I was furious, how dare she? How dare that evil, ferocious, little cow make me believe that she is this perfect little blonde princess, in fact, how could I be so stupid after the number of times I was told to stay away from her and not to believe the majority of things that came out of her mouth, from dozens of different people!

She was not going to get away with this, I refuse to let her, which is why I was currently on my way to the café, this was going to be sorted out and she was going to apologise. Not only to me but to the rest of my family.

As I stormed into the café the door bounced back off of the wall making each person in there glare at me for disturbing their lunch hour. As I held my hands up in defence and mouthed a sorry to everyone I spotted her rushing over to me with a concerned expression.

"Joey what the hell was that? Are you ok?" She tried whispering as she got closer to me, shocked as I pushed her away from me. "Joey?"

"What is wrong with you, you sick twisted manipulative cow?" I shouted as I pointed in her face.

She just stared at me, clearly confused, "Joey what are you talking about?"

"Lauren! I'm talking about Lauren, Lucy! You led me to believe that she was bad for me, that who she has been for the past few months is the real her but it's you isn't it? Isn't it!?" I screamed the last two words.

"I have no idea what you're talking about but can we please do this somewhere else? You making a scene" Lucy pleaded, trying to get it all out in a pissed off whisper.

"No idea? You have no idea, Lucy? You lied to me over and over again, you told me that Lauren was just drinking because she was craving the attention every one was giving her but the truth is that she's doing it because of you, am I right?" I glared her down.

"Whatever she's told you.. she's lying to you Joey, just like she always does" her eyes did that twitching thing they do when she knows that she's been caught out but she began to fight back anyway.

"You promised me that you didn't put anything in her drink that night! What a lie that was eh Luce?" I began to notice all the eyes that were fixed upon us, each of them turning into little murmurs and whispers, "Why don't you tell everyone in here just what you did to my girlfriend that night and what twisted things you've been drilling into her vulnerable head ever since?"

I could tell that she was becoming weaker and weaker in his fight, she began swallowing and her eyes were twitching even more than before. She was not going to get away with this, people were going to know just what she has done to me and my family, to Lauren.

Lucy tightened both her fists, the truth obviously beginning to get to her, "You're make a big deal out of nothing, I only did what I did with your best interest at heart Joey! I was making sure that you were protected, so that you no longer had to be hurt by her lies, you deserve better than that, you deserve-"

I had to cut her off at that point, "You? I deserve you? Is that what you're going to say? Well you're wrong, you don't deserve anybody, you spiteful bitch!"

The only thing I could do now was finish the conversation and walk out of the café, I couldn't bare to look at her face any longer. Once I was out on the street I began to walk towards the market ignoring the calls from Lucy and the sirens that I could faintly hear getting closer.

All the things running through my mind was giving me a headache, sitting down outside the Vic I lent forward, balancing my elbows on my knees with my head in my hands. How could one person act so innocent and protective and turn out to be a manipulative liar?

I was such a fool to believe anything that came out of her mouth, she knew how much I hated it when lies after lies were being thrown at me, especially once I told her everything about my childhood whilst Derek was still in my Mother's life.

Whilst I was trying to process everything that was running through my head I managed to block out the very loud sirens that had just drove straight past me, it didn't even budge me until I looked up still figuring things out when I noticed the ambulance parked outside Number 5, what was wrong? Is Tanya ok? Is it Oscar?

I stood up curiously, watching the paramedics jump out of the van, one opening it up whilst the other ran up the stairs, knocking furiously on the door. Looking to my left I saw Max running across the gardens of the square as though he too was just about to find out what was going on, once he reached the paramedics I watched as he looked as though he was trying to get information out of them until the door of Number 5 opened revealing a tear stained, distraught Tanya, what the hell was going on?

I crossed the road, approaching the entrance of the gardens trying to get a better look at what was going on and that's when I realised, after being nosey for a few minutes I failed to note that the paramedics had already entered the house with a stretcher in tow but then I saw who was laid on it. Lauren.

Before I could stop myself I was shouting, screaming even, running as fast as I possibly could shouting Lauren's name.

When I reached the ambulance I fought the male paramedic to get the girl who was laid unconscious on a stretched still looking as beautiful as ever. The rage was building up in me the more I was being pushed away by Max, Lauren's Dad.

"Let me see her!" I screamed at him, fighting as hard as I could but somehow Max was overpowering me.

"Joey no! You need to stay away! Leave her alone, she needs to get better!" I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of his mouth and I was definitely not ready for what I was to be told next.

"You did this to her."

Those five little words smacked me in the face, was it really my fault? Did Lucy's lies really get to me in ways that made Lauren think that every time I spoke to her or even looked at her I hated her?

Have I seriously damaged the girl that I loved?

I was forced back by a furious Cora as they lifted Lauren into the ambulance, both her parents climbing in after her as I just stood and watched when they shut the door and sped off out of the square, sirens louder than ever.

"What have I done?" I whispered to myself, feeling tears sting my eyes, slowly walking backwards, wanting to get as far away from here as possible.

I started running, the further I got away from the square the better. I didn't know where I was running too, but I wasn't stopping. As the pain in my legs got worse from not stretching the faster I got, determined to get away.

I came to halt, trying to take note of my surroundings until I realised where I was. Outside Walford General. My heart was running in the opposite direction of my head. I thought I wanted to get as far away as I possibly could but my heart, my heart wanted to get closer and closer to Lauren. I needed to know that she was ok, I needed to tell her that I love her and that I need her. Tell her that we need each other.

The tears were still falling from my face, burning my cheeks. The closer I got to doors of the hospital the louder the noises around me got, torturing my ears. Walking through the entrance I searched each cubical frantically, unable to find who I was looking for.

I carried on searching, ignoring the 'can I help you's' that were being shot at me in all directions until I felt pressure on my arm and my back against a wall. Max had found me.

"What the hell do you think you're playing at? You're not welcome here!" he spat in my face, his angering obvious.

I went limp as I looked at him, "Please Max, please just let me see her. I need to see her!"

"Leave Joey. Leave now and all will be forgotten. Nobody wants you here. Not even Lauren. Now go!" Max demanded, shoving me up against the wall once more.

He backed away from me but he glared stayed with me, I couldn't argue with me. I wanted to so bad, but I just couldn't. It would break me even more to know I was just causing more pain for Lauren and her family.

So I left, and this time I really did run in the opposite direction.