"Run Perseus." A woman whispered to her son as they both made their way through the woods. It was late, the sun almost completely set. The moon was clearly visible in the clear sky as the twins of Leto and Zeus slowly shifted the day into the night. The woman forced her child to keep moving. She knew it was close and it would not be long before it reached them.

Despite his fear, the boy tried to will his legs to move faster. His mother soon picked him up knowing his small legs could only move him so fast. She weaved her way through the trees, the branches cutting and scraping her as she went but she had no time to acknowledge the small injuries she was getting. Her only thought was protecting her child, desperately trying to reach the sea in hopes her lover would hear her pleas for help.

She could hear the branches being snapped behind them as the beast closed in. It was too close, she thought, they would never make it. Just as she was about to lose hope, a break in tree line informed her they had nearly reached the sea.

The woman burst through the last set of branches as her feet finally reached the sandy shores of the sea that she had been seeking for over an hour. She prayed that her lover to hear her but before a single word could leave her mouth, a monstrous paw landed on her back sent her to the ground, pinning the woman underneath.

Her son, Perseus, was knocked from her hands and tumbled to the ground, landing just at the water's edge.

"Go my son. Step into the sea, it will protect you." The woman pleaded as the pressure on her back increased.

Perseus looked up at his mother and then at the beast that had pinned her down. He looked into the eyes of the creature, its eyes a fiery red that was not natural for any kind of normal creature. But this boar was anything but a normal creature.

Before Perseus could do anything, the creature crushed the boy's mother underneath its giant paw with a sickening crunch.

Tears sprang into the young child's eyes as he watched his mother die before his very eyes. The massive boar stepped forward, crushing the body of his mother even further as it laid eyes on its true target.

The child for his part stood, tears still in his eyes but they longer held fear. The boy only wanted his mother; no matter the fact he knew she was gone.

As the boar stepped forward, the boy instinctively stepped back, into the sea. As the boar took another step forward, the sea rose up in anger stopping the creature in its tracks thinking the boy's father was coming to his aide.

But instead, out of the sea walked a beautiful woman, her eyes were ablaze with anger.

When she reached young Perseus, she quickly placed the child behind her, who despite being unsure of who the woman was, decided she was far less likely to try to kill him.

"You will not touch the child." The woman growled at the creature.

The boar's eyes narrowed but it seemed to be wary of the woman. It eyed her closely, waiting for its chance to get to the child.

The boar stepped forward only to be blasted back by the sea.

"You have no power here war god. It would be wise to walk away. Go. Tell your father he is dead. I promise you will not get to him." The woman hissed at the now enraged creature.

Perseus watched in utter shock at the way the woman talked to the monster, as if it were a person, even calling it a god.

Without warning, the boar lunged forward but the woman unleashed some of the true power of the sea, catching it with a colossal wave of water that sent it crashing back into the woods from which it came, crashing through branches and trees until she was satisfied with the distance between them.

The woman turned back to the child and knelt down, "What is your name young one?" She asked softly.

Perseus was looking at the woman in shock, unsure of how the woman had protected him from the monster.

"P…Perseus." He said nervously.

The woman nodded, "Hello, Perseus. I need you to trust me child. We cannot linger here long for the beast shall soon return."

Perseus nodded but his eyes drifted to the limp body of his mother as fresh tears welled up into his eyes.

The woman noticed his gaze and nodded sadly. She raised her hand as the sea rose up and gently raised his mother up from her place in the sand, cleaning her body of the sand and blood before the woman flicked her wrist and the woman vanished into a blue light.

"She will be given the final rights she deserves, I promise child." The woman said sadly.

Perseus was shocked at the things the woman could do but ignored it and quickly hugged the woman's leg, trying to show his gratitude for helping both him and his mother.

The woman looked down at the child sadly, knowing who his father was. She was irritated his father would leave his lover and own child on their own when they came to sea in hopes he would protect them.

The woman pushed those thoughts out of her mind and turned her attention back to the child. She gently unwrapped the child's arms from her leg and knelt down picking the young child up in her arms.

"Perseus," the woman said softly. "I have a son who is much like you child. You two are close to the same age. Would you like to come with me? I will protect you so that creature can never find you."

Perseus looked at the woman nervously. He looked into her pale green eyes noticed how similar they were to the ones his mother had had.

Slowly the child nodded making the woman smile softly at him.

"Close your eyes Perseus and I will introduce you to my son. You will be the brother he has longed for." She said softly.

Perseus closed his eyes as a very unfamiliar feeling came over him, like that his body was dissolving before the feeling vanished and he slowly opened his deep sea green eyes and found himself outside a small home at the water's edge.

A small child came running from the home but came to an abrupt stop when he laid eyes on the child in his mother's arms.

"Who is that?" He asked confused.

The woman smiled softly at her son, "This is Perseus, son. He is going to live with you. He will be your new brother."

The boy's eyes widened before a big smile appeared on his face.

The woman smiled at her son, "Go inside. I must talk to Perseus for a moment. We will be in shortly."

The young child nodded and returned to his home, unable to keep the smile off his face at the thought of having a brother.

Once the boy was inside, the woman set Perseus down and knelt down in front of him.

"Are you okay with this Perseus? I am only offering this. If you wish, I can find somewhere else for you to go." The woman asked.

Perseus eyes widened before he quickly shook his head, "No. I want to stay. I… I don't have anywhere else to go. I… I don't know who my father is."

The woman smiled, "Good. You shall be my son then. You and your brother will have a long and glory filled life ahead of you my child."

Perseus was slightly confused by her words but nodded, "Who… Who are you?" He asked quietly.

The woman smiled, "My name is Thetis. And that was your new brother Achilles. Would you like to go get to know him?"

Perseus smiled and nodded quickly.

Thetis smiled and grabbed his hand, leading him into his new home, smiling at the thought of her two sons and the future they would have together. Someone to watch each other's back in the difficult lives she knew both would face. They would be ready for it, together. She would make sure Perseus had the same advantages that she had given her son. Once he settled in, she would give him the same strength she had given her son, knowing together they would be a force to be reckoned with in the Greek world.