*ahem* as this is a new story (YAY!) I would like to put some wonderful little notes in here that first timers and others may like to know. It is incredibly important that you read the first book, Out of the frying pan. In order to understand, Into the Fire. br

Notes about this book: br

1) This is the story of Xlelon's diplomatic expieriance in Scanra. It begins probably five seconds after the first book ends. br 2) This will most likely be a bit more angnsty and romantic then the first one. (JOY!) br 3) Sorry, someone has just pointed out her apparent mary sue-ness problem (small though it is). I don't think its all that bad, she's a muse of mine, and they tend to get like that. ::glares @ Xlelon::I still don't think she's as bad as my others, take a look at my first story, whoa. br

4) I think that's it. Please excuse html tags, I really hate them.br ~^~br

Going to Scanra? In about a year? I'm only sixteen, she thought, how am I supposed to be a diplomat?! The king and queen seem to think you can do it, said a small annoying voice in here head. Shut up, she told it, I'm pitying myself. Why, you knew this would come, it said logically. br "Erg! Am I going skitso on myself?" br No answer. She wasn't sure whether this was a good thing or a bad thing. Pushing herself from the wall, she began to walk from her rooms, but got a tad sidetracked. Suddenly, she was in the gardens, next to the bushes that bordered it. They were slightly dead from the snow, which, she realized with a start, was above her ankles. Huffing, she tramped to the stables, hopefully one of the horses would have advice. She stepped in and breathed deep, smelling horse musk. She then coughed because of the hay, then proceeded to sneeze three times in a row. Rubbing her nose, she glared at Fleet and his young friend, Shadowracer. They were laughing at her-horse style. br ~Oh shut up, both of you.~ br ~But its so funny! How did you do that?~ said Shadowracerbr ~Silly!,~ retorted Fleet, ~Humans don't mean to do that, no more than we do!~ br ~Oh.~ br Xlelon snickered, yep, they were still the same old horses. They were kept by the palace, though Xlelon wasn't sure why. She flopped down in the hay and just lay there, quietly contemplating. The fact that she was to be the diplomat to a country that Tortall was going to go to war with in about ten years* seemed to indicate that she would either have problems, or this was why she was brought in the first place, so that the war didn't happen. The question was, which? br Bidding farewell to the horses, she went back to her rooms. Sighing, she began to unlock the door, only to find that it was open. Sighing, she figured that she had forgotten to close it. When she walked in, she found that all of the sudden, a stench had settled in. She glanced out the window to find two stormwings outside her window, hovering. I will honestly never get used to them, she thought. The stormwings glared at her. She glared right back. br "What do you want?" br The stormwing spat at her feet. br "Do not flatter yourself. We want nothing to do with you, just what you know." br She shook her head. br "What in god's.I mean, the gods name are you talking about?" br The stormwing that was doing the talking laughed harshly. Old habits die hard, she thought bitterly. Half a year was not enough to stop with the one god thing. br "We speak of your heritage. It is not of this world." br "Well, there's a reason for that. What about it?" br "We were simply curious." br She narrowed her eyes. br "About what in particular?" br He shrugged. br "Things. Why you know so much of this world whislt none here know of your world. You were not surprised to see my flock." br Xlelon shook her head in a double take. Now she recognized him, it was the stormwing from her arrival at the palace, the one that had been avenging his queen. br "Now I know you. Why are you here?" br The stormwing sighed, she noticed that its breath did not create a cloud. br "Never mind, I know what I need, and bid you farewell. Spend your time in scanra well." br And he was off, leaving her wondering how in the world he knew that she was going to Scanra. br ~^~br *- Sorry people, I found another discrepancy. Origanally, this was supposed to be five years after wards, but the story fit better if it was right after. So. This means that Neal is really already at the university. Dang-it. Oh well. Please excuse your writer's stupidity. :- pbr