AN: We're starting right where we left off, with Kurt waking up. Warnings for this chapter: Somewhat dubious consent (Blaine sees nothing wrong but he's Blaine), really heavy non-specific drug themes, and use of a toy because of reasons.

"Well," a deep voice says with reverence. "Isn't that a pretty sight?"

Kurt doesn't have to worry about checking to see who it is; he'd know that voice anywhere, and he will always recognize that tone as one that suggests he should be laid out on a bed anyway.

"Kurt, baby," Blaine says happily. "I knew you'd be ready for me when I got here." He smiles, looking around. "Ryerson did a fantastic job with the room, thank god." He walks over to the bed and tilts Kurt's head to look at him. "I trust you've seen the real reason I hired him." He glances obviously and exaggeratedly at the closet, a smirk firmly set on his face. "You might as well have left the doors open, angel; we've got quite a night ahead of us."

When Kurt doesn't do anything but look away from him, Blaine's gentle touch becomes a little firmer.

"You know I don't like to be ignored, Kurt," he says, before loosening his grip again. "There's no need to try and make me angry. You're in enough trouble as it is, did you know that?"

His tone is playful, but that doesn't stop Kurt from letting out a little gasp as the first few tears leak out and travel down his face.

"Well there's no need to cry, sweetheart. I'm not actually mad at you. I still love you with all my heart."

His voice is so earnest and confused and Kurt shouldn't feel as bad as he does about causing it to sound that way.

"Kurt?" Blaine asks, and the boy in question can't really see his face anymore because his eyesight has become way too blurry, but he knows that tone.

Blaine's getting more and more upset, and not even angry upset. Sad, hurt upset.

It's a good thing Kurt can't really get out clear words, because right now he wants nothing more than to tell Blaine that it's okay, that he shouldn't ever be sad.

"Kurt?" Blaine asks again, and the worry has set in now. "Kurt, baby…Aren't you happy to see me?"

God, he sounds like he's about to cry. Blaine never cries. Do you know how difficult it is to hurt a serial killer enough to have him break down?

It's very fucking difficult and he's managed to do it in less than two minutes.

He's a terrible person.

"He's delighted that you're here, Blainers," Cooper says, way too happy. "He just can't…he just can't find the words; that's all."

"Kurt isn't someone who 'just can't find the words', Cooper," Blaine snaps. He's silent for a minute, and Kurt feels him very, very slowly remove his hands from his face.

He only lets go of him if he's angry and afraid he'll hurt him a little too much.

"What the hell did you do to my boyfriend?" Blaine demands, and his voice is so tight that Kurt immediately fears for Cooper's very existence.

"There was a little situation," Cooper starts off timidly.


Kurt flinches violently and tries to sink deeper into the bed. Blaine's hands are on him in a second, one stroking his bangs and another cupping his cheek.

"Shh, shh, baby," the killer says gently but borderline frantically. "Not you, sweetheart; I'm not mad at you." He kisses the other boy's pale cheek and nuzzles against him, kind of like a wolf.

Blaine's always had a thing for wolves.

Kurt and Cooper long ago decided to blame it on that damn report he had to do in second grade.

"Cooper," Blaine says again, a lot quieter and slightly less terrifying. "Why is he like this?"

There's a moment of tense silence.

"I sort of drugged him," Cooper finally admits, flinching at the look Blaine gives him before becoming defensive. "I had to, okay! He was freaking out and I didn't want to knock him out again. You don't want to have to take him to the ER, do you? You'd never get him back this time."

Kurt feels the irritation grow within Blaine. The other boy's hand on his cheek immediately clenches painfully, but when he hears Kurt's little whimper of discomfort he stops and rubs gently.

Please don't hurt him, please don't hurt him…

"Okay, one, I most certainly would, and two, shut up."

Kurt hears Cooper say something and then hurrying footsteps leave the room and a door closes.

Blaine mutters something that sounds unpleasant under his breath. Then he looks back down at Kurt and runs his fingers through his hair. "Tell me, why were you so freaked out?"

Kurt doesn't know, but he's sure Blaine has a theory he'll share.

"Are you still trying to pretend that this isn't what you want?" When Kurt turns his head away, Blaine sighs. "Honey, we've talked about this; it's okay to let yourself have that fantasy." He kisses Kurt's forehead. "I'll give you everything," Blaine murmurs. "There's nothing wrong with accepting a gift." Kurt can feel it as he smiles, his lips still on him. "As a matter of fact, it'd be a bit rude of you not to," he says lightly.

Blaine starts to move away. Instinctively, Kurt tries his best to follow him.

"That's better," Blaine hums approvingly. He moves back in and places gentle kisses on Kurt's face, smiling when Kurt holds onto his arm as tightly as he can.

"You're so cuddly like this," Blaine says with amusement, and somewhere in his mind Kurt figures Cooper's probably in the clear for this whole drug debacle. "Maybe we should use this sometime."

Kurt doesn't respond, but when Blaine comes around to the other side of the bed and kicks off his shoes to climb in with him he can't help but sigh, especially when he realizes his boyfriend is shirtless.

He's also hard as a rock, but Kurt doesn't have the energy or coordination to do anything about it.

Blaine, however, is perfectly capable and grinds against his boyfriend's ass, grinning at the gasp and pleased little sounds Kurt can't help but make.

"That's it baby," he whispers. "I won't take advantage while you're so out of it –I want you to remember what it feels like to be taken for the first time in so long- but I can't go any longer without something." As he talks, he pulls Kurt's underwear down slowly, just below his ass. "Just relax, Kurt. I'll take care of everything."

He does. He puts a hand low on Kurt's stomach to hold him still and bites roughly at his neck. Kurt can feel him smile as he squirms and cries out, unable to help it. He's not really trying at this point; he's half out of it and feels like he's floating.

He also hasn't come since Blaine's arrest, but he's ignoring that fact. He's only giving in because of the drugs messing with his mind.

It doesn't take too long, probably somewhere between five and ten minutes. That's rare. Usually Blaine prefers to draw it out for a few hours, maybe even days. He'll let Kurt come as much as he wants, mostly to be annoying and compare him to a child who can't control himself because Blaine Anderson is a bastard, but also because he takes pride in his self-control and wants to impress Kurt with it, show him that his boyfriend is composed and in control while he isn't much more than a baby who needs to be taken care of.

Kurt hates having to acknowledge how much he likes it, so he tends to not.

He doesn't acknowledge the fact that he comes so hard just from Blaine rubbing up against him and using his teeth to wreak havoc on his neck that he blacks out, either.

It would be hard to do anyway, because the overwhelming arousal and orgasm didn't do much but send him even deeper under.

Blaine holds Kurt hips tightly and keeps them pressed together as he comes. He doesn't know if it's because it's been so long or because having Kurt with him is flawless, but he feels like flopping down so his boneless body can sleep off the aftereffects of what just happens. Shit, he feels high, not as out of it as Kurt seems to be, but pretty damn good.

"I missed you," he tells him honestly. "Really I did."

Kurt glances at him with hazy eyes.


"I promise," Blaine assures him. God, he just can't stop smiling. He lets his eyes sweep over Kurt's body and groans. "God, I would kill to fuck you right now."

He ignores the fact that he kind of did already.

Kurt moves closer, basically just smashing his face into Blaine's shoulder.

"Jesus, Kurt," he laughs. "I don't know how you're even still awake; he must have given you a stupidly large amount if you're this far gone." He glances at the door and his smile drops. "If you weren't so fucking cute I'd kill him."

"Blay," Kurt mumbles, rubbing up against him anyway and making little unhappy sounds at his too-sensitive cock rubbing on his boyfriend's thigh. "You don't wanna, wanna fuck me?"

"Oh baby," Blaine says gently, pressing a kiss on his forehead and another one on his lips when Kurt tilts his head up to ask wordlessly for one. "You know I do. But Cooper made you feel all fuzzy, remember? I can't fuck you if you're all fuzzy-feeling."

"Not fair," Kurt whines, nuzzling against Blaine's chest. "I'm 'mpty 'cause you have a stupid big brother."

"I know," Blaine says, his voice suddenly with an edge. "I'm going to talk to him about interfering with me and you." He sighs and squeezes where he's got Kurt curled up in his arms like some kind of cat-octopus, smiling when Kurt hums happily at his action. He gets an idea.

"Hey baby," he asks sweetly. "Have you had anything in your ass since I've been away?"

Kurt frowns.

"You left me."

Blaine takes a breath and runs a hand through Kurt's hair. Kurt's gotta know he's sorry.

"You didn't answer my question."

"Nope," Kurt says. "Notin' in me."

Blaine smiles at him.

"Good boy," he praises gently.

"'m good?"

"Very good," Blaine confirms. "You're so good that I've got a present for you." He tugs Kurt off so that he can get up. It's not very difficult, since Kurt's motor skills aren't exactly high quality at the moment. He smiles at the upset sound Kurt makes.

It feels good to be wanted.

It only takes him a moment to get to the closet and back, but by the time he's back at the bed Kurt has tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Oh, Kurt," Blaine coos gently, as if he were talking to a child. "What's the matter, baby?" Kurt doesn't answer him, so he climbs back next to him and takes him in his arms, smiling to himself when his boyfriend latches on desperately. "Did you miss me?"

"Mm-hmm," Kurt cries into Blaine's neck.

"Aw, poor baby," Blaine says indulgently, stroking the other boy's hair. "You just can't handle it without me, can you?"

Kurt doesn't say anything, but Blaine knows that right now it's true and it's kind of awesome.

"I got you a present, sweetheart," Blaine says. "Lay on your tummy and you can have it."

Kurt has to be nudged to actually move, but he doesn't argue about it. Blaine picks up the bottle of lube that's resting on the bedside table and squirts some onto his fingers. He kind of wants to just lube up the dildo and shove it in so he can watch as Kurt's face flushes red and tears well up in his eyes, but he's been gone for a while and if he actually hurts Kurt then he'll just have to wait even longer to actually be inside him, and that would be a tragedy.

When he gently presses two fingers into Kurt the other boy shivers.


"It's alright baby, give me a second and I'll make sure you feel nice and full."

He doesn't take as long as he should, but Kurt really isn't capable of complaining very strongly right now.

When he pulls his fingers out Kurt starts whining but Blaine just slicks up the dildo and smacks Kurt on the ass when he gets a little more agitated. It doesn't do much more than upset him, but it's kind of fun to be all warm and comforting when he's like this.

"It's okay baby," he says gently. "I love you."

The fact that those three words calm his boyfriend down so simply is delightful.

He isn't dramatic about actually putting it in; there's no break when he pushes it in but he goes slowly to make sure he can adjust, and to savor it.

Mostly to savor it.

When it's fully in he wipes off his hands and lays back down, immediately pulling Kurt in close and reveling in the sweet sound he makes at being manhandled when he's already so sensitive.

"Let's just go to sleep now," Blaine says, running his hand up and down Kurt's thigh. "I'll stay with you until morning. Are you comfy?"

Kurt nods- Blaine can feel it where the boy's head is cradled in the crook of his own neck.

"Good. I love you."

Kurt mumbles out some sort of response, and despite it being mumbled Blaine knows he was telling him he loved him back. It's not even a minute before Kurt is asleep.

A few hours later, Blaine smiles down at Kurt. He's propped himself up to watch him sleep, so peaceful and beautiful and perfect.

It hasn't been the reunion he'd imagined, but it was still incredible. Kurt will probably be mad when he realizes that Blaine cleaned off his stomach and threw off the soiled sheets, but pulled Kurt's underwear back up over the cum he'd left there. He couldn't help himself; it felt too good to erase what had happened between them just now. He'll give Kurt a bath tomorrow.

Yeah, he's tired anyway, so they'll just have some nice, cozy reunion cuddles tonight and start it off right in the morning. They can make a day out of it.

Kurt will probably insist on the bath first, and even though Blaine took the longest shower he's ever taken just a few hours ago, he still feels disgusting. Besides that, baths are really relaxing and he needs to let go of some tension if he doesn't want to break his angel later.

He's thinking about taking him to the shed out back, his little workshop he's created, but it'll depend on Kurt's mood and his own level of patience. He isn't taking him anywhere if he knows he'll get too excited to keep control. He's never going to repeat…that one time.

The one that had ultimately gotten him caught.

He tries not to think about it, but he knows Kurt remembers and clings to it as either a reason to hate him or proof that his boyfriend loves him more than anything else in the world, depending on his mood.

He better be in the second place if he doesn't want Blaine to incapacitate him.

Blaine pouts to himself and leans down to press a kiss to Kurt's cheek.

He doesn't want to have to do that. Kurt isn't as much fun when he can hardly move as he is when he's running around doing all sorts of cute things from which Blaine can distract him.

He's not going to be too harsh, he's decided. Just constant fucking and an adequate amount of consequences for lying, that's all.

He finally settles down and rests his head on his pillow, spooning Kurt in a normal, boyfriend-y way.

Though, he supposes most normal boyfriends wouldn't have thrown bloody clothes on the floor before climbing in bed. He didn't get much on Kurt, so it's okay.

Like he said, they'll take a bath.

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