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An Alternate Universe

Last time on our adventure, Ash caught his first Pokemon in the Hoenn region when he caught a young Taillow that will be taken under the wing of Ash's Pidgeot, and May caught her first Pokemon in a Wurmple that Misty is terrified of. What will happen this episode? Tune in and find out!

I wanna be the very best,

Like no-one ever was,

To catch them is my real test,

To train them is my cause,

I will travel across the land,

Searching far and wide,

Each Pokemon to understand,

The power that's inside,

Pokemon! It's you and me,

I know it's my destiny,

Pokemon! Oh, you're my best friend,

In a world we must defend,

Pokemon! Our heat's so true,

Our courage will pull us through,

You teach me and I teach you,

Po-ke-mo-on! Gotta catch 'em all,


As the gang continued through Petalburg Forest, an odd silence came between them. Ash was on the lookout for Pokemon; Misty was wondering when she'd finally see a water pokemon; May was trying to think about how she'd go in the Rustboro City contest, especially since she and Torchic were so inexperienced; Drew was thinking the same; Max was just walking along with Pokenav in hand; Brock was humming a song and Sabrina was just reading everybody else's minds she was so bored.

All of a sudden a Mudkip jumped out in front of the group and took everybody by surprise. "A Mudkip! Let's see what Dexter says about it," Ash commented, flipping out his pokedex.

"Mudkip, the Mud Fish Pokémon. Mudkip uses the sensitive fin on its head to take radar readings of its surroundings."

Misty smiled and stepped in front of her boyfriend, "I'll handle this honey, seeing as this is the first water Pokémon we've seen since coming to Hoenn. Go Politoed!" She cried, sending her trusty Politoed into battle.

Ash stepped back, knowing that this was her battle, after all, he had just caught a Taillow. No need to be greedy.

Misty stared at the Mudkip intensely before shouting, "Politoed, use Body Slam!"

Her faithful Pokemon ran up and tried to slam down on the Mudkip, who swiftly moved to the side and then slammed into Politoed, using it's tackle attack. Misty growled, knowing that this would be tougher than she thought. The fully evolved Pokemon stood up, a glint in it's eye, knowing this would be a challenge that he'd face head-on.

"Double slap Politoed!" Misty ordered.

The toad ran up, hitting the fish multiple times, before jumping back and avoiding the water gun, which he countered with a water gun of his own, knocking the Mudkip down, which is when Misty took the opportunity to throw the Pokeball at the water Pokemon, which gave a little resistance before signalling a successful capture.

The emerald-eyed water Pokemon trainer squealed and took the Pokemon from the ground, exclaiming, "I caught a Mudkip!"

Her boyfriend smiled and hugged her from behind, kissing the nape of her neck. "Congratulations Mist! You deserve it."

Misty turned around in his arm, grinning broadly, "Why thank you honey. And well done to you too Politoed, I couldn't have done it without you!" she turned to her Green Pokemon, smiling down at it's face.

"Poli! Toed!" it exclaimed in reply, running towards his master, who swept her Pokemon up in her arms, embracing him tightly.

The orange haired trainer then took out her other pokeballs, releasing her Golduck and Gyarados, as well as her newly acquired Mudkip so that they could introduce each other on the team. "Mudkip, I'm your trainer now. My name's Misty, this is Togepi, a baby Pokemon, Gyarados is my really powerful Pokemon, don't worry, you could get as powerful as her someday," Misty told her new pokemon when she saw the frightened face, "and she never hurts a friend. Golduck just evolved recently, he's kind of my cool Pokemon, if you now what I mean. And of course you know Politoed, who can get rather excitable. Oh, yeah, Ash?" Misty looked at her boyfriend.

"Hm?" he replied, not concentrating on her girlfriend's conversation but thinking of ways to catch another Pokemon in the forest.

"Can you release Totodile? I want Mudkip to meet hi as well, she seems a bit shy," Misty asked the raven haired trainer, using her best Poochyena eyes on him.

Chucking, Ash released his most excitable Pokemon, "Okay, and you didn't need to use those eyes on me Mist. You know I can't say no to those eyes," he said, as Totodile danced his way up to the mud fish.

"To-to-to-to-totodile! Totodile, dile!" the Crocodile said to Mudkip, who's face flushed as he said it.

"Mudkip. Mud, kip kip, Mudkip," she replied.

"Toto, dile toto, todile!"

The conversation continued in this manor, Ash and Misty looking at how their two trusty water pokemon acted around each other. "What do you think they're saying Mist?" Ash whispered to the carrot haired water trainer.

"Isn't it obvious Ash?" She questioned the completely oblivious person standing next to her.

"No, should it be?" he replied, his frown showing how clueless he was about it, despite standing next to his girlfriend, who was after all a self-proclaimed expert on love.

Misty stared at him for a moment, before letting out a loud groan, "And here I was thinking that now that you've got a girlfriend that you wouldn't be so oblivious to flirting, or love. Why I was so foolish to think, or more like hope that this would be the case is beyond me. They clearly like each other Ash, like you and I do, or Brock and Sabrina do. Are you starting to understand that yet, or do I need to spell it out for you any more?" She questioned again.

Ash's eyes widened, before releasing a nervous chuckle, scratching behind his head, "Oh yeah. I can't believe I didn't see that. It seems so obvious now doesn't it?" He chuckled, eyeing her mallet warily, "Please don't hit me with your mallet Misty," he asked in a small, squeaky voice, using his best Poochyena eyes back at her.

Misty's hand was twitching for it, but seeing those eyes got rid of all malice, mumbling, "Damn those eyes are just too cute..."

A smirk grew on Ash's face after that statement, wrapping his arm around the body of Misty, "You think I'm cute, huh?" he asked.

A big blush grew on Misty's face, who was shaking her head violently, "I didn't say that, nope, nada, nein, nu-uh."

"Yes you did, I heard you. Well guess what Mist?" He asked teasingly.

"What?" she asked warily.

"I think you're the cutest person on earth. And I think even after those two hook up," pointing to their interacting Pokemon, "and those two hook up," pointing to Drew and May, "we'll still be the cutest couple out of our little group here."

Misty's smile grew after each passing word, before pulling Ash down into a long, drawn-out kiss that made both of their heart's flutter, both their knees weak and butterflies erupt in both bellies.

Of course, the rest of the people at camp thought it was disgusting, so they all made various disgusted noises, and various ways of saying "Stop that!" or "Get a room!" while the kiss lingered for the two lovebirds.

Misty's simple response was to hold her middle finger aloft at them, May shielding her little brother's eyes from it, not wanting to corrupt him, "Misty! Don't forget there's a 7-year-old here!" She shouted at her friend.

Misty's eyes shot open and broke the kiss, making Ash pout, squeaking an apology to May.

Drew smirked, "I don't what the problem is October, he'll be corrupted by Ash and myself eventually. Well, mostly me, but I still have to corrupt Ash first."

"DON'T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT!" May screeched at the boy she had a small crush on.

Of course, this made Drew's smirk grow, when Misty returned her Pokemon to their pokeballs.

Brock sweat dropped, breaking up the fight by announcing that he would start cooking dinner, which drew Ash and May immediately next to him, wanting to taste some of his delicious food.

Drew and Max went out looking for more firewood to set up camp, and the two other girls started to chat to each other about the day they just had, Misty bubbling with obvious excitement over the fact that she caught a new Pokemon.

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