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TITANS TOMORROW chap 1: Goodbye...?

"Goodbye Raven." An armored man said in a sinister voice, after plunging an encrypted ancient blade into the pale gray flesh of a beaten demoness.

the knife hit her heart. A fatal wound even a demon has no chance of surviving. As worry began to seep into her mind she heard something close to the sound of the

heavenly host.

"Raven!" it was Robin, the boy wonder! "Titans go!"

the empaths eyes smiled in victory, only until her capacitor threw her against a hard stone wall. Immediately a familure orange skinned alien girl was by her side.

"Friend Raven, fear not! we shall have you home quite soon!" Before Starfire could move to relocate Raven, Robin was thrown into her knocking them both clean

across the room.

"Awwwwwe no, common you coward lets go!" Exclaimed cyborg as he took quick aim with his light cannon. Narrowing his eye he glanced at the now re-stablized boy

wonder and muttered "sonic boom." Robin removed three round explosives from his belt and launched them at his arch-foe.

the battle raged on and Raven saw in the corner of her eye, a green changeling watching with fear in his eyes. he took a step towards the demoness only to

shake his head, morph into a jaguar, and join the other men in fighting.

*BOOM* a loud explosion rocked the foundation of the warehouse giving Slade the opportune instant to escape.

"He's getting away!" robin yelled, holding his head.

"No...he's not." the green teen was shaking. from the explosion? From being injured? fear? no, he was angry, and it showed as he grew and shifted into a horrid

beast, and lunged in the direction the masked man had run off in.

"BEASTBOY NO!" starfire screamed after him, knowing how much raven would want him near, but he was gone. and not a single titan knew how to get him to change

back. None except the one who was bleeding out on the stone floor.

Ravens heart began to beat slower, 'so this is death...' ravens last run in with her "permanent end" ended up being not as permanent as the ancient prophecies

foretold. So this encounter was a new experience for her. Wait, this could be her last experience; she may not make it.

who was she kidding she wouldn't. That knife that Slade had plunged into her was encrypted with an azarathean curse, a curse made specifically for her, if she

couldn't come to 'good terms' with her powers. The blade was made to end her, as far as she knew. Sense it was made to end her, she assumed it ment for good,

especially now, sense she was fading...FAST!

Before she knew it, she was in the T-car with the three remaining titans. her head lay in Starfires lap, who was disregarding her 'no touching' rule by strokeing her

head loveingly. "Friends Robin and Cyborg, what will become of friend Raven?" Star asked with sensire fear in her heart.

"We can't say. I'm sure if we get her-" Robin started but was interupted when a cloak of black energy covered the car forceing it to an abrupt stop. the back doors

flew off the car and raven hit the pavement, coughing up clots of thick blood. Raven rolled to her back and watched as her friends gathered around her.

she opened her mouth to speak but before words could escape, her eyes lolled back into her head, and her eyelids shut in a fluttering fashion.

"RAVEN!" the trio called in unison. Cyborg immediately began CPR as Starfire clung onto Robin, who watching with anxious eyes.

5...6...7... *budunk*






Cyborg breathed for the empath. her gray skin tinged with a blue hue.



"Cy, is she?" robin began, holding the aliens head as she wept.

"time of death...11:26pm"

in the shadows, unbeknownst to the others, Beastboy stood underneath a street light watching from afar...when he heard Cyborgs last announcement.

"no..." he murmmered "NO!" Beastboy dropped the orange and black mask in his hands and ran to the body, holding Ravens face in his hands.

"Raven! Get up! Get up now! I sai-"

"BEASTBOY" robin yelled, catching the changelings attention. "shes gone."

as beastboy turnned to look at the pale face of his best friend, rain began to pour. as if God himself were weeping for thier loss. Starfires body racked in painful sobs.

Cyborg rocked back and forth as a single tear trail fell down his face. even the boy wonder had trouble remaing compsed. but beastboy. he made the most

heartwrenching grimmace and held ravens face. placeing his fore head against hers.


he felt it... he felt ravens soul leave her body.

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