Kevin hated when Nat dragged him to these stupid clubs, but this was slightly better than staying home all night. Even when Nat is his best friend, the teal-haired boy manages to leave Kevin at the club with either a boy or a girl. Or both. Or 4 more. Either way, Kevin just sits down most of the time, ignoring girls who want to dance with him. Even when he was alone at the end of the night, Kevin still thinks this was a better way to kill time than staying home and doing nothing.

This time, Nat walked out the door with a brunette haired boy, who sported this stern, annoyed look across his face. Kevin groaned, it wasn't even 9 yet and Nat has already abandoned him. How thoughtful.

Due to the early loneliness, Kevin wandered around in search of something exciting, until someone caught his eye. He saw his guy standing alone in the corner of the club smoking a cigarette. His red shirt, leather jacket, and dog tags weren't what got his attention at all, but it was his hat. He was wearing a beanie with two white stripes going down the side.

"Double Dee?" Kevin thought to himself. He knew that signature hat anywhere, but this guy seemed more…dark. As if he was a shark in the sea of people. Maybe it wasn't him, and another guy wearing the same hat…No. It can't be. There is only one guy that wore that particular hat, and it was Double Dee.

Kevin started to make his way over to where the mysterious look-alike was until a group of girls got in his way. They started talking a drunken jumble of "you're hot!" and "my friends wants to dance with you" but Kevin was far more focused on going over to the hatted stranger. But, right when Kevin found himself to the other side, the mystery guy was gone.

"Where did he go?" Kevin mumbled to himself. He went to a guy working at the club; asking about the guy in the corner.

"I don't know, but I see him here almost every week. Most times he goes home with some girls, but mostly guys.

Utterly confused, Kevin decided that he had enough for the night, and headed on home. Surely that wasn't the Dweeb from his neighborhood. Ha, Double Dee at a club? What a joke.

The next Monday during lunch, Kevin headed straight to the Peach Creek High School Cafeteria. He scouted the whole building until he spotted the infamous hat on the head of a known nerd; surrounded by his two idiots of friends. Kevin moved his way there. The sock-headed boy was quietly studying his biology, smiling at his friends, showing the gap between his teeth. Kevin has always thought that the Dweeb was actually the least annoying Ed out of the three, but at this moment, he thought Edd looked…adorable. How he had his section of the table so organized that even the used napkins he used were made neat. Observing this, Kevin knew that his eyes were just deceiving him at the club. How can someone who looked so innocent and cute be the same dark intimidating guy last Friday? But, Kevin knew he had to make sure.

"Hey Double Dee…" Kevin approached the Ed.

Edd looked up from his studies, "Salutations, Kevin!" How may I assist you?"

See, this guy can't possibly be the same dude from last Friday, Kevin thought.

He smiled at him, "Can we go somewhere to talk? I have some things to ask you."

A look of surprise and scared spread onto the sock head's face. "Su-sure, Kevin…"

"Hey Double Dee, what's the shovel chin problem?" Eddy exclaimed, giving Kevin a dirty look. Before Kevin could retaliate against the shorter Ed, Double Dee stepped in "Eddy, this will only be a minute" and notioned Kevin to follow him into the hallway. Eddy slumped down, arms folded, giving a hmph, but was distracted by Ed's mashed potato art he made on his plate.

In the hallway, Kevin eased into a conversation with Edd, talking about school and sports. Talking to Edd was just so refreshing. He liked how he giggled and his little gap would show, and how blue his eyes were, as if he was looking straight into the depths of the sea.

Everything was light and hearty until Kevin asked "So what I wanted to ask is this, what were you doing last Friday night?"

Edd stopped in his tracks, and all of a sudden, he turned redder than a tomato.

"Wh-what did you mean?" Edd studdered.

This caught Kevin's attention. "I just wanted to know"

Edd looked down, avoiding Kevin's view, "I was…um..studying!"

"Studying what?" Kevin asked.

"Um…anatomy! And…psychology…?"

"It doesn't seem like it to me-" The school bell rings, interrupting Kevin's reply.

"Oh well that was a great conversation Kevin it was nice to catch up okay see you later!" Edd trailed off as he ran away to his next class. Kevin stood there, wondering what just happened. Well, whatever happened, he knew something was up. He just had to wait til the end of the week to know his suspicions are correct.