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Ulrich's POV

I quickly turned around and dived to the ground right when the glass of the window shattered and the sound of the ceiling being hit. I stood up and turned towards the gang.

"Get help" I demanded

Without a protest, they quickly nodded before rushing out of the dorm. I closed the door and ran back towards the window, feeling the anger boiling in me of the thought of him hurting my friends. I growled at him feeling my teeth becoming sharper, starting to grow taller and felt my eyes shift. I quickly backed up before leaping through the broken window and landing right in front of him. He turned around and grinned

"How nice to see you again dear boy" He grinned wickedly as he grew bigger, black fur coming to view and his brown eyes turned blood red "It's been a while since I last saw you"

I snarled "What are you doing here?"

"Is it really a crime for an uncle to visit his nephew?" He asked innocently

"You're not my uncle" I growled "If you were, you wouldn't have betrayed my dad!"

"You see boy, I was only doing what was for the best"

"For you!" I shook my head "You only think about yourself, you never cared for anyone else but yourself! Go rot in hell!" The next thing I know, I'm tackled to the ground "Get off me!" I placed my legs on his stomach and pushed him off hard, before I stood up. I was about to lunge at him


My eyes widened at the sound of the school bell going off. Before I could do anything about it, I hear the sound off doors slamming open and feet pounding towards the courtyard. I hear sounds of murmuring students from behind me. What am I suppose to do?

"Oh, it seems we have an audience"

"You leave them out of this! This is between you and me alone"

"Guys where's Ulrich?" Oh no "Is he still in Jeremy's dorm?"

I gotta get them out of here before they get hurt. How do I get rid of 'Uncle' Burn? Before I can think it through, I just lunged at him, that's right, I freaking lunged at him! What is wrong with me? Eh, it's too late to take it back now. I manage to lung on his back and when I got on, I scratched his back with my claws. He howled in pain, while I just grinned. He stood up from the ground tried to throw me off of him.

"Let go of me" He growled as he turned his head and bit my neck

I yelped, but he ignored it as he threw me to the ground. He bit my leg and threw me towards the building next to the students. I looked up at them and I first saw Odd and Jeremy, with Yumi and Aelita behind them. I stood up and ran towards Burn, but due to the bite in my leg, he was faster than I was and took advantage of it. He picked up his paw and swiped his claws in my face. When his claws me my face, I fell back due to the force of it. My face burned of pain, but I ignored it and focused on trying not to transform back. I tried to stand up, but failed as I ended up falling back down. I heard a faint howl from a distance and so did my uncle.

"I will come back for you" With that he ran off school grounds

I hear the sounds of the teachers trying to usher the students away from me saying that I could possibly be a threat to them despite my conditions.

"Hide!" My brain screamed at me

After a few minutes of lying in pain, I slowly stood up trying to take some weight off my injured leg while I walked towards the cafeteria building. Right when I turned around the corner of it, I couldn't take the pain anymore and I roughly fell to the ground before I transformed back to my human self. I was lucky that when I toured the school, I stashed some clothes in different areas just in case I didn't have any. I reached behind the recycling bin that was against the building, along with rakes and shovels and pulled out a pair of black basketball shorts. I quickly pulled it on with difficulty as I was lying on the ground but managed it. I faintly heard the sound of items crashing on the ground right before exhaustion took over me and my vision went black.

Yumi's POV

After we got the principle, we were on our way back to Jeremy's dorm, when the school bell rang. We ran out to the courtyard to find two wolves growling each other. One was gigantic, with black fur and red eyes, while the other was large too but smaller than the black one with light brown fur and yellow eyes. We watch as the black wolf grabs the other wolf by the leg and threw the wolf into the building right next to us. When the small wolf turned to look at us, it stared at us if it knows who we were. It got back up and charged at the black wolf but fell when claws meet its face. Suddenly there was a faint howl and the back wolf ran off leaving the brown wolf lying there obviously in pain.

"Come on kids, go on to your next class" the principle, Mr. Delmas says as he guides the students away from the courtyard

We were about to leave to find Ulrich, when I thought I heard a sound

"Guys, did you hear that?" I asked the gang as I heard a loud crash from around the cafeteria building

"Yea, it's best if we stay away-Yumi! What are you doing?!" Jeremy shouted as I approached the building

"Trying to find out what that noise was" I carefully walked towards the corner and stopped when I reached it

I quietly grabbed a stick that was laying around and then sharply turned around the corner ready to attack whatever came at me, but I gasped when I saw Ulrich…bruised and bloody. I quickly dropped the stick and ran to his side pulling his head onto my lap.

"GUYS! I NEED HELP!" Soon the gang came running around the corner horrified to see our new friend unconscious

"What happened?" Odd said rushing over to my side

I looked up at him then back to Ulrich "I don't know"

Jeremy looked around before turning his gaze on me "We'd better take him to my dorm before someone sees us"

I nodded and watched as Odd and Jeremy lifted him up and placed each one of his arms over their shoulders

"I hope you're alright" I whispered before I stood up and followed Aelita to the dorms

Ulrich's POV

Voices…familiar voices filled my ears as I came back to consciousness

I suddenly shot my arm out, grabbed the arm that was close to touching me and flipped the person over hearing a loud thud

"Is it just me or is this déjà vu?" My eyes shot open and I leaned over the bed to see Odd on the ground glaring up at me and I shrugged

"You should've known better then that" I said as I slowly sat up but felt someone push me back down

"You might want to lay down Ulrich" Yumi said "We don't know how much pain you're in"

I shook my head "Don't worry I'm fine, I'm just going to wash all this blood off me so I won't be long"

Before anyone of them could protest, I hurriedly sat up, grabbed some random clothes and made my way out of the door as quickly as I can.

After I finished washing off all the blood, I saw that all my bruises have healed, gotta love fast healing. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a scar running over my eye starting from my left eyebrow to my left cheek. I sighed and left the washroom and went back to the dorm.

The gang stopped chatting as I walked into the room no doubt they were talking about Lyoko. Yumi stood up from her place on the bed and walked in front of me inspecting my face. She lifted up her hand and gently traced the scar on my eye and I winced feeling it sting a bit.

"Are you okay Ulrich?"

"Yea, why wouldn't I?" I mentally smacked myself knowing that was the wrong way to answer

"Well considering the fact we found you outside, alone, bloody and bruised and the fact that you were unconscious" Aelita said as Jeremy turned his computer chair to face me

"So mind telling us what happened to your eyes right before we left the dorm?" He said looking at me suspiciously

Oh shoot….

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