"Hey, Murochin?"

"What is it, Atsushi?"

"What does kissing taste like?"

Himuro almost spit out the Pepsi he was drinking.

He was sitting in Murasakibara's room, playing videogames with the said boy. They were spending quality time beating up some zombies with various weapons. Both were enjoying the game very much and the conversation went on between the two of them, the subject changing every now and then. At some point the topic had changed into girls and their former girlfriends.

Himuro had dated several girls before back in the US, but apparently Murasakibara had never been in a relationship even once. He told that girls were often intimidated by his abnormal height.

Not like Himuro would be embarrassed by the kissing topic, he had kissed plenty of times before, but the person asking him such a thing was his crush for last three months.

Himuro didn't consider himself gay, he liked women, (especially their breasts) but there was something in the taller boy that made him stutter and blush in front of him. Murasakibara could be so cute when he wanted to. He acted childish, (his size making the whole thing even more adorable) and ate sweets almost 24 hours a day. The Yosen's center just screamed to be cuddled with.

"Well it doesn't taste that special, it depends on what kind of lipstick your partner is wearing," Himuro answered, looking down. His face was starting to feel extremely hot.

"But what if the person I want to kiss is not wearing any lipstick?"

Himuro looked up the boy besides him. Murasakibara's face was looking kind of reddish and he was biting his lip.

"What do you mean?"

"This," The purple haired male mumbled and crouched down. He brushed his lips slightly against Himuro's.

Himuro's eyes widened to the size of plates as he felt the other's lips against his own. He couldn't get any words out of his mouth. He just sat there, looking like an idiot in front of his target of affection.

The kiss ended almost as quickly as it started. Murasakibara took his face away and glanced down, hiding in embarrassment.

Himuro was still stunned, never had he expected something like this to happen. He studied his companion and decided it was safe to do what he always wanted to do.

He climbed on Murasakibara's lap and touched his face with two hands. He caressed it for a while and then he placed a small kiss to the tip of the boy's nose.

The Yosen's shooting guard looked up and their eyes met. Both of them started to smile, faces still heated.

Needless to say, controllers were lying on the ground, completely forgotten.