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I love you…I love you…I love you

Those words…kept on echoing in Naruto's mind. Then, he felt an arm embraced him and pulled him back…pulled him closer. His heart went crazy when he felt Kakashi's face dug into his neck. Shivers struck Naruto's body. Immediately, he shoved his sensei away.

"W-wait, Kakashi-sensei. We shouldn't—" Just before he could finish his line, Kakashi interrupted with his forceful kiss.

Naruto gasped, unconsciously giving Kakashi an entrance. Naruto flinched as he tried to break the kiss. "Umff…s-stop…"

Not wanting to let him go, Kakashi pushed Naruto down, pinning the student under him. He sensually licked his gaze upon Naruto. "I love you." Kakashi decreased their gap and kissed Naruto's forehead then down to his cheek, neck and he made his final stop up on the student's inviting lips.

Naruto gritted his teeth, preventing Kakashi to go even further than that. It felt disgusting in some ways. He didn't like it. It was not the kiss that he had imagined before. This kiss…was rather filled with slimy, unpleasant pleasure in it.

Kakashi pulled back and looked down at Naruto. "Naruto, let me kiss you." He demanded.

Naruto who was lying helplessly under Kakashi, shook his head as he clasped his mouth. "No! Stop it, Kakashi-sensei! What has gotten into you?!"

The sensei grabbed both of Naruto's hand and pulled them above the blonde's head, leaving the student flinched due to slight pain in the wrists.

"It's your fault Naruto. You only cast your eyes on Sasuke. I can't accept that wholly!" Kakashi blurted out.

Naruto struggled. "L-let me go, sensei! It…hurts!" He pleaded.

"You need to know that Sasuke is not the one who can save you. It's me!"

Kakashi ignored Naruto's plead. Once again, he pressed his lips over the blonde's. He then moved his trail down to the nape and sucked it hard, leaving a mark there. He knew he shouldn't do this. He knew it well. But, he too…was struggling with rational and lust. Kakashi was aware of the final result for this unforgivable action of his. However, seeing his favourite student who had been heart-broken by Sasuke…he just couldn't bear it much longer. The urge to embrace Naruto was piling up in him. What was he to do at such a time?

"Naruto, love me. Feel me. Please…forget him."

Again, Naruto struggled. "Let me go, sensei!" He was afraid. He didn't want this. No…he wanted this. But, not with Kakashi. He wanted this to be with Sasuke. His chest ached. He wanted to see Sasuke so badly. He didn't care anymore about the outcome later on. Naruto just want to say that he really loved the raven one last time. Tears gathered at the corners of his eyes.

"Kakashi-sensei…please stop this. I can't love you or any other person than Sasuke. I've devoured my heart to him. Please understand sensei." Yes, it was hard for him to say that. But, there was nothing else to do, right?

Kakashi closed his eyes, feeling the pain for the moment. He then released Naruto's hand from his strong grip as he sat a few distance away from his student, buried his face into his palms. "Go. Go to Sasuke. He's waiting for you." He said. He really hoped this was a dream but the pain of his corrupting heart was too real to be one. Too painful.


"Just go, Naruto. Go!"

Naruto gulped, swallowing his mountain of guilt. "I'm sorry…and thank you, sensei." He spoke.

The blonde stood on his feet and dashed out from that place, leaving the depressed sensei to take his time of recovering. Naruto ran, ran and ran all over Konoha in the search of Sasuke. Where could he be?

"Sasuke! Sasuke!" Like a maniac, he called out. His cheeks were already soaked with tears. Lips trembled. Body was numb. "Sasuke!"

"Oii, dobe! What the hell are you doing? Screaming out my name like that!" A voice appeared behind him. Naruto turned around in an immediate motion and set his eyes upon the person who just spoke to him.

"S-sasuke…" Naruto sniffed. More tears fell down.

Sasuke's eyes widened. The next thing he knew, he already pulled Naruto into his arms. "Stupid, what are you crying for?" Clearly, his voice was shaking. He ruffled the blonde's hair and slowly, moved his face closer to Naruto's then licked the tears.

Naruto swallowed. "I love you, Sasuke. If you're going to reject me…I'll still love you!" He confessed.

Hearing that, Sasuke's heart felt as if it was going to stop. "Dobe." He pulled Naruto into a kiss. A kiss that was full of passion and love. A very sweet kiss.

Sasuke broke their kiss and talked between the gap. "Who's going to reject you?" He placed a peck on Naruto's cheek. A slight blush coloured his face.

With that answer from the raven, Naruto smiled and hugged Sasuke dearly. "Thank God."

It seemed that it was not unrequited love after all. XD


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