A/N: Well here it is, the big gym battle! I'm looking forward to writing this one. I think all of you know what 3 pokemon Ash will use. Norman is one of the tougher opponents in it so it'll be close, even if Ash has the three pokemon he's using.

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Last time on Pokemon, we learned about the two evil organisations in the Hoenn region, Team Aqua and Magma, who are arch-rivals, before Sabrina caught a Ralts to add to her party. Our heroes reached Petalburg City that night and May introduced them to her family, Max, Caroline and the gym leader Norman. Will Ash win his first badge of the Hoenn League? Tune in and find out!

I wanna be the very best,

Like no-one ever was,

To catch them is my real test,

To train them is my cause,

I will travel across the lands,

Searching far and wide

Each Pokemon to understand,

The power that's inside,

Pokemon! It's you and me,

I know it's my destiny,

Pokemon! Oh, you're my best friend,

In a world we must defend,

Pokemon! Our heart's so true,

Our courage will pull us through,

You teach me and I'll teach you,


Gotta catch 'em all,


Ash woke up and stretched, thinking about his upcoming Gym battle with Norman. He started thinking about the pokemon he should use. "Well there's Pikachu, I'll definitely use him and Charizard is my strongest Pokemon so I should us him as well. The third pokemon will be tough. Totodile knows a few fighting moves that will be super effective against Normal types but Pidgeot is stronger. With Pikachu recently learning brick break I won't need Totodile as much. Yeah, I'll go with Pidgeot" he thought to himself. He went down to breakfast where Brock and Caroline were just finishing up with the cooking.

"Hello Ash, how are you? Are you ready for your Gym battle against my husband?" Caroline asked the teenager.

"Good morning Caroline and yes, I am. It'll be exciting, that's for sure. I wonder what pokemon Norman will use..." Ash said thoughtfully, before smiling and shrugging, wolfing down the French Toast she made.

"I have a feeling about what he'll use. Eat up, you'll want plenty of energy against my husband. He won't be holding back, I promise you that," she told Ash, laughing at how similar his eating habits were to her daughter.

Ash nodded, giving Pikachu the bottle of tomato sauce he had when the electric mouse sat next to him, who smiled and started eating it with a loud "Chaaaaaaaaaaa!" when he finished.

The two looked at each other and nodded, walking towards the gym entrance, opening the doors and standing at the bottom of the arena.

Norman was waiting at the top of the field, the judge announcing, "This will be a three-on-three pokemon battle with no time limit. The challenger is allowed to substitute at any time, the gym leader can't substitute. The winner will be the first trainer to knock out all three of his opponent's pokemon. Begin!"

Norman smiled and shouted, "You may be my daughter's friend Ash, but I'm not going easy on you! Go, Zangoose!"

Ash pulled out his pokedex, Dexter saying: "Zangoose, the Cat Ferret Pokémon. Zangoose usually walks on all fours, but stands on its hind legs when angry. It's very quick and can easily dodge most enemy attacks."

"Well it looks pretty strong, but so am I! Come on out, Pidgeot!" Ash called, bringing out the flying pokemon. Norman smiled, ordering his Zangoose to attack with slash. "Dodge it Pidgeot, then use whirlwind!" He called, Pidgeot flapping his wings so the Zangoose was sent flying.

Norman smiled, calling out, "Zangoose, now use Quick Attack!" and the Zangoose complied with his wishes, weaving in and out before slamming into the bird pokemon.

"Pidgeot, hold him there with your talons, then use wing attack, chain with your most powerful Whirlwind!" He called out, Pidgeot slamming his wing into the Cat and then sending it into the opposite wall, fainted.

"Zangoose is unable to battle, Pidgeot wins, the first battle goes to the challenger, Ash!" the referee called. Both trainers recalled their pokemon, complimenting their efforts.

"Well done Ash, but it isn't over yet. Go, Vigoroth!" Norman complimented, sending out his monkey.

Ash looked at the Vigoroth, opening Dexter again, "Vigoroth, the Wild Monkey Pokémon. Vigoroth is only comfortable going berserk. Will destroy anything in its path by spinning both arms, and goes more berserk when done."

"Okay Norman, let's do this! Are you ready Pikachu?" Ash asked his partner-in-crime, the Pikachu nodding and going onto the field, looking determined.

Ash started by ordering Pikachu to use Agility and double team, to increase the speed significantly. Vigoroth was fast, but Pikachu was faster. Vigoroth looked around and scratched Pikachu, but Pikachu's static made Vigoroth Paralysed.

"Good work Pikachu, now use brick break!" Ash ordered his starter, who quickly got behind the Vigoroth and punched his back, causing the Vigoroth to go down, but that's when guts kicked in and Vigoroth sent a slash Pikachu's way, before repeating the dose and fainting Pikachu.

Ash cried out to his starter, before handing him to Brock when the referee declared Pikachu out of the battle. "Good work Pikachu, now you again Pidgeot! Whirlwind!" He shouted at the flying pokemon, who complied, sending Vigoroth to the opposite wall, fainted. While Norman complimented his pokemon Ash asked his whether he could handle to go and do as much damage to Norman's last pokemon he could. Pidgeot nodded with a call of his name.

Norman smiled, "Well, this is a great battle Ash, but here's my strongest Pokemon, go, Slaking!"

The battle was fierce. Pidgeot did his best to avoid the attacks Slacking sent him every second turn and hit his opponent a few times, before Slaking got the best of him and hit the Pidgeot with a well placed slash. Ash recalled Pidgeot before bringing out his strongest Pokemon, Charizard.

"It's you and me Charizard, let's do this!" Ash called to the fire/flying dual type, "take the sky and use flamethrower!" He cried, Charizard shooting a stream of never-ending fire to the Slaking, who couldn't move at this point in time. It didn't leave a burn, lucky for Charizard, because when his opponent's facade hit him Charizard was hurt badly, but managed to hit Slaking with an eruption that sent him reeling and then a fire blast, finishing off his opponent.

Ash smiled, running and hugging his most powerful pokemon "You were great Charizard!" Now have a rest." he said, bringing it back into the pokeball.

"Well done Ash, that was very well done. Here's the balance badge, and a badge case to keep it in. Congratulations. Maybe you guys could stay here overnight? Tomorrow there's a Pokemon contest that I think the girls would enjoy." Norman told Ash then the rest of the group. They looked at each other and shrugged.

"Okay, we'll do that. Thanks Norman." Ash said for the group. He smiled at Misty and kissed her, Misty congratulating him on winning the battle.

The group then went inside Norman's home and went to the bedrooms they shared the night before, all of them wondering what a pokemon contest was. Ash had a smile on his lip, winning his first badge in the Hoenn region was a great feeling.

A/N2: Shorter than I expected. I chose to focus on the battle. It wasn't the best chapter I've done, but next we meet Drew! This'll be fun, it'll be different to canon contestshipping. Anyway, until next instalment my fellow pokefans!