in all seriousness. This starts Demetri and Alec up again immediately.

"Battle cry is stupid!" Alec raves. "Who needs to lose their lives just for entertainment. It's a dumb game! I don't see how or why it would be considered fun."

"That is because you aren't from Lotus." I tell him, silencing Isabella. "I agree, the game is dangerous and silly. There are other ways to prove your strength however, it's games like that that have made the people, er- the Lycans of Lotus strong. It what will make Isabella's army strong. They will be nothing, if they are not just as strong and ruthless as people fear them to be."

Again with the weird look. Had I grown a second head today? Why was everyone staring at me like that?

"Are you being serious?" Aro asks. "Or...are you mocking?"

"I can't tell either." Marie mumble. I frown at the two. Why wouldn't I be serious? Why would I even consider making a joke out of this situation?

"I'm being serious of course. Victor is sending his army for us. I don't know how many people will stand for me. I will not force my people to fight, but those who choose to stand with me must and will be strong and vicious."

It seems odd that I'm the one saying this, but it needed to be said. We have no chance against three kingdoms unless we train our army well. Isabella was right all along. Now i finally understand. I've been too nice. You can not be nice to those who hate you, not the ones with power anyways. There is no power in words unless people listen and people do listen. With that, everyone has power. I can why she'd want to kill anyone who stand against her. No point letting them live to try and kill you another day. It's best you get rid of the problem before it gets bigger.

I've waited too long to realize that. I have no doubt that the rebels from Lotus will be joining victor's army. Our own people, people who could have been dead if I hadn't been so stupid.

Kindness and love and all that I stood for still needs to be there. You can't run a kingdom well without loving the people in it but being strict and training them well is a type of love.

"Well..." Isabella says. She drops her fork and glares at me as she stands. "Alice seems to have er...shifted her ideas a little. Yay." She says flatly.

"Are you upset?" I ask with a harder tone than I meant.

"No. No. I'm happy." Her eyes turn their purple as she balls her hands into fist shove her chair back hard enough to smash into the wall behind her and break to pieces. "See...happy." She says through her teeth. She stomps out slamming the door behind her.

Everyone was literally holding their breaths. I smile and stand, refilling my cup to the brim one last time. "She seems delighted." I say taking it with me as I follow behind her.

"What is your problem?" I ask once we reach the council room. We're the only two in here so far so there was nothing to do but wait until the other members arrive. Isabella takes her head seat.

I know she's mad at me, but I don't like it so I sit in her lap and wiggle my butt. She doesn't crack. I shrug. Oh well. I tried.

"Oh nothing. I just love hearing my wife talk like-" She trips on her words, frowning deeper as she tries to find the right one.

I raise my eyebrow. "Talk like what?"

"Well...Like me. Don't talk like I do Alice. It's not you and you shouldn't be something your not." I smirk and take a sip of my blood.

"I'm not being something I'm not Isabella. I'm changing my opinion based on the new circumstances we're under. You don't want me to do that?"


"Too bad. It's done. What the big deal anyways? It's like you haven't gotten frustrated with me because we saw things so differently before anyhow. I'm sorry, will you miss arguing with me?" She scoffs.

"You're not getting it."

"You're not explaining it!" I shoot back. I twist around to face her properly, It means I'm straddling her as we talk. I finish my drink quickly and place the empty cup on the table behind me, still craving more.

"What is there to explain? Is it not obvious?" I shake my head.

"No. It's not. I thought you'd be happy I'm letting you be all violent. I'm right and you know it. If we're going to fight we have to be the Lotus everyone fears. We have to be ruthless. We have to show. No. Mercy. want them to take me. Unless you wish to hand them my head yourself. What would you do after that? Would you hang Dorotheus outside the palace? Would you show them that your hybrid whore and her spawn was no more?" She gives me a face full of fury and pushes me back against the table, pinning me there.

"Don't say those things. Never say those things. I would never. I will fight for you even in death. You will not talk like I don't care. Since when do you talk like this? Since when do you like the code anyways?"

"Since it started to make sense..." I wiggle under her. Her grip is tight and it's starting to hurt. The pain is nice. Why couldn't she be this rough when I wanted to fuck earlier?

"And when did that happen?" I shrug the best I can.

"A few moments ago. Don't be upset with me Isabella. I see your points now. I'm happy I see them. If we go into war thinking we can just talk it out then we will die." Her purple eyes get sad as she lets me go and sits back down.

"Your ideas are what got us this far. If you start to think like I do then where will this kingdom go? Back to the way it was? Alice, kindness runs in your blood not mine. I can't be kind or sweet which is why I need you to do it. You are the best thing for kingdom and it's people. Don't go changing now." I sigh and sit up right as well, still on the table.

"That part won't go anywhere Isabella. I still think there is much to be done and we will get them done with as much fairness as we can, but right now. This is what we need." I grab her hand and put it against my face. She's so warm and soft. She caresses my cheek and leans forward to kiss me. It's the same gentle kiss she gave me in bed. This one doesn't baffle me. A rough kiss wouldn't be right, right now.

"Leave that to me won't you?" I shake my head.

"You won't be leaving me out anymore. I want to help. I want to attend meetings and observe the classes with you no matter how boring they might get. I'm not a child Isabella. I know of life and death. Even if I didn't, you can't keep it from me."

She pouts and sits back. "If I can't keep it from can't keep it from Dorotheus." I'm about to get upset, I'm his mother, I can keep him from whatever I want to keep him from. How dare she-

Maybe I really shouldn't have drank so much blood in such a short period of time because a moment later Isabella pants and shirt is covered in red.

She makes a face. "You could have warned me."

I glare. Warn her? I didn't even see it coming myself. How the hell was I suppose to warn her. She stands up and gets me a cloth to wipe my mouth with.

"Are you alright? You aren't warm...You don't feel sick do you?" I shake my head. I don't feel sick, but I do feel something shift inside me.


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