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An Altered Universe

Daisy Waterflower waited patiently in the Cerulean Gym, knowing that her youngest sister, Misty would be here soon. Daisy, like, realized that she didn't want to, like, go on the world tour anymore, because all she enjoyed when doing that was, like, the random hook-ups with, like, super-hot guys. She, like, realized that she didn't, like, want that anymore.

The reason she, like, didn't want to do that anymore was, like, because she'd met this super-hot and, like, super-smart guy, called Tracey. Daisy decided, that, like, she would call Professor Oak's lab and see if Tracey would go out with her. Tracey, like, agreed straight away, and she, like, asked if he could live in Cerulean with her and be her, like, Gym assistant.

He also agreed to that, because Oak didn't, like, need him anymore, with Gary helping his grandfather. Tracey had arrived, yesterday at Cerulean. Now all they waited for was Misty to tell her the good news.

The front door opened, as Daisy looked up and saw Misty. "Hey little sister," Daisy began, "I've got, like, three sets of good news that you'll, like, totally want to hear. Have a seat!"

Misty reluctantly sat down in her chair, head drooped. "I don't care about your world tour Daisy, I'm really sorry."

Daisy smiled, "I've, like, decided to skip this world tour," Misty's head shot up to see if she was joking, staring into her eyes with hope, as Daisy continued, "the only reason I ever went was because of the hook-ups with, like, super-hot guys. I realized that I didn't like that life anymore. I'd, like, fallen in love."

Misty's smile grew broader "Are you saying t-that I-"

"Yes Misty. Go back to Pallet town, AFTER I tell you who the lucky guy is. You would remember, like, in the Orange Archipelago, you travelled with, like, Tracey?"

Misty covered her mouth with her hands in shock "You're kidding me? You and Tracey are FINALLY together? I'm so happy for you! Where is he?"

Tracey chose to walk into the room at that point in time, and Misty squealed and hugged him "Tracey, I'm so happy for you!" Misty exclaimed, "And thanks for doing this."

"Haha, no worries Misty. I decided that with Gary around, Professor Oak didn't really need me anymore. So, after receiving this generous offer from your sister, I decided to come here. It helps all three of us, and that's really made me decide to come here, because it helps one of my best friend's. You should call Ash soon to tell him the good news."

Misty looked shocked, wondering how she could forget to tell the lo- her best friend. She ran towards the videophone, yelling a "Thank you," to the pair. She calmed herself down and dialled the Ketchum's number…

Ash made his way down the stairs to hear the phone ringing. "I'll get it mum!" he shouted, running over and picking it up. When he saw what was on the other end, he was shocked. "Misty! I know you miss me already, but you didn't need to call straight away," he joked.

"Shut up Ash. I have some great news! Guess what?"

Ash chuckled at her enthusiasm. "What, Mist?"

"Daisy has decided to stay home instead of going on the world tour."

Ash sunk it in for about 5 seconds, then, "So that means that you can?"

Misty smiled broadly and said "Yes Ash Ketchum, I can go with you to the Hoenn region."

Ash's grin broadened it a wide smile. He was overjoyed "Thanks Mist! But why did Daisy stay?"

As Misty told Ash the reason why Daisy stayed at home, Ash's smile grew. "They were always going to be a good couple, those two."

As this conversation began mellow into idle chit-chat, Misty promised Ash to be there in a few days, she wanted to go via Pewter and see Brock.

Brock was sad. He wouldn't be going on adventures with Ash and Misty anymore. As he walked into Pewter City, he headed straight for the gym, accidentally knocking over somebody "I'm so sorry ma-Sabrina?" He asked, looking into her blue eyes, "what are you doing here?"

Sabrina looked back into his eyes, shining with love "Looking for you, Brock. My powers told me that you'd returned here, to Kanto, and I decided to come and see you. I never told you this Brock, but, you're a great pokemon breeder and I was wondering if I could stay with you for a little while?" Her eyes now had hope in them, staring into his eyes.

"I-I would love for you to stay here, with me Sabrina, but what about your Gym?"

"I asked my father to take over it. I could tell he missed battling and I decided that it was time for me to move on from battling. So I decided to come here, to you Brock."

Brock was speechless. Here was a woman, 2 years older than him, deciding that she wanted to live with him, Brock Harrison. And a beautiful woman too, for that matter. "I would love that Sab. You're a wonderful trainer and person. Why wouldn't I accept?"

Sabrina blushed at the nickname, "Sab. I like that. Shall we proceed to your Gym?"

Brock nodded, finally capturing a beautiful woman to ensnare his heart. He smiled, taking them towards the Gym, where he found out the eldest of his younger siblings, Forrest, had decided to take over the gym. After this, Brock discussed with Sabrina what they should do.

They agreed to sit around for a few days before deciding what to do, to get used to being a couple. They eventually smiled, going into Brock's room after "meeting the parents".

Team Rocket drooped along miserably towards head office. Jessie, James and Meowth hated the fact that they'd failed again. "Why do we keep on chasing after them? There's no point, we'll never catch them." James said

"Maybe we should just quit? I mean, Team Rocket sucks anyway, and the twerps always have food, water and the boss doesn't get us that." Jessie replied

"Maybe you two are right. We should quit, and then join the twerps. They can be nice guys."

When they entered Giovanni's office, all was still. "Excuse me sir, but we would like to resign." James said boldly

"We don't really need you eating up our budget trying to capture that Pikachu anyway. We'll pay out your contract right now. Here's the $5 left for each of you."

Jessie, James and Meowth nodded, got a change of clothes and left. They made their way towards the Viridian City Pokemon centre and dialled the Ketchum's number. Ash picked up the phone after a long conversation with Misty "You three! What do you want?"

"Quiet Ash, we wanted to apologize. We've decided to quit Team Rocket because we sucked at it. We were also wondering if you could do us a favour?" Jessie asked

Ash mulled this over. He then asked "What is it?"

"We would like to join you on wherever your next adventure is. We want to mend bridges. Quite frankly, we were horrible to you guys and we want to make it up to you. What do you say?"

"Alright. Misty and I will be leaving Pallet Town in a week if you want to join us. Come here if you want to join us."

The three of them promised they would. James then requested from home to transfer his Growlie back, which happened. Jessie, James and Meowth then spent the night in the pokemon centre, ready to leave to Pallet Town in the morning.

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