Chapter 1 ~ Jerza - Drabble

Summary: What If Jellal never turned evil? What would happen if they never got out of the Tower Of Heaven? Genre: Romance


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Jellal and Erza had reached their dark, shabby cell safe and sound…. kind of.

Erza had lost her right eye and was badly injured with various parts of her body covered in bandages. Jellal looked the same as the others, worn out and tired. Tired from working each day and night, terrible sleep, not enough food and the thought that they could die any day.

"Nee-san!" Sho called out to Erza and Jellal, and ran to them followed by Miliana, Wally and Simon.

"Er-chan, are you OK?" Miliana asked, Erza only nodded in response.

"EVERYONE! TIME TO WORK!" The stupid guards yelled while pushing a trolley full of building equipment into their dark, shabby cell.

The day passed by the same as usual. People getting beaten up. People left on the ground while others stepped on them. People getting tortured for disobeying or for acting too slowly. And of course, people being punished for trying to escape.

At 10pm, sharp, the guards let Erza's little group go back to their dark and shabby cell for it was time to rest. Erza and the rest had been working 10 hours non-stop all day. This was to be considered lucky because usually people work for over 12 hours most of the time.

But that night, there was heavy rainfall and the thunder made their already dark and shabby cell a lot more scarier than it actually was. The coldness from the wind outside was seeping through the walls making everyone shiver. Jellal noticed Erza's face becoming redder and redder.

He put his hand on her forehead and his eyes widened in shock. Erza had a high fever. "Erza, I think you have a fever." He said in a worried but low voice. If the guards heard them they would be in big trouble, and Erza already got punished earlier that day.

"J-Jellal? I fell hot and cold at the s-same time." Erza said in a weak and dangerously low voice.

"Erza, that's not good." Jellal said back in a worried voice.

Erza moved closer to Jellal and curled up into a ball. Jellal blushed at the touch but it quickly disappeared as soon as it appeared. "Erza what are you doing?!" He asked in a whisper shout.

"You're warm and I-" Erza jolted as there was a thunder strike. Many of the people in the cell were already asleep and the thunder had no effect on them.

"Erza, are you afraid of thunder?" Jellal asked, he only received a small nod from Erza. Jellal gave her a soft smile that he knew she couldn't see.

"Come closer, I'll protect you." He said in a very gentle voice. She came closer to him and he blushed much redder than last time. After a while Jellal was still awake. He thought Erza was asleep and figured this would be the best opportunity to tell her how he really feels about her.

"Listen Erza. Ever since I laid eyes on you I knew you were the one. The one I wanted to spend my life with. The one I want to see when I get home. The one I want to be with forever. Erza, I know you can't hear me right now because you're probably asleep, but,…. I love you." He said 'I live you' in a lower voice in case anyone was still awake.

He felt her move and blushed so hard you could compare his face to Erza's hair. When he looked down he saw Erza looking into his eyes. Her brown eye had an emotion in them Jellal couldn't understand and had never seen before.

He wasn't sure if she was angry, happy or scared. Then another thunder strike was heard but Erza didn't flinch nor did she move. She just stared into Jellal's eyes.

"Jellal I-"she was cut off by Jellal when he put his finger on her lips.

"I'm sorry if you don't feel the same way. If you love someone else then it's ok." Jellal whispered with sadness in his eyes.

Erza moved his finger from her lips and leaned closer to Jellal. She kissed him on the lips with their very first kiss. It was a sweet and gentle kiss that surprised Jellal. His blush turned even more redder of that was even possible.

When they parted Erza looked straight into his eyes and whispered into his ear:

"I love you too, baka."


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