Chapter Three, Speaking with the Devil

Sam was watching the CNN news anchor on an old CRT TV that he found while taking refuge in an abandoned warehouse, trying to comprehend what was going on. Bumblebee sat behind him and was also paying attention to the news. Optimus had tasked Bumblebee with protecting Sam since the Autobots were occupied with mopping up Oceanian forces and searching for Sam's parents.

"China has restored very limited connections after the internet blackout. Beijing insisted that they had everything under control and rioters were responsible for the attack."

The graphic background then changed to displaying the chaos ongoing in the Middle East region.

"Oil prices are expected to skyrocket to over $200 per barrel with the major unrest in the Middle East, which has seen one of the heaviest fighting due to an alarmingly large number of alien forces. Saudi Arabia and Iran have completely gone dark, and Kuwait became the first country to officially surrender to the aliens. Other major oil producing areas such as the Canadian oil sands in the province of Alberta, the Russian Siberians, and states such as North Dakota, Texas and Pennsylvania have also experienced significant conflicts, which will disrupt oil production."

The background changed to a Russian press conference, with the news anchor continuing on.

"In other news, President Putin of Russia has announced that the implementation of the internet kill-switch was complete. Despite outcries from human rights activists and concerns from the international security communities given the blackouts that occurred in other countries, he insisted that the kill switch would be used to protect Russia from cyberterrorism and precautionary measures were taken to prevent an unauthorized activation."

Someone walked up to the news anchor and handed him a sheet of paper, before walking off stage.

As Sam observed the activity, he thought to himself, "Did they not pay any attention to what happened to China?"

"I'm sorry, but there has been an apparent change of events. President Putin was kidnapped in an ambush shortly before Russia went dark. The last footage our news reporting team managed to submit was this," The news anchor motioned towards the footage being displayed.

The Spetsnaz were holding out in the building where the internet kill-switch control was located, and were fighting a losing battle against a flood of Oceanian infantry, backed up by grenade launching armored mechs and two coal-powered machines of war. A beaten and bleeding Vladimir Putin was being dragged towards the building by two green infantry in the middle of the commotion.

Four heavily armored Mi-24 Hind helicopter gunships attempted to escort a transport helicopter (to evacuate the president) and break the aliens' siege, but all five helicopters were quickly shot down by the Oceanian green infantry and machines of war's laser weapons. One of the laser weapons pointed upward, and shortly afterward, a jet bomber exploded far up in the atmosphere.

Then the footage suddenly stopped.

"NASA reported that the remaining alien invaders still in the outer space are starting to indiscriminately target satellites after their orbital teleport station was hit with a nuclear missile. It's very likely that the transportation, telecommunication, agriculture, and fishing industries will be hit hard due to their extensive reliance on GPS, which will send food prices skyrocketing. The Shallow Horizon oil tanker nearly ran aground off the coast of Louisiana this afternoon after the failing GPS network reported incorrect speed and location."

There was a noise of gunfire in the background of the news anchor room, along with some screams.

"President Obama declared a federal state of emergency in his bunker after the White House was damaged from a three-way skirmish between two alien factions and the National Guard."

Somebody off camera shouted, "Get off! There're coming!"

"I apologize for this minor interruption. God bless America. God save us all." The news anchor ran off the stage, shortly followed by several gray soldiers entering the room and opening fire. One of the soldiers walked up to the camera and attached a small piece of paper over the lens, a printing of a stern-looking person with the words typed below, "Big Brother is Watching You."

Sam's cellphone started ringing.

Oh no, I forgot to throw it away

He pressed the 'Accept' button, curious to hear what Oceania has to say.

"Hello Sam. I know what you're thinking, that we could've tracked you by triangulating your phone's signal. But I have other priorities, such as figuring out how to use information that we mined from the Iranian government's classified domestic spying operations to get rid of… problematic Iranian citizens. Anyways, I came here to explain our position."

"Right, right. I'm totally listening," Sam replied. Bumblebee appeared alarmed and reached for to phone to destroy it, but Sam motioned him to stop.

"A lot of people think that we're here to enslave everyone. That's only the half-truth. Because we're here to finish a job. A job that your species started on since the formation of the first civilizations."


"The Romans started with a semi-democratic government, then replaced it with a dictatorship. Argentina's relatively unstable governments declared 52 state of emergencies from 1854 to 2010, almost all of them were unnecessary and were used to abuse power. Slavery existed before recorded history, and now it's under a new name, human trafficking."

"And your point?"

"My point is that your species has a habit of controlling others, and came close to a worldwide dictatorship with World War Two and the Cold War. We're going to do what your species wanted."

"That's not true. What about the democratic countries?"

"European Union and its defective members such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, and especially Greece. Hired protestors. McCarthyism. The Texan legislators that wanted to ban the teaching of critical thinking skills so "parental authority" and students' "fixed beliefs" aren't challenged… They're amateurs."

"Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland?"

"By the end of this campaign, those four countries would no longer exist. Western Europe will become Airstrip 1, and northern Europe will become Airstrip 3. Any evidences that mention any non-Oceanian things will be 'corrected', or fed to the Memory Hole. Which is a chute that leads to an incinerator."

"I don't understand."

"What do you not understand?"

"Why you want to erase our entire history?"

"Who says we're going to do that? Oceania always existed on Earth, and humans have always been part of the double plus good Oceania."

"I'm confused."

"When this campaign is over, you won't be able to prove that we destroyed your history. We're also going to destroy any evidences that mention the destruction of proof of humans existing without Oceania, such as deleting records of this phone conversation. Then we're going to destroy any evidences that mention evidences that mentioned the destruction of your species' history. After that, we will forget about it and believe our own lies because there's nothing to prove that anything happened. And we'll make sure your species will cooperate."

Sam said nothing, and the unknown caller continued on.

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on not just my species, the species that we conquered before we showed up at Earth, the humans, and the tin cans, but every species in the universe. Forever.

Oh, and we have plans to ensure that any evidences of our conquering of other civilizations will be fed to the Memory Hole."

"Why are you doing this?" Sam demanded, ready to disconnect the call.

"You may think we're going to deprive of your freedom. However, humans are not free from their ultimate failure, death. But, by integrating their consciousness with the Party, an immortal organization, they themselves become immortal."

"I disagree. The ultimate failure is when one fails to make someone's life easier," Sam argued, hoping to reason with the aliens.

There was a brief chuckle from caller, then the alien continued.

"It's easy to become sane. What I talked about earlier is called double think, the concept of accepting multiple contradictory evidences. And your language has a word for that, hypocrisy. Think of the asbestos industry denying that asbestos dust causes cancer, or the tobacco industry claiming that cigarettes have no effect on smokers' health.

Also, you have my words that we won't persecute you. By the way, when we capture and torture you, we will make you forget that we persecuted you and delete any records of this phone conversation. Which makes me truthful in the end, because only the favorable version of the story will remain intact."

The phone call abruptly disconnected. Sam yanked the battery out of the cellphone and threw the phone against a concrete pillar.

"Come on Bumblebee! We have to go!" Bumblebee immediately transformed into the Camaro car and begin to take off as Sam hopped into the driver seat. They crashed through the front garage door, catching a few gray soldiers off-guard and throwing them across the concrete lot. An air blimp opened fire, but this time it was hovering a bit low on the ground. Bumblebee droved underneath the blimp, transformed into the robot form (and ejecting a surprised Sam out), jumped up, and boarded the blimp, much to the crew's horror.

Several seconds later, he jumped off a burning blimp and landed on a gray and a green soldier that were attempting to capture Sam, plastering them against the pavement face-first. He transformed back into the Camaro and Sam climbed back into the driver seat before Bumblebee drove off beyond 100 mph, mashing Sam against the seat. The burning blimp fell to the ground and exploded, catching a few Oceanian soldiers in the blast.

"InPart will unlike the ungood, battle became ungood. We did ungood." a gray soldier mumbled in Newspeak from a distance, observing the failure of capturing Sam.

An oddly bulky mech unit with additional weapons with its grenade launchers walked up to the soldier. "Hello comrade!" the soldier greeted, and was blasted away with a grenade to the face. The mech transformed and revealed itself to be Brawl, the heaviest armored Deception. A volley of railgun rounds from a black infantry platoon knocked him down, left deep dents in him and damaged one of his missile launchers, but failed to kill him. When three green soldiers jogged up to check if he was dead, he immediately blew them into pieces with explosive cannon rounds, and then stunned the black infantry platoon with a volley of his missiles. Before they could get back up and fire, he jumped on top of the downed platoon and stomped them into paste or shot them at point-blank range.

He then went about his business slaughtering every last breathing Oceanian infantry in the area and shooting down three arriving air blimps, but two dozens of gray soldiers managed to jump off the blimps before their transportation vehicles exploded. He started laughing uncontrollably when the surviving gray soldiers charged him with shotguns and pickaxes, and then mowed them down.

"Megatron, the alien meatbags scared him away," Brawl reported in via radio, reviewing the carnage of the Thinkpol's 5th Armed Doubleplusspeed Response Company, which now consisted of about 150 corpses in varying conditions.

"Search and eliminate any aliens or Autobots. We don't need the competition. And should you find Sam again, please liberate him from the Autobots, or the aliens."


A group of police cars arrived on the scene after concerned residents in the area reported the commotion. They didn't last as long as the Thinkpol forces.