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Secondly; I understand the warrior code is suppose to bring a "stabilized" condition between the four Clans. I'll be honest, I have a bit of an issue with the code and how the cats act upon it. This story is meant to question the "truth" behind such old rules that haven't been changed in years. So many debates have risen up about the warrior code, and I'm hoping this story can mash out some sort of better reality from the codes. Breaking the rules for the greater good has to happen once in a while.

Thirdly, this has so many pairings (both canon and non-canon) in it that it makes my head hurt. They don't appear at first, but in time they will come. The main one (if you haven't fan-based it already) is Briarlight X Jayfeather. **If you don't like this pair, please don't say so. Either enjoy the ride, or leave.

I have busted my rear end to make this story come true; almost 350 pages so far and 122,700 words in counting….and it's still not complete yet XD If you want some kind of gratitude on how hard I'm working on this story, think of that (but I'm not gonna wallow in this; just saying)

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Cold, angry drops fell upon the ground, feeling more like hail than rain. The ground was soggy, the grass already beginning to show signs of dying off. That didn't seem to affect the cats gathered around each other, however. Their hisses and snarls pierced through the harsh raining, yet were quickly lost in the wind that blew with an incredible force.

StarClan itself was angry, just as much as the warriors.

"You dare call me a coward?!" the elderly dark she-cat hissed, her ears flat against her broad head.

"Only as much as anyone else would dare to think, Yellowfang!" A tortoiseshell she-cat snarled back. "You could've—no you should've!—stopped the battle from ever happening. We thought you were a ShadowClan cat before, but now we only see a cat who does things only to her own satisfaction. I guess the death of my former apprentice was just enough for you!"

"You better snap that tongue back, Fernshade! There are things that even us StarClan cats can't accomplish in protecting. Russetfur's death was not necessary, yes, but there was nothing I could've done!" Yellowfang yowled harshly, getting right into Fernshade's nose. "And even though I was born and raised as a ShadowClan cat, my loyalty and love is for ThunderClan. You pieces of crowfood threw me out!"

"You broke the warrior code!" a lean white she-cat walked up next to the tortoiseshell. "You know that kitting as a medicine cat is against everything of the warrior code; and even afterwards you did things that broke it further!"

"Forgive me, Sagewhisker, but every cat breaks the code once in their lifetime." Yellowfang curtly snapped.

"They learn from their mistakes and make sure not to do it again!" Fernshade said.

"Fox-breath! I've heard and watched many other cats, including my son, break it countless times before their deaths! So don't you even dare to take it out all on me! I'm not the cause of breaking the code through any of this. We are all just as guilty."

That did it for the she-cat. With a leap, she was on Yellowfang, venom dripping in her words. "Are you trying to say ShadowClan is all about breaking the code?!"

"Enough!" Another voice yowled through the howling wind. Both cats pushed up and off of one another, looking in the direction of the voice.

"Bluestar! You stay out of this! This is personal business." Sagewhisker said sourly.

"It's all of our business, Sagewhisker. You and Fernshade both know that," Bluestar said, her soaked pelt bristling angrily. "You fight over so little, just like ShadowClan and ThunderClan fought over just a stupid piece of territory last moon. Have you no shame upon yourselves?"

"Don't give us that, because it won't work. StarClan is separating because of those fights and of the Dark Forest, Bluestar." Fernshade said.

"Yet you continue to fight?" a handsome reddish brown tom walked up next to Bluestar. She gave him an annoyed look, but a glint of happiness sparkled quickly through her eyes. "We should be helping the Clans, not fighting over the past. Like Yellowfang said, we all make mistakes."

"Oakheart, what else can we do? Only the Clans can save themselves."

"No, we can help. But simple prophecies and signs aren't getting their attention long enough for them to see the truth." A handsome light-brown tabby scoffed, his twisted jaw failing the attempt to frown more.

"It sounds like you're calling us bee-minded, Crookedstar. That we are stupid in this—"

"When did I ever say that? And here we are again, arguing about things we misjudge," Crookedstar shook his head. "I fear the safety of RiverClan. And not just from the other Clans and fights, but also their trust with one another."

"The same is for us all, brother," Oakheart placed his tail on Crookedstar's shoulder. "It seems all hopeless, but we have to stay strong. No matter what happens."

"I agree."

All six cats turned to see a black figure almost fully camouflaged in the storm darkness, with the exception of his white belly and dash of white on his chest, close to his neck. His lime-green eyes sliced through the night, holding a calm in them that was almost alien to the warrior cats with the current events going on.

"Who are you?" Yellowfang rasped.

"I mean you all no harm. Only here to warn you. I have a message for all of StarClan, mainly ThunderClan I guess." He said, coming a little closer.

"You guess? Tom, you speak like you have knowledge, yet you say 'you guess'? Are you a StarClan cat?" Fernshade growled, backing up two pawsteps. The tom noticed and halted in his own.

"You fear me because I appear a Dark Forest cat? Or you always this hostile?"

"During times like this, it is hard whom to trust." She said, shooting cold glares to the other cats except Sagewhisker.

The cat sat down, hardly affected by the storm's force and started licking his wet paw dry. "I see. I am sorry to hear such tension. Where I am from currently, we accept fate as it is and don't hold grudges for long." He glanced calmly over to the tortoiseshell and her friend. "You fight stupidly, far more so than two newborn kits over who's taking up too much room in the den. Sad, I do say."

Fernshade snarled louder, but Bluestar held up her tail for silence. Begrudgingly, she did so. "What do you call yourself, tom?" He looked at her skeptically, his eyes clearly questioning why his name was so important. She dipped her head a little. "It is proper to say so."

"Very well. I call myself Todd, considering it is what my No-Collars used to call me. I would admire you all if you called me so too."

"No-collar? What in the name of StarClan is that?" Crookedstar pondered. However, Todd shook his head at his question.

"It is not important right now, sir. But I request that I can pass through with my mate to warn a cat. The danger is far too high to just set aside, and the cat needs to be prepared. But whomever my mate sends me to cannot do it simply by training here. The cat must leave the Clans and must break the code, in order to protect the ones they love—"

Before he could finish, Bluestar hissed at Todd. "Absolutely not! Why would we let you, a stranger, take away one cat that could affect the entire Clans if he or she is gone? Do you think of the prophesied cats, Dovepaw, Jayfeather, or Lionblaze could be the one? If so, you may as well leave StarClan, Todd." She said sternly, expecting the tom to hiss back, begging her to hear him out.

But Todd just shrugged, eyeing them all for brief seconds, taking in information that only he tried to see in their stances. They were all tense, giving him distrust glares. Finally, his own ears flattened to his head. "Hate me all you want, cats. Some of you may be great leaders, others loyal warriors, or even wise herbal cats. But know this; if I leave, then be certain that your Clans will fall to something just as worst as the Dark Forest cats. By then, 'sorry' will be pointless and begging low on all four will be futile. I'm trying to help you all. I was raised with sympathy and honor to others. Nothing more, nothing less." Todd proclaimed. A lightning bolt cracked through the air, followed by another deep rumble. It gave the black tomcat all the more of a powerful stance.

He growled lowly, mostly to himself, standing up just as a second lightning bolt shattered the dark rainy night, this time appearing much closer than the first. In the distance, the StarClan cats noticed a shadowy figure standing away from where they were, awaiting Todd's companionship. The handsome black tom started turning his back on the StarClan cats, when a ragged tail touched his shoulder. "Wait, Todd," Yellowfang said, her raspy voice filled with heavy remorse. " You're right."

"You side with a stranger—?!"

"I can side whomever I want to side with, Sagewhisker! I'm old enough to know that," The old cat snarled. The ShadowClan medicine cat glared off with Yellowfang, neither one backing down from the tension. Finally, Yellowfang turned back to Todd. "You've basically left us with very little choice. But we will watch you as you and your mate do so."

He bowed his head to her in respect, giving off an inaudible sigh of relief. "I understand fully of your concerns. And I thank you. I just hope that the cat will understand too, and react soon. They will need to train hard for a few months in order to be prepare to their best. This isn't something quick to do. It takes time. And time, from what I fear for you StarClan cats as well as for your Clans, is running out quickly."

"I can't help but asking, Todd," Crookedstar growled. "what is so dangerous about this new foe that you are suppose to speak of to whomever the ThunderClan cat is? Do they have anything to do with the Dark Forest cats?"

Todd shrugged. "It simply is not just one cat, leader of RiverClan. They grow with a vengeance that would make the Dark Forest far stronger than anyone could consider. With their help, the darkness would overwhelm and destroy the light and peace of these lands. StarClan and all the other Clans need to be prepared for this." He said in a grave tone.

"That can't be!" Sagewhisker gasped, disbelief in her eyes. "We're on the brink of all loss already!"

"I would listen to him, Sagewhisker." A young, mellow voice sighed under the growl of another rumble. The figure walked beside Todd, opposite of Yellowfang.

"Russetfur!" Fernshade breathed in shock. The sight of her former apprentice standing next to the strange tom was enough for them all to suspect his words were right. "You too?"

The tabby she-cat nodded numbly. "Yes, sadly it may seem so. But I sense it too. And it is not from the Dark Forest. Listen to him. He might just save ShadowClan from more deaths."

"For all of the Clans, ma'am." Todd said, placing his tail on her shoulder. Bowing to her momentarily, he walked away, veering from the crowd of StarClan warriors and towards the feminine cat figure.

"Wait," Bluestar yowled. Obediently, the tom did so, looking over his shoulder at them, the patient creature he was. "If what you say is true, and we do not listen to your advice, what do you suggest on us doing then?"

Todd's shoulder, though almost invisible in the dark night, became rigid and taunt with abrupt tension. He tilted his head up and back, almost appearing savoring the rain pelting him. A cloudy sigh escaped his lips. Finally, Todd opened his eyes again, casually glancing at the confused and feared cats behind him. With slit eyes, he said in a sudden gruff voice;

"Start praying for a stronger savior."

So here's the first chapter—well Prologue. So you've met the "mysterious and handsome tom" Todd. Good things will come out of this almost British-like cat ;)

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Interesting Fact Time!

Ever wondered why most cats hate water? Or even a bath when they desperately need one? Well, have no fear! For scientists have discovered that the average household cat that has either been flicked with water, sprayed with water, a forced bath, or a rainstorm have a higher dislike for water, outside of it being a drinking source. Many cat owners use the spraying water technique as a way for discipline to a cat without the use of violence (which is cruel and wrong). Bigger cats that live in the wild, like lions or leopards, instinctively shy away from water because of the threat of potential predators lurking in the water, such as alligators. However, on the other hand, in hot more humid locations in the jungle, specific cats like the Asian fishing cat love swimming in water and pouncing in water, for it is the key factor that holds their main prey: fish! Plus, Asian fishing cats, unique to its kind, has big, webbed paws to paddle easier in the water. Two domesticated cats have been known to like water; the Turkish Van, and the Sphinx. Both for different reasons. Turkish Van's were born and bred in ancient times, where when the Turkish landscapes grew hot and overwhelming, they could plunge themselves into waters of Lake Van—where they originated from—to cool off their bodies. Sphinxes like water mostly because they must be given frequent bathes in order to control their natural skin oil from their hairless bodies! And yet, even though most other domesticated cats hate water, they LOVE the sound of a dripping faucet, many owners referring it to as a "magnet" on their cats. XD

Wrapping it up, water may not be a best friend to cats, but it all depends on where the cat is, who is taking care of the cat, and possibly the origins of the breed of cat. And being in a rainstorm may not be a smart option, the StarClan cats are angry and need to talk, openly and without any fear

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