This is my second fanfiction, so hope you enjoy!

Werewolf in Hiding

Ulrich's POV

I have to get away from him. I need to escape. I need to run faster. My ears perk up and I hear a howl from a few miles behind. This was an angry howl.

"He found out I escaped" I thought

I tried to run faster, but due to the pain from my injuries, I can't. I hear the sound of something chasing me….close behind.

"I won't be able to run away from him any longer, I got to hide"

I looked around for somewhere to hide. I see something in the distance and I looked closer.

"Is that a gate?" I thought

It will have to do. I start running towards it and when I reached the gate, I was about to turn until something lunged itself at me. We both tumbled to the ground and I opened my eyes.

"Oh no" I thought

I saw a figure on the ground a few feet away from me. It was him. I quickly stood up and ran towards the gate. Not before he bit me on my leg. I yelped and kicked him in the face and ran through the small opening in the gate ignoring the pain in my leg. I looked behind me and saw him trying to fit through the hole, but due to his size, he couldn't. I smiled to myself and turned to walk away, but I stopped when I felt pain shoot up my leg again and I stumbled, but I caught my balance. I slowly looked up and straight in front of me, was a building with a sign that says "Kadiac Academy."

"I could hide in there" I said

I limped my way in. Once I got inside, I looked around and saw stairs leading up. I walked up and entered a dark hallway, I started walking through it, then all of a sudden the pain shot up my leg again, but this time I couldn't catch myself and I fell to the ground. I heard something moving inside the room across from me. So, I shape shifted back to my human form and I felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier. The door in front of me opened I caught a glimpse of a pair of yellow shoes with purple pants before I fell unconscious.

I'm so sorry it's short! I'll try to make the next chapter longer than this one!