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Chapter 32

Briarlight didn't realize that her eyes had closed until a soft nudge connected with her shoulder. She jumped, blinking away rapidly the sleep that had clouded her sight and thoughts. She turned and jumped again in startle, not expecting to see sightless blue eyes gaze blankly into her own.

"J-Jayfeather!" She gasped, trying to regain her composure. Blushing, she licked her paw absently.

"You shouldn't have stayed out so late, Briarlight. You need sleep too, ya know." He said curtly. Her fur bristled slightly.

"Jayfeather, I'm fine. Besides, I said I was going to stay up for the burial vigil of Mousefur," She explained, her heart clenching sorely. The warrior she-cat never knew she could cry so much in one night, let alone feel so internally exhausted. Maple and SJ had retreated to the warrior's den—with the firm but concerned order of Brambleclaw—and leaving Briarlight the only one out. Dustpelt had stayed up, but once the crack of sunrise broke through the trees, he too had escaped for an attempt of slumber in the den with the sisters. Squirrelflight had followed him along with Graystripe, bidding a well resting to Leafpool when she departed to the medicine den.

Jayfeather scoffed in annoyance. "Whatever. Don't be coming to me whining that you're exhausted."

Briarlight chuckled. "I won't," When he started to walk away, she sighed in defeat. "Hold on. I'm coming." She said, stretching her limbs. After sitting for such a long time, it was a wonder how Briarlight was able to move her legs, they felt so tingly. After her quick stretch, she hobbled after Jayfeather.

Neither one spoke as he led her into the medicine den. Briarlight inhaled deeply, savoring the smell of what she recalled so many moons ago. The smell of herbs, cats, and content peace wedge into this larger den. Leafpool was sleeping soundly, Crowfeather right next to her. Unconsciously, their tails had entwined during the night.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jayfeather wince slightly, sharply moving around them and getting to the back, checking on their stocks of herbs. She just sat there, suspicious as to why Jayfeather was suddenly not talking to her.

'Is he still mad at me?' She wondered, tail flicking. "Um…Jayfeather?"

"What." His sharp reply was all she needed. It didn't even remotely sound like a question. Ears folding back, she looked to the side and the ground.

"You know…what I did was only to be the right reason. Right?" She whispered, hoping to not disturb the former mates residing only a few pawsteps from her.

"Yeah, and hedgehogs can fly." He muttered low, but she caught it. Instantly her rage rose.

"Jayfeather," She said firmer, eyes narrowing. "I never left to never come back. I left because I found a way to live again."

"Really? So here was not good enough for you?" He said, turning around to face her, his mouth full of catmint. He pushed past her and set them down in some traveling leaves.

Briarlight pushed the herbs away from him and got in front of his face. "I never did leave to hurt anyone, Jayfeather!" She hissed low enough to keep them quiet from others. "Do you think I felt nothing when I forced myself to drag my body through ThunderClan and WindClan to Moonpool and be taken away? Do you think I wasn't scared? Not scared in never seeing you or the others again?"

"If you had been, the Briarlight I knew would've stayed. If you were the Briarlight I knew that stayed here, we would've found a way to make you live too." He snarled just as low.

Briarlight sneered, whipping her head from his. "How can you say that, Jayfeather? After all I went through? I'm not trying to guilt trip you, but how could you say such a thing? I thought you were my friend." She whispered, touching his paw.

"You were…you are my friend," Jayfeather hesitated, ears folding back in uncertainty. "You left us…you left me, and you never said a goodbye. I thought you had been killed. We all did. I dreamt night terrors in which you were murdered mercilessly. And now you just jump back in thinking that we will take you back in? Briarlight, it's not that simple!"

She sighed, nudging his shoulder in reassurance. "I know…I know… I never wanted to shock you all by coming back the way I did, but I needed to also prove that I had been strong the entire time, and that I was not as weak as you all thought I was without my legs. I…I wanted—no…needed to show…to show…"

"Show what? Show to whom?" He asked, moving his paw so that it was now on hers, claws gently digging in to urge her to speak.

She felt her cheeks grow warm. "To show…how much I—"

"Briar? Briar, are you in here?"

Briarlight blinked, pulling away just as Maple ducked in. Leafpool groaned as Crowfeather yawned, both waking up at the sound of the Savannah's voice. Crowfeather jumped, briefly forgetting that the huge she-cat was in fact real.

"StarClan! You trying to scare us with jumping in and out of dens?" He said coldly, earning himself a smile from Maple. Briarlight couldn't help but notice how much Jayfeather and Crowfeather spoke alike. It made her smile too.

"Is there something up, um…?" Leafpool asked.

"Huh? Oh! Oh sorry, Leafpool. My name's Maple. I'm Briar's best friend." Maple grinned proudly.

Briarlight laughed, nudged the Savannah. "What is it that you need, Mapes?"

"I just wanted to tell you that Katie is now talking to Bramblestar and Squirrelflight about the idea of taking you to Moonpool tonight."

"Absolutely not," Jayfeather quickly defended. "She's not going anywhere. She needs rest and needs to eat first. And why does she need to come? The journey to Moonpool tonight is only for me and the new leader of ThunderClan to receive his nine lives."

Maple's ear cocked in amusement. "Because Katie will purposefully drag Briarlight out of ThunderClan if it said no to. Briar needs to show you all a very important gift she received upon living with me and SJ and Katie." Briarlight blushed at that, ducking her head again.

"Now that I think about it," Crowfeather paused, sniffing the air. "Briarlight does smell like a kittypet almost."

Briarlight growled defensively. "Maybe so. But I'm a warrior of the Clans. I've come to learn and respect Collared cats while I was gone."

All three cats looked at the brown she-cat as if she had grown a second head, causing Maple to giggle. "Come on, Briarlight. You'd probably want to finally sleep in the warrior's den, huh?"

"Actually, Maple…" Briarlight looked at Jayfeather for a heartbeat. In that same said heartbeat, she saw anticipation flutter through his blind eyes. She smiled, turning back to her bigger companion. "I was thinking of sleeping here until I'm needed by Bramblestar or Katie."

"You sure?"

"Positive. After all…this is where I slept after I had lost my legs. It…it feels like home." She whispered, licking her shoulder embarrassingly.

Maple chuckled, butting her head against Briarlight's. "Okay. Sleep well dreams." With a flick of her long tail, the tall Savannah was gone from the medicine den.

"I'll have to go with Bramblestar as well," Crowfeather grunted as he stood, rolling his shoulders. "Without a proper escort back through WindClan, cats may get the wrong impression, yet again." He growled.

Leafpool smiled sadly and licked his cheek. "Come on. I know we don't have rabbit, but I'm sure we can find a vole or such in the fresh-kill pile."

He scoffed rudely, but followed Leafpool with an eager skip in his steps. Briarlight had a feeling that Crowfeather still loved the beautiful brown and white tabby she-cat.

"I…saved your nest, Briarlight." Jayfeather broke the silence. She turned to see that he had moved over to stand next to a nest that smelt pale from lack of usage. However, despite that, Jayfeather had shifted and changed the moss and leaves in her nest.

He even found cotton and had placed it right in the center.

She smiled at him. "Thank you Jayfeather. That was very sweet of you." She said, walking over to lick his cheek.

But the small tom had turned his head at the same precise moment, causing her to lick his nose.

Her breath was lost when his eyes widened, a blush overcoming his gray cheeks. She was positive her face was glowing too. She hadn't meant to give him such an intimate gesture. 'He moved first! Yet…yet…'

The gray tom cleared his throat thickly, moving around her. "I'm…I'm gonna check on the others. Um…just…" Jayfeather stumbled over his words for a few heartbeats. He finally sighed in frustration, shaking his head hard. "Just get some rest before you pass out while working, she-cat!" He said with sudden coldness and practically fled the medicine den.

Briarlight felt the same hurt come back from long ago into her heart. She physically winced, a sad frown on her face. 'Why does he have to do that?! We are friends…right? Was…was he lying? Am I still just his patient?' She shook her head, moving into the next and collapsing into the soft cotton that tickled under her stomach. Her paw came over to lay over her muzzle, still feeling the odd sensation she had when she licked his nose.

'It's forbidden…blasted feelings. I'm so tired that I can't focus on one thing anymore!' She thought angrily. She even felt empty. No little heads butting against and kneading her stomach and teats in order to get milk out of her, no curious mewls racking her with eager questions to be answered.

Her heart clenched yet again. Briarlight missed her kits. She missed them so much she was afraid it all had been a dream.

'NO! It wasn't a dream! Everything now is real! And they are too. I…I…I missed my kits. Oh StarClan, do all queens feel this way?' She wondered. As she did, she closed her eyes, forcing herself to think of them, to think of them sleeping against her stomach, all purring so strongly she would be able to feel their vibrations. Right next to her would be Clover, her belly large and ready for kitting soon. Riley petting her head and whispering comforting words into her mind, saying how much of a wonderful mother Briarlight was to her kits.

Those thoughts made her smile, allowing the brown she-cat to drift into a much needed slumber.





"Do you have everything, Briarlight?" Twitch.

"Are you sure you're up for this? You just came back." Bristle.

"Briarlight, I still think it's a bad idea for you to come." Growl. "Your legs—"

"I said I'm bloody fine, Jayfeather!" She screamed at him, ears folding back. She didn't mean to have the small gray tom reel back in horror, his own ears touching his head in fright. Her amber eyes burned like a forest fire, annoyance and determination apparent in her irises.

Her little outburst caused some nearby cats to jump too, some lucky to hold onto their fresh-kill and not stumble in startle.

"Why did you have to yell at me, Briarlight?" He growled back, standing straighter.

"Because you still think I'm weak and can't hold my own! I've been holding my own weight since I lost my legs, for StarClan's sake! And if I can hold my own without hind legs, then I'm pretty sure I can hold my own with them too!"

"Jayfeather! Briarlight! That's enough!" Bramblestar got in-between them. "We do not need to be fighting over this. Jayfeather," His tone took a more fatherly sternness. "You should acknowledge what Briarlight means. She's right. She's nowhere near weak."

"I know that! You cats make it sound I am dumber than a squirrel!" He hissed, pushing his way past Briarlight. She glared at him and snorted.

Ever since he nudged her— in a rather rude manner—awake, Jayfeather has been on the warrior she-cat's tail on if she was okay and how she probably wasn't in the right condition to be traveling so far in one night. Briarlight tried to ease up his anger by attempting to help the gray tabby with herbs. But to Jayfeather, it seemed like Briarlight had forgotten everything about medicine. Something was in the wrong place. Another herb in a cluster that was not the way he did it. Something wasn't this. Another wasn't that. She hated how he was now treating her like a kit!


Briarlight turned to whomever was gonna get her angry response, but she halted when she saw the firmly set appearance of Katie's face. Instantly, Briarlight felt ashamed for her outburst, seeing the look of brief disappointment filter into Katie's golden hues.

"I suggest that you quit it with this childish manner. The both of you. Either talk and behave like you're so-called warriors and adult cats, or I shall recommend Bramblestar to send both of you to the queen's den and get taught some proper lessons."

"Hey! You can't talk to Jayfeather like that! He's the medicine cat." Several cats hissed. Katie glared at them calmly and they reeled back.

"I do not care that he is the medicine cat. I do not care that I am not a part of this clowder you call a Clan. What I do care is that adult cats do not bicker like two kits that can't share a mouse. It's pathetic and it doesn't show a good image for either one of them. Am I right? Or wrong?" She interjected, looking at Jayfeather, who was staring at the ground.

No one tried to argue back.

"Miss Katie, perhaps we should be going now," Bramblestar said just as calm. He looked over at his deputy and mate. "You got everything under control, Squirrelflight?"

She nodded and touched his flank with her fluffy tail. "You have nothing to worry about. I'll make sure things go as steady as possible here. And if I need any help, Graystripe and Sandstorm are here to lend in a paw," She looked over at Briarlight with a smile. "I'm quite eager to see those little 'gifts' you're gonna be bringing back." She winked.

Briarlight chuckled. After she had left the medicine den once Jayfeather didn't stop yelling at Briarlight for her 'mistakes', she went to the leader's den. Coincidentally, the leader and deputy were with Katie still and the Savannah sisters. Briarlight had been asked to give them everything that had happened when she snuck out of ThunderClan.


It took a while, but when she was finished, they were both very surprised and proud of her for her choices. She didn't let herself leave out the fact that she was a mother now, fostering with another soon-to-be mother queen named Clover, and that she had lived with an amazing Collared Herbal Shaman named Riley, who had two brave dogs that never harmed her or the others.

"That's…StarClan, Briarlight, you've been through so much more than I—or any of us—would've thought." Bramblestar said in awe. "You nearly gave your life up multiple times to protect these barns…all of which had Clan-like cats living and fighting there?"

"Yep. And Katie is the barn leader of Starpoint Barnyard. And while I was there, they may've not have been the most friendly at first, but the cats there tried to make me feel somewhat at home."

"It must've been hard when that hideous cat, Rover, was there I presume?" Squirrelflight asked.

Briarlight nodded. "Yes. Very much so. But now he's dead and in the Something."

"Something?" They tilted their heads in confusion.

With that, Briarlight jumped into another explanation of Nothingness, Something, and the Meadow. How Something was like the Dark Forest: evil, driven for the shed of blood, hold no rules of who can die and who can't. How those same evil cats killed the blood mother of her kits.

"That's horrific," Squirrelflight said in fear. "And…those cats, those monsters, were the ones that tried to take over the barns with their living allies?"

Katie, Briarlight, Maple and SJ all nodded. "We nearly lost. I myself almost was killed," Katie said. "My own life would've been vanquished had Briarlight not arrived with the Meadow and Nothingness cats. She saved us more than any of us barn leaders did that night." She said proudly, looking over at the flustered warrior. Katie paused long and hard before admitting openly, "Had she not wanted to come back here…I would've stepped down as a leader and given the title to either her, or to Hansel."

"No way Katie!" Briarlight gasped, touching her paw. "You deserve being the barn leader. I only did one thing. That shouldn't make me a leader instantly."

"No you didn't. You did many little things that added up to your bravest choice. You may've broken my rules, but you did it because it was for the right thing. And that goes for any of the cats that follow the barns." Katie chuckled.

"So where are the kits at now? As well as Clover?" Bramblestar asked.

"They are at the nesthold a little ways from Moonpool itself. As are the dogs."

"And you expect us to travel there after my leader ceremony?" Bramblestar inquired, his voice etching with hostility.

Katie merely laughed, her eyes glowing with care. "What would you do if a part of your heart was somewhere that you knew you yourself could go to and get back?"

The question gave him his answer and so much more.

Bramblestar was quiet for many minutes before speaking, "Very well. But this is how we do things. We do it the Clan's way. We must escort Crowfeather back to WindClan as we head to Moonpool. My leader ceremony may take a while, so I apologize."

"There is nothing to be sorry for, young leader," Katie said with a smirk. Briarlight had to remember that Katie was older than Bramblestar by a few seasons at least.

"Bramblestar, sir?" Maple spoke at last. The large brown tabby looked over at the Savannah, his head tilting a little to meet her eyes.

"Yes, Maple?"

She took an unsteady breath. "I…I wish for you to ask your ancestors, StarClan, for it to be okay for the kits and Clover to join the Clans. As…As well as Smooth Jazz and I."

He blinked in surprise. "But that's for the leader to choose."

"Be that as it may, Bramblestar, sir," SJ jumped in. "We follow one of the few laws that are of the Meadow, and that is for newcomers to be decided by not only the barn leader, but of the ancestors of both recent and long past."

"You two do realize that joining the Clans means you'll have to leave those beliefs behind." Squirrelflight said firmly. "A warrior never goes back on their word, nor on their loyalty."

"Thus this is where I step in," Katie said just as serious. "We cats of the barn believe in more than one law code. Many of my visitors of the barns are the exact same way. We respect, honor, and follow what we believe, which really isn't the big codes themselves, but what our hearts feel is right. I have come to understand that Rover thought the same way, may it be as sadistic as it was. Don't you think that the Dark Forest cats thought the same way when they attacked the Clans and you cats?"

Both cats looked at one another and, in defeat, nodded. "So what are you asking?"

"That Maple and SJ be allowed to believe in the Meadow and the Clans. For Briarlight is that way."

Squirrelflight looked sharply at the brown warrior she-cat. "You believe in their Meadow?" She said in surprised.

"I've been there and have met the cats of the Meadow. It would be pretty foolish of me to NOT believe in something that I have already seen with my own eyes."

Bramblestar actually laughed. "Yes. Yes it would be foolish if you didn't. Very well. I now understand why the question must be asked to StarClan. I will try my best to persuade them to allow all of you in."

Squirrelflight's ear flickered in realization. "Katie…you'll be leaving won't you?"

Briarlight felt her throat constrict when the black and white she-cat nodded. "I would stay, but I don't think two leaders is a smart idea." She joked, winking.

Everyone laughed. Even at this time of realizing the departure was growing closer, a good laugh was what helped their hearts lift up higher.

(End Flashback)

Though they had later promised to keep this little thing a secret from the rest of the Clan for now, it was obvious to most that they were hiding something; or more, Briarlight was hiding something.

"You ready SJ?" Briarlight asked, walking up to the silver beauty.

SJ smiled and nodded eagerly. "Speaking of ready, where's Mapes?"

A loud squeal caused them to look over and see Maple was playing with Cherrypaw and Molepaw, who were excitedly tackling into the larger she-cat happily.

"Will we see you come back to the Clan, Maple?"

"You bet! Me and Briarlight and my sis are all coming back! And I'll be so happy to see you and the others. I'll warn you though," She grinned. "I'm swear on the Meadow and StarClan that I'll prove myself strong for ThunderClan."

"Awesome!" They chirped.

"Maple!" Katie yowled. The Savannah looked over to see the older she-cat flicker her tail in a 'come hither' motion.

"Gotta rush, you two! I'll be back!"

"Bye Maple! Bye Briarlight! Please come back soon!" The two apprentices said.

When Maple bounded over next to Briarlight, the warrior chuckled. "if I didn't know any better, Maple, I'd say you're enjoying it already here."

"What? No way!" She joked, laughing.

"Alright you two, that's enough. The sooner we leave, the sooner we can come back." Bramblestar. They all nodded and formed a line; Bramblestar in the front, followed by Katie, Jayfeather, Crowfeather, Briarlight, Maple, and SJ.

With the traveling herbs in each ThunderClan jaw, they began forth.





Briarlight enjoyed the soft conversation that was looming between Bramblestar and Katie. Crowfeather and Jayfeather kept silent most of the way, giving very curt answers to attempts to conversation. Even with that, both toms seemed content and even a little happy with just their silence. SJ and Maple didn't converse so much as they were just storytelling. The day was turning into night, the sunset glowing weaker colors now with leaf-bare rolling in. Briarlight herself was quiet the entire way.

'Maybe I should try talking to Jayfeather…then again, he may just be rude and just cast me aside like he did this morning,' she thought bluntly. The warrior looked up to the gray tom, seeing his eyes absently flicker back to her. 'He probably can hear my thoughts and see how angry and sad I'm at him. StarClan, I wished I could understand why he was so upset. It's more than just me leaving. But of what? What could have made him so much angrier and sadder that I left?'

"Briarlight?" Maple whispered into her ear. "We're stopping. The WindClan border is just up ahead.

Nodding, Briarlight slowed down with everyone else. Where they were located currently allowed the wind to brush against each cat's pelt. It didn't bother Katie or Crowfeather, but every other cat shivered from the coldness.

"Here comes a patrol. It's pretty big." Katie mumbled to Crowfeather, who just scoffed.

"They probably thought that we are the Dark Forest cats." He said rudely.

"Crowfeather? Is that you?!" Ashfoot called out, running faster over to them, stopping just at the border. "We thought you were killed in the battle! It's good to see you're alive."

"Thank you Ashfoot, but I'm perfectly fine."

"So why are ThunderClan mouse dungs helping you back to here? You too scared to do it yourself?" Onestar came up and said.

"Onestar, we mean no harm. We just wanted to make sure he was brought here without a hassle."

The pale tom looked at Bramblestar in suspicion. "Brambleclaw, I do not trust you or your ThunderClan cats—"

"We are on a time-concerned schedule, Onestar, sir," Katie interrupted. "I believe it would be best for you to take one of your fellow members and be on your merry way. Bramblestar is to be getting his ceremony tonight and no other time."

Onestar snarled. "And who are you to be telling me what to do?!"

Crowfeather growled and walked over the border to WindClan's side. "Just ignore her, Onestar. I just want to get back to my home." He said solemnly.

Onestar pushed past the black tom. "From what I've heard and seen in the past, you don't belong much here. Nightcloud said you're the reason Breezepelt ran off and has yet to return. And now I'm blaming you for causing Nightcloud's disappearance too." He hissed, walking away.

Ashfoot sighed and bowed her head to the ThunderClan cats. "Thank you." She said and guided Crowfeather after their leader.

Briarlight looked to see Jayfeather staring after his father's departing body. She finally walked up to him and touched his flank, ignoring the fact that he shifted away slightly. "Jayfeather, it's okay. I know your father is proud of you and your littermates. As am I."

The gray tom's expression turned sad for a brief moment. But it quickly vanished and he scoffed, moving away from her. "I wish I felt the same for you, Briarlight."

Something stabbed her in the heart. That simple sentence made her wince visibly. Briarlight didn't expect that to hurt so much. She laughed bitterly, moving away from him. "What do I have to do in order to make you happy, Jayfeather? Never set foot near you again? Admit that I'm helpless and a kittypet?" She spat out. The group had traveled far up ahead enough that they could not hear their quiet hissing.

"I never said—"

"Does it ever occur in that brain of yours, Jayfeather, that sometimes actions will speak so much louder than words?" She interrupted. "How can you say you're my friend when you can't even remotely let go of the fact that I'm here, alive, let alone be proud of how I am finally standing on all four legs again?" Before the tom could try countering, she continued. "I kept dreaming, hoping to StarClan, that you of all the other cats would be the most proud of me for discovering that my hope was not all gone."

"You broke the warrior code!"

"So what?! Sometimes breaking the rules is actually the right thing to do. That's what I learned in the times I nearly died," She snarled. Tears brimmed at her eyes. "I…I thought you cared."

"Didn't I say I do, Briarlight?" his short tail tried to touch hers, but she lashed away.

"From what I'm seeing, you can't even begin to fathom me being back." She said sadly. Jayfeather's eyes widened when his mind was filled with her sadness. "Maybe I should've never came back. When my own…my own best friend can't even be happy that I'm alive."

She didn't let him have time arguing back as she went racing up to Maple's side. She brushed against the Savannah, causing her to look back. "Briar? What's—" Maple stopped herself when she saw the look in the brown warrior's eyes. She just wanted to have peace and silence.

Something that had been unsettled in her…and in Jayfeather too.

Like I said before, this was a very hard dialogue to think of and write out accordingly. But I felt that Briarlight and Jayfeather arguing after she gets back really shows us not only how she is feeling of his "odd behavior", but showing how much Jayfeather is now struggling with the fact that…she is indeed alive. And that his mind isn't playing tricks with him and there is something off with her emotions.

Plus, as much as I hated doing it, I had to make Crowfeather leave ThunderClan. But it won't be the last time we see him.

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The average weight for a cat is between 8.8–11.0 lb. The heaviest purebred is the Maine Coon, Savannah's a sharp rival. Maine Coon males can weigh anywhere from 15 to 25 lbs, with females varying from 10 to 15 lbs. However, there was one cat that surpassed that weight and got his fame in the World Record books. A desexed tabby named Himmy lived in Cairns, Queensland that was recorded at a staggering 46.8lbs (21.3kg). That's twice the average weight of a cat! Himmy passed away at 10 years old from respiratory failure. Two other condendors tried to outbeat the tabby; a tom was sourced out several times as Snowbie and said to have been 44kg. Whoa whoa whoa, many said when they saw that weight. That's not only heavier than the lbs off a normal cat, but also twice the kilogram weight of Himmy! So many have believed that it was switched around from being 44lbs, making Snowbie the second heaviest cat recorded. Another cat named Katy, who resided in Russia, was to be a contendor for the world's heaviest cat, weighing at 20kg and growing. But the people Guinness World Records backed out, saying they no longer are giving out that nomination because they don't want to encourage other cat owners to overfeed their cats and make them grow big.

Wrapping it up, the cat weighs far less than the massive Himmy. But that doesn't imply you should feed your cat so much food. Keep them healthy so that they can live longer!

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