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The Children of Heart

"Take that back."

"Huh? What do you mean, your majesty? What did I say?" Ace continued to smile, his expression pleasant and serene.

Vivaldi's expression, on the other hand, looked anything, but serene. Her lips were curled into an annoyed sneer, her eyes darkening into an angry storm.

"Just take back that ludicrous comment you made about Us!"

"Which one? When I called you an old hag?"

Vivaldi gritted her teeth and tapped her scepter angrly against her arm, imagaining that she was beating it against his head instead. Despite her rage, Ace chose to remain ignorant.

"Ah you're being oversensitive and taking it the wrong way."

"How are We supposed to take being called a hag a good way?!"

Ace appeared thoughtful for a moment, but shrugged his shoulders and laughed. Her gaze only became even fiercer, burning with such an anger that could incinerate him on the spot.

"Well it's not our fault that you cannot handle the truth."

Vivaldi snapped her head to glare at the other figure. Peter only adjusted his glasses, seeming unconcerned and unaffected by her gaze. "Stay out of this. We did not ask for your opinion concerning the matter."

He scoffed. "It's not like I particular desire to be around you two. It's only because I would never let my beloved be by herself around an idiotic brute and a senile wench."

"Haha! Good one, Peter! That's true too! Good call!"

"Do you both desire death sentences? We are no such things!"


"Silence, you imbeciles!"

Then everything gave way to a heated argument. An amalgamation of Vivaldi's harsh scream, Peter's cold remarks, and Ace's oblivious laughter resonsated all throughout Heart Castle's hallways. It was a sight that was quite common in their territory, so common that Alice could only find herself sighing at the sight.

The outsider leaned her back against the castle wall as the three role holders continued to argue. The visit was upposed to be a relatively calm one, a relaxing afternoon tea with Vivaldi. Then all of a sudden Peter and Ace popped out of nowhere and the whole situation devolved into this mess.

"Why does it seem like every time they are in the same room together, they end up arguing like this?" she wondered aloud, her voice nearly drowning out by their bickering.

"That's because they often do."

Alice jumped and perked at the sound of the voice. The King of Hearts stood quietly beside her, the planes of his aged face calm, yet tired. He was such a wallflower sometimes that even she forgot he was there, fading in the background when those three were in the vicinity.

"Well that isn't that hard to imagine," she commiserated. "I don't know how you can handle it each and every time cycle."

"It's been like this ever since they first became role holders. You somehow get used to it," the king admitted with a wry smile.

His words caught Alice's curiosity. Thinking of it now, looking at him in comparison to the others, she remembered he was a role holder longer before they were. It was a time when an entirely different generation ruled this territory. He was the last of an older time, of an older rule, of an older, deceased set of role holders.

The king glanced over to her, the corners of his eyes relaxing and his smile softening.

"It really was an experience when these three became role holders. "Alice flushed and wondered if her thoughts were too obvious. The king did not seem to be bothered and looked at her with the same, gentle expression. "I'll admit it was a jarring experience, one not without its hardships. I do like to think it worked out just fine in the end."

The king returned his gaze to the three bickering role holders. His smile widened, and he felt a warm sense of nostalgia touch his heart. It was funny how these things reminded him of a time where things were simple yet confusing, a tragic end of one time yet an exciting start to a new beginning.

Looking at them now, he was reminded of a time when they were only children.

A/N Notes: Now this is the start of an idea I've have in the back burners for a very long time – what was it like when the Vivaldi, Ace and Peter first became role holders? Were there any past role holders still alive and how did they die? What was it like when the three current role holders all first met?

It's all purely the ravings of my mad mind, and maybe the games brushed upon this concept before and I just don't remember it, but I'm going for for my own version anyways.

Thanks for reading~