Five years later

"No I'm the best ballerina" Faith shouted as she stumbled up the pathway to the little red brick house that was set back against the trees.

"No my is ballweena Faithy my is balleweena" Hope screeched at her sister as she followed waving her hands in the air, I ran after but was knocked back by the wooden gate they both let swing shut behind them.

They were constantly arguing, at 2 and 4 they had the attitudes of 16 year olds and were at the point of being able to run rings around both their daddy and I. But we held strong and sometimes it actually felt like we were winning. Sometimes being the highlighted word there. I raced down the pathway after them and before I even had my house keys out of the door they had gone bounding through it and the patter of their feet faded off down the hallway but I could still hear the whinging argument over who was the best ballerina.

"Girls stop fighting" I called out praying it would work but the pained scream erupting from their bedroom told me otherwise. I ran off down the hallway and walked in on the usual scene, Hope, even though she was only two and extremely small was pining down her older sister and shoving her feet in her face.

"Hope what have I told you about hitting your sister" I warned her as I pulled her off and she stuck her bottom lip out before fluttering her eyelashes at me, she had picked this up from me, it was my way of getting around her father and I had to say it looked cuter on her.

"But Unca Embwy told my dat I can hit someone if dey are meany to Hope" She said innocently as ever and I instantly cursed Embry. He was teaching them all sorts of things that at their innocent ages they should not know. Just last week Faith told me that Embry told her that Paul had a willy on his head, I mean come on, who tells a 4 year old that? She had gone around for two days shouting that her Uncle Paul had willies on his face before we finally got her to shut up. People looked at me like I was an awful mother for teaching their daughter to practically call someone a dick head or make fun of gay guys, either way I had gotten a lot of dirty glares.

"Well Uncle Embry is going to get a time out if he carries on, now get changed before daddy gets home from work" I placed a kiss on her little head before pulling Faith to her feet.

"Uncle Embry told us we could hit Pauly in his balls because he told us we were annoying rats; can we still hit Uncle Pauly?" Faith asked, looking at me in interest and I nearly choked on my own breath at her words. Balls, he taught her to say balls.

"Tell you what; you can hit Uncle Embry in his balls next time you see him how about that?" I offered and they both nodded excitedly before running to their wardrobe to begin the next argument on who was wearing what. I just left them too it and walked back into the hallway, they were a nightmare, I think it was more the guys than them actually arguing, they taught them bad habits like fighting and insults and now they just used their new techniques on one another.

I laughed despite myself as I walked to the kitchen, they were funny, I shouldn't laugh at their use of naughty words but it was pretty entertaining. I dashed around the cupboards getting the ingredients for dinner out.

As I turned to lean against the kitchen counter my eyes fell on the fridge door, the variety of photos spread across it made me smile, each one was happy, each one brought a memory. I focused in on the first few, back from when Quil and I first were together.

We had gone through so much just to get to this point in our lives, just to get to a moment where we were peaceful and content, where there was no vampire drama, no threat of death, just us and our family. We moved in together not long before we had Faith, we had spent over a year living at Sam's, it was crowded and awkward and it was only when I found out I was pregnant that we found this little run down house that was so full of charm and love, we redecorated it, made it our own and now it was a beautiful little family home, full of warmth.

I remember the day we were decorating the living room, we left it to last and I had reached up to hang a picture when my water broke, Quil went nuts with worry. He thought I was dying, it took Emily and I half an hour to assure him it was just my waters. Hope came a year and a bit after Faith, she was a wedding night baby, her birth was less dramatic although Quil still acted as if it were the end of the world when I went into labour, he was actually banned from the birthing suite because he was so convinced something was wrong because it was taking longer than Faith's birth.

Amongst the pictures were photos of Max, and my parents. Max finished college and now coached professionally, he was engaged to a girl he started dating during his freshman year of college, safe to say he got his hot Florida girl.

My parents were a whole different story, they divorced three years ago. I should have been upset but I actually felt relieved, there was no love in their marriage, just lies and resentment from all the drama of my childhood. Dad moved to Chicago, he visited at Christmas and called on weekends, he had a new girlfriend, and she seemed nice enough. Mom moved back to the Makah reservation and opened up a day care place for the kids there, she wasn't dating but she was happy. Happier than I had ever seen her before, which was all I cared about.

Hung up below the pictures was a magazine clipping of the wedding cake Quil and I had chosen to get Emily to make, my fingers instantly locked around the ruby red diamond on my left ring finger. Quil had proposed to me after we had been together only 4 months, not that it mattered on the time, I was madly in love with him. We planned it all only to find out Faith was coming, and so we postponed it until when she was old enough to be a part of the wedding, so we planned it again for just after she was one and could stumble around. But then Hope happened, Quil came home from work one day, cuddled me and as he had done with Faith he just sensed it. It seemed to be a theme with these guys, they could smell something different about us when we were pregnant and so they were always the first to know. Anyway, Hope came along and now that she was two and could walk with Faith down the aisle we had planned it all over again, this summer we were getting married on the beach. And nothing would stop me from marrying my guy this time, I needed him as my husband, I was determined.

"No stupid, mommy said I was allowed to choose the DVD tonight" Faith yelled as the two little girls rounded on the kitchen and my peaceful five minutes was officially over.

I let out a groan at the never ending fighting and turned to look at my daughters, sure enough they were wearing clothes that I would never in my right mind put them in. Faith was fairly tall for her age, yet she still had chubby cheeks that even against her tanned skin were blushed all the time, her hair was long and fell right down the bottom of her spine, she refused to let it be cut, and she had the roundest brown eyes, they were huge and shiny, she was beautiful. However her outfit was not. She had put herself in her plastic dress up high heels, her hair was in a frantic mess around her face while she wore her princess pyjama top with red and white striped tights. Not to mention the necklaces and bracelets strewn on her little body. Then there was Hope, she was tiny, she was such a dainty little thing I worried sometimes she would break, I mean she still had baby rings on her arms from her chubby-ness but she was still tiny. Her hair was lighter than Faith's and fell only just passed her shoulders and was curly rather than straight like Faiths. She got Quil's hair for sure. Her outfit was even worse; she had on a swimsuit, with a baseball cap that sat backwards on her little head and her denim jacket over the top of her swimsuit, and her trainers on her feet. I worried about them sometimes, I think Embry dropped them when they were babies or they were hanging out with him too much. Either way they were off their rockers.

"No my want to choose it. My tell daddy on you" Hope hit back at her sister and I rushed in to break them up.

"Right, I'm choosing a DVD. I want you to put Beauty and the beast on please Faith" I told them before scooting them toward the living room. "And sit on separate sofas" I called out suddenly realising they couldn't be remotely close to one another without wanting to murder each other. I hung by the door for a second, listening out for any sign of a struggle or an argument but none came and soon enough the Disney music blasted out from the TV.

"Where's daddy?" Hope asked as I curled up in between there little beds in their room. I glanced up at their princess clock, 7.45pm. I had no idea, many of the guys had stopped phasing at this point, it was only Embry, Seth, Collin and Brady who phased along with new younger pack members but they all still attended monthly tribal meetings to go over any new issues. But the meetings usually finished by 7 due to the wives and children waiting at home. He was never usually late. And both his children seemed unable to hide their annoyance at his lateness.

"Well he's missing the story" Faith complained as she rolled over sucking her thumb. All I could do was shrug back at her in apology; I really had no idea where he was. Quil always did the bedtimes stories because he was so much more creative than me, I couldn't tell stories.

"Can you sing mommy?" Hope looked up at me, her eyes wide with hope, however stupid that sounded; she looked hopeful that I would. They liked it when I sang even though I wasn't very good, I had tortured their father for years now and still they liked it when I sang.

"Only a little song" I replied and settled further down between them, watching as they snuggled into their beds and let their eyes droop from tiredness. They were both so like their daddy, just the way I wanted them; they were perfect like him. I leant my head back against the wall behind me and let the words come out of my mouth without thinking about what song it was.

"I dive into frozen waves, where the past comes back to life, and fight fear for the selfish pain it was worth it every time. Hold still right before we crash because we both know how this ends, a clock ticks till it breaks your glass and I drown in you again. You are a piece of me, I wish I didn't need, chasing relentlessly, still fight and I don't know why. If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy, if your loves insanity why are you my clarity?" I stopped, glancing across at them both as they snored into their pillows. That was quick, fair play I did that faster than Quil did it. The song still sang in my head, Clarity by Zedd, I wasn't sure why I loved this song I just did. It always made me think back to the shit I went through with Quil to get to this point in our lives. All the pain and heartache, all the insanity just to get to this place in my life where it all seemed totally worth it. I would go through it all again just to make sure I got to this very spot in my life where I could sit with my family and be happy.

"You're going to deafen our daughters if you carry on" A soft voice whispered from the doorway and I glanced up to see Quil poking his head around the door. He was smirking at me, his twinkling eyes took my breath away in an instance and I couldn't look anywhere but at him.

"I wouldn't have to deafen our children if you arrived on time for bedtime stories Mr Ateara" I whispered back knowing he could still hear me. He grinned and cocked his head to the side in defeat, I won. His fault I was 'torturing' our children.

"Paul stole my car keys and forgot where he put them" He whisper shouted back but neither girl even flinched from the sound, they were flat out. I had to laugh at the Paul comment, it was so typical, the guy was pushing his forties and he still acted like one of the kids.

I stood up from the squashed place on the floor, how Quil managed to fit in the little gap each night was beyond me but it was stupidly uncomfortable. I creeped over to the door and flicked the light off before following Quil down to the kitchen where his dinner was waiting.

"And they were on top form tonight" I commented as I reached into the fridge for a can of coke for Quil as he sat at the table.

"Fighting again?" He groaned and I grunted in reply. "I blame Embry, he winds them up against one another" He stated simply before chewing down on his dinner.

"We blame Embry for everything, I think we are mean to him" I considered as I chucked the can to him and sat myself up on the counter. Quil shot me a look and I realised that Embry was to blame for everything so we quite rightly blamed him. He taught them all sorts of bad habits, we hoped he would calm down when he met Laura, he hadn't imprinted but they were so close they should have, but even then she couldn't get him to tone down the bad influence he had on most of the kids in the pack. He would goad them all so much they ended up fighting just because he found it hilarious to watch someone as small as Hope beat up a much bigger Faith or Bobby.

Within seconds the dinner in front of Quil was gone and he stood up to put his plate in the sink, he hovered for a second by the radio and flicked a CD on. I smiled as I knew what was coming, he did this most nights, and he would spin me into dance with him when we finally got a child free hour.

"Something in your eyes makes me want to lose myself, makes me want to lose myself in your arms" The song drifted over the kitchen and I giggled.

He turned to me, smirking as the wedding dance song we had chosen came on, Edwina Hayes Feels like home, it was perfectly our song. I hadn't ever heard it until Quil came running in with this CD. He had been working on some woman's car and this was in her stereo, so naturally he stole it. His reasoning had been that it was the perfect song for us and I had to agree.

"Mmm lets rehearse our wedding dance" I said quietly as I jumped from the counter and waited for him to waltz to me.

"There's something in your voice makes my heartbeat fast, hope this feeling lasts, the rest of my life, if you knew how lonely my life has been and how long I've been so alone, and if you knew how I wanted someone to come along and change my life the way you've done. It feels like home to me, it feels like home to me, feels like I am all the way back where I come from, it feels like home to me, it feels like home to me, feels like I am all the way back where I belong" The song went on and I sung quietly with it as Quil made his way to me and he wrapped his arms around my body holding me tightly to his as he began swaying.

"I missed you today" He whispered into the crook of my neck as he kissed along my skin sending fiery shivers through me, he still had that effect of me, he made my knees go weak with a simple kiss.

"I missed you too, but I found the perfect bridesmaids dresses for the girls in town" I whispered back into his chest as we swayed but he suddenly stopped, his body going deadly still as his head lay on my shoulder. "What?" I asked, had I said something wrong? I pulled back to look at him and he was staring down at me slightly paler than he should be. What had I done?

"How would you feel about postponing the wedding again?" He asked his voice slow and a little off. I just shook my head, I didn't understand what he meant, why would we put it off again?

"I would say hell no" I replied and shook him slightly as the colour flooded back to his cheeks and his eyes snapped from my torso to my eyes. A small smile played his lips for a second and he scooped me back into his arms and squeezed me against his chest.

"Then I'm sorry but I don't think you have a say" He was excited about something, I could hear it in his voice and I tired looking up at him but he launched a huge kiss on my mouth. He pulled away again quickly and his hand curled around to my stomach. De ja vu hit me and along with it came realisation, this is exactly what had happened twice before. Shitting hell. No way. I was not.

"Quil" I started but stopped, I couldn't be, I mean I could be, but I couldn't be.

"We are having a baby" He whispered against my lips and a river of excitement ran through me, I should be pissed I mean I had organised the damned wedding for precisely 6 months away but I was too damn happy. I was pregnant again. Another little bit of Quil inside of me, another mini Quil would be running around this little house.

I launched myself into his arms and wrapped my legs around his torso. How had I not noticed, I mean it wasn't fair he knew first all the time? But then again he always seemed too noticed like way before any periods had even been missed. A huge attack of kisses fell onto my neck and Quil started spinning me around as the music droned on in the background.

"I love you so much Claire" He whispered against my neck again and a new wave of tingles crawled over my skin sending a deep shudder through me as his husky voice and warm touch.

"I love you more"

My hand clutched at Quils as we stood in the marquee the guys had set up on the beach, an elation of happiness was overwhelming me as we stood hand in hand officially husband and wife. Quil's free hand came up to rub my stomach as he kissed my lips, the touch of his skin on mine sent a wave of love through me and the little boy inside my stomach kicked out against his daddy's hand causing Quil to laugh.

"Ok little dude, I'll leave mommy alone" He leant down and spoke to my swollen belly. I was 7 months pregnant and after getting over the initial shock and elation of the pregnancy I finally refused to postpone the wedding and so it went ahead as planned, the only difference being I was slightly bigger than expected and so I had to buy a new dress. This one however, was just as beautiful as the original. It was tight around my boobs, which were now fairly bigger than usual and so as Rachel put it, I had killer cleavage, then the torso and train of the white dress flowed out elegantly around my stomach and a lace and diamond pattern lay around my waist band offering design to the simple dress. It was perfect.

"Who would have thought it eyy" I turned at the voice, Sam, Jake, Paul, Embry and Jared were stood in front of us, their woman hugged against their sides as we all watched the kids run around the dance floor. It was Sam who spoke. "I never thought I would see this moment with you two, you had to be the most difficult couple ever" He looked around for support and everyone nodded, Laura knew about the wolves and heard our story and so she nodded too.

"Yeah you guys were so annoying, up and down, up and down" Paul added in and everyone nodded again. They were right, we had been a nightmare.

"But you got there in the end, and I am so happy for you" Emily squealed jumping up and down against Sam.

I knew everyone was excited for this day, to finally seal the day saving me from any more of Quil's freak outs over whether he should be with me or whether he was holding me back. Which although he had promised to stop, he hadn't. He carried on even right up until I had Hope, after her he sort of stopped, instead he took on the role of over worrying about every detail. Was the bath water too hot for the girls? Were they ill when all they had was a little sniffle, were the swings in the back garden safe for them, was I ok being home with them all day, did I feel he was ignoring me for work. It was never ending. At one point the guys had duct taped his mouth shut after a trip to the beach with all the kids turned into a health and safety inspection.

"Any names yet?" Kim piped up and nodded at my belly, they were all making jokes that it would be something stupid like freedom, or strength. Because apparently Hope and Faith were stupid names, but they were perfect for Quil and I no matter what anyone else said because it symbolised everything we had gone through.

"YOLO wasn't it?" Embry piped up and I turned to slap him but Laura got there first, aiming a perfect blow to his stupid head. She glared at him and he shut up immediately, I knew I always liked this girl. It was freaky, they should be imprinted she was perfect for him. But then again, imprinting didn't always mean everything, which is what us girls told her when she freaked out about not being an imprint. They were perfect for each other and imprint or not it was obvious they belonged together.

"No, we were thinking of Embry junior" I said firmly, Quil looked down at me in question and Embry jumped around and his face lit up.

"Really?" He asked, he sounded like a kid in a candy shop.

"NoPe" Popping the P I winked at him and his shoulders deflated like a balloon while everyone else started laughing at the amount of excitement he had held for the tiniest second.

I looked around at my family, the kids were all wrestling on the dance floor, while the older kids sat around as if embarrassed to be seen at a family wedding, then there were my parents who were awkwardly making conversation with one another and Max. Then I glanced at my little girls, they were perfect just like everything else.

I had once never thought I would get to this stage of life, I once never thought I would live past my teens and all because of the guy next to me I had lived and lived a wonderful life. I was happier than I could ever imagine being and I felt more loved than I ever had done before. Quil's arms came around me again, wrapping tightly and protectively over our little son in my stomach. Little Quil, he wanted an original name but Quil was original and it ran in his family so Quil Benjamin Ateara it was. He started kicking against my stomach like crazy and I chuckled at the feeling, he liked his name.

"I love you Mrs Ateara" Quil whispered into my ear before kissing my temple softly and I led my head against his chest.

We started off as such a mess, broken and depressed but we had grown into something so much more, truthfully we still had our days where nothing went to plan and we were a rushed heap of problems. But we were a beautiful mess, and no matter how hectic life got or how much screaming happened between the girls, I was home, Quil was my home and I would live happily ever after as long as he was there living it with me.

"I know where babies come from" The screech of Faith brought me from my internal happiness and I glanced at Quil, following his gaze across the marquee to where Faith, Hope, Bobby who was now around 7 and a few other little kids were gathered. Oh god, please don't say anything Faith, please say the stork or a baby shop or something cute for your age.

"I know where my little brother came from I do, he came from my daddy's willy" She screeched so loud everyone turned to look and a few amused laughs let up from the table of pack guys to my left. Quil started coughing as if choking at what his daughter had just come out with and I had to say my breath was caught to.

Oh god. Did she just say that? I looked back up at Quil and we both snapped our heads to the guy filled table automatically. Our eyes finding the person responsible. The bastard. I am going to kill him.


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