Hello everyone and welcome to my first story! It is a love story between Hermione and Narcissa, so if you don't like the paring then I do apologise. I hope you are all ready to go on this journey with me. I originally started writing for fun, and then I found Fanfiction and ended up reading a whole bunch of awesome fanfics. They inspired me to upload this so I do hope everyone enjoys the story, i'm not sure how many chapters there will be, I have a lot of material to write at least, 20, but who knows. I am one of these people who doesn't like to rush into things so it could end up exceedingly long ^^ anyways enough of my drabble, I hope you enjoy the chapter.

1. The encounter

'She wore Blue Velvet, bluer than velvet were her eyes' - Bobby Vinton

Hermione entered her office at eight thirty sharp on Monday morning. Her desk was absolutely swamped with paperwork from over the weekend. Hermione worked for the Ministry, she was in the Department of Magical Law enforcement. She had worked there since graduating from Hogwarts. Her position was the head of the Misuse of Muggle artefacts.

Since graduating Hogwarts with one of the highest known marks in her N.E.W.T's Hermione was quickly offered a job by the Ministry. Within one year of working in the department she was promoted to being head. Kingsly saw great potential in her; Hermione took the opportunity with both hands, she was the youngest ever Head of Department.

Hermione sat down at her desk and began to work her way through the stacks of paperwork. Even though the job was tiring and very hands on, the brunette loved it, she had always wanted a challenge at times and some of the artefacts she had confiscated over the years were fascinating. She studied them and also kept a record for future reference on what could be beneficial for the Wizarding World.

As time went on the muggle born was deep in her work, but she was profoundly interrupted when Ron had decided to bound through her office door with a huge smile plastered on his face.

Hermione looked at him with a funny look before addressing him. "Some one's a happy camper, what's got you all smiley and excited?"

"I'm going to ask Lavender to marry me! I'm throwing a surprise engagement party!" The ginger beamed as he plopped himself down in one of Hermione's chairs in front of her desk.

"Wow, congratulations Ron, when's this affair going to happen then?" Hermione smiled, she was happy Ron had fallen in love, the two of them didn't last long after the war, Hermione found him too clingy and a little bit possessive, she loved him like a brother, not like a lover.

"Friday night, mum's throwing it, we're going to have a gazebo in the garden at the Burrow like at Bill and Fleur's wedding. Mum's just going to pretend that we're having a quiet family dinner and then we can surprise her!" Ron looked please with himself, but this was typical Ron, always getting mummy dearest to do everything for him. Not that Molly would mind, she'd happily cater for everyone. But Ron's weirdness and childlike antics was the biggest turn off for Hermione.

During their first year of dating, Ron constantly spoke about how his mother would do this, or do that, or 'that's not what mum does.' It was a perpetual slap in the face for Hermione. She was certainly not going to be the next Molly Weasley.

Breaking it off with Ron wasn't hard, he felt like she was too frigid, in some manners, or that she was a little cold to him. So in their best interests they broke up.

"Great so Friday at the Burrow it is." Hermione didn't mind the family and friend gatherings at the Burrow as long as Molly kept her mouth shut. Ron might have not minded the break up but Molly took it badly. She was hell bent on making Hermione her bloody daughter in law, it was crazy. To make matters worse Hermione had found out from Ginny that her mother didn't like Lavender all that much. How would Molly ever deal with Lavender as a daughter in law?

"Yeah 'Mione, glad you're coming, be there for about seven, then we can get everyone ready and prepared for Lavenders arrival at seven thirty." Hermione couldn't help but notice the gleam in Ron's eyes, all he ever wanted was to marry and have a family, something the brunette wasn't remotely ready for, so it made her feel elated for him. Although she too felt the same as Molly, Lavender was a little bit too much to stomach, and trying to have a decent intellectual conversation with her was out of the window. It was like talking to a wall. And not a magical one at that.

"Sure, of course Ronald. I'm happy for you." Hermione let out a smile as she saw him stand up and walk to the door.

"You'll find someone who loves you just as much as I did 'Mione, I'm sure of it." With that he left her office.

"What the hell was that about?" Hermione said out loud to herself. Whatever Ron meant by it, she was sure it was just one of his ways of saying, 'there's plenty of fish in the sea.' But the brunette wasn't fazed by it, she had a few flings over the years, but she really didn't feel like there was time in her life she could fully dedicate to someone.

Hermione had spent her time either in dead end relationships, or had a few cheeky one night stands, not that it mattered she would never let that get out to anybody.

The muggle born got back to her paperwork and carried on until five o'clock in the afternoon, once she had finished she grabbed her wand and bag and left her office to one of the floos and floo'd out to Diagon Alley.

The brunette was heading to Flourish and Blotts to grab herself another book, she had currently read all the books her flat contained and she fancied another novel to get her through the evenings at home.

She opened the shop door and entered, the old lady behind the counter gave her a small inviting smile as she passed, the bookshop had many books for students but there was other sections towards the back of the bookshop that contained other books, some of dark magic and some novels.

Hermione took a great amount of time browsing the shelves for a book that caught her eye. She stumbled upon a rather new copy of The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore, as if they're still printing this crap, Hermione put it back and carried on looking.

The book she found next looked like a muggle book, upon inspecting it further she found that it was in fact a muggle book, 'A tale of two cities' why on earth is this here? It was a good read; Hermione had read it a few years ago but had misplaced it. She flicked through the pages and turned off to begin her way back to the counter to pay for the book, she was also going to quiz the shop keeper about it.

Hermione was lost in the first chapter as her feet carried her on her way but she hadn't been looking where she was walking and came into contact with someone else. She stumbled to get her balance as she dropped her book on the floor.

Picking it back up and tucking a curl behind her ear she looked at the body she had ever so carelessly walked into.

"I'm so sorry- I wasn't looking where I was going." Hermione apologised before realising who she had just stumble into.

Hermione had looked up to find Narcissa Malfoy dusting herself off from the collision with Hermione and what looked to be the book case. Hermione hadn't seen the witch since the final battle and it baffled her how well she hadn't seemed to have aged.

Narcissa Malfoy still looked impeccable even when she had just been almost knocked off her feet. The woman donned blue velvet robes that clung to every curve perfectly; her bust was pushed up with what seemed like a corset under her dress. Her black and blonde hair was in a neat French roll. She wore subtle makeup and Hermione's eyes were easily drawn to the witches deep red full lips that twitched into a smirk.

The brunette had realised the she had been staring and looking this woman up and down for far too long. Even for her own good. But there was something about the older witch that immediately made Hermione feel somewhat attracted to her.

Mentally shaking the bizarre thoughts from her head Hermione met the icy blue eyes of Narcissa Malfoy and awaited the berating to begin.

"I should've been looking where I was going also Miss Granger, no bother." Narcissa smiled down at the younger witch, she was about three inches taller than the brunette, and it gave her quiet a view of Hermione's cleavage.

This woman wasn't the young girl she had seen five years ago after the war had ended, this woman stood in front of her had grown up. Her brunette hair was neatly tied into a loose bun and had definitely lost its bushiness. The younger witch was wearing a tight fitted pencil skirt showing off her curves, along with a white blows witch accentuated all the right places. To top off the look Hermione was wearing black high heels. It made Narcissa think that if she took off her heels, the two may have been the same size.

Hermione couldn't believe the pure blood hadn't reprimanded her. Was this not Narcissa Malfoy? Muggle born hater, married to a Death Eater. Her son was also a Death Eater. What was happening? And why was she looking at her that way?

"Again, my apologies." Hermione displayed a smile before stepping around her and heading to the front desk to pay.

Hermione was still in so much shock from the lack of curses and verbal abuse that she almost forgot to ask the old lady at the till, why Flourish and Blotts had a muggle book. "How come you're selling muggle books?"

The elder witch looked at her as if she had something on her face. "We have sold muggle books for years now."

Really? Where the hell have I been these past years? Hermione said to her sell sarcastically, she paid for the book and left the shop in bewilderment.

Hermione apparated home to her flat in muggle London. Hermione lived on her own, with Crookshanks, in a two bed and one bath apartment. She had decorated the flat to her own tastes, it was very modern and her main colour scheme was blacks, greys, and whites. Hermione enjoyed the sanctuary of her own flat. It was just to her own piquancy.

Hermione put her book on the coffee table and went to get a well-deserved shower. She couldn't help but go over her encounter with Narcissa Malfoy. It had taken her aback that the older witch hadn't done or said anything offensive to her.

Hermione hadn't had any abuse for her blood status in a long time but that was because she hadn't ran into any former enemy's until now. Had Narcissa changed her views? Well that seemed like a bloody long shot, she was married to a former Death Eater who had tried killing Hermione and her friends numerous times in the past. Hell even her bloody sister Bellatrix, the crazy bitch, had even written her blood status, not in a very nice way, on her arm! The scar from that treacherous night was still present.

Because of the dark magic used on the knife Hermione couldn't use any potions or creams on her arm to remove it. With age it had become white faded letters and wasn't noticeable unless you were actually looking for it. The scar was less bumpy as time went on and the brunette hardly noticed it.

After her shower Hermione made herself a small late dinner consisting of a jacket potato and cheese and took a seat on her sofa in front of her TV, she turned it on but wasn't all that interested. She had begun reading her newly acquired book.

Narcissa was still swimming around Hermione's mind even as she tried to get to sleep. She glanced at her bedside clock. It was two in the morning, was she really this het up about it that she couldn't sleep, yes the woman was attractive she admitted that to herself, but still, she needed to get her out of her head, no way was she one night standing the one and only Narcissa Malfoy because she was attracted to her.

As she fell into slumber, her dreams were full of those deep red luscious lips, those icy blue eyes. Boy was Hermione Granger in trouble!