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It's a short chapter and this is where the real "M" rating of the story comes in.

If you don't like lemony goodness and sexy times, don't read this chapter. It's honestly not that important to the plot line overall, it's just a little chapter I added in to satisfy my needs to write a lemon.


A few days later, Danny was glad that he and Sam had worked out their issues because Sam had finally finished her monthly gift and they were both ready for some well deserved make-up sex. Sam had agreed to not use the vines if Danny could control his powers but the minute he phased through anything, she was bringing them out.

He remembered the look she gave him and his clone when he had duplicated so quickly a few days earlier so he duplicated himself during foreplay. Sam's eyes widened and she smiled at him because standing before her were two identical versions of her boyfriend. Although they were in Danny Phantom form, she knew that it was easier for him to keep them stable this way and was more than happy. Most boys were against this kind of three-way but she couldn't exactly call it that since one of them was a clone of her boyfriend. How had he known this was her dream since he was able to duplicate himself?

"Have I ever mentioned how fucking amazing it is that you learned to properly do that? Because I am seriously on cloud nine right now, I hope you know that." Sam said.

Both the Danny's smiled at her and the real one replied, "I had a feeling you were gonna like this. You always did strike me as the kind of Goth who was into some very interesting things... It just took me a while to figure out that transferred to the bedroom as well. Or the bathroom, or closet in the school or wherever else you would like to do this."

The clone spoke next following what the original Danny was saying, "Because the great thing about ghost powers is we could do it flying above Floody Waters and no one would be able to see a thing. And because of all my ghost fighting and training, my testosterone levels are always high, so any time you need a quick fix, let me know and I'll leave a clone behind to cover for me."

Sam smiled and pulled the real Danny on top of her. "That's all good and well, but right NOW I need a fix, so if you and your...self would be so kind..."

She didn't have to say anything else before Danny's clone lay down next to her and began to suck on her breasts while real Danny moved down to remove her lacy panties; the ones she always wore when she wanted it BAD. He phased them off when he saw which ones they were and went right to work, pleasuring her as best he could. No one was present in the Fenton Residence and Danny had set up a little alarm if someone was about to come in the door so Sam didn't feel the need to be quiet as Danny worked his magic. This only got Danny more excited so he started to pump two fingers in her while his tongue flicked back and forth, knowing it was the easiest way to get her to finish. Sure enough, it only took a few minutes before she pulled clone Danny's hair and was panting after having finished.

"Oh my god Danny, that was... wow."

"Don't you go thinking you're finished yet. The one downside to the duplication is you now have another person to finish off."

"How is that a downside?" Sam whimpered through her panting.

Danny just smiled and slid on a condom, followed by flipping Sam onto her knees on his bed. He stood behind her on one side of the bed while his clone stood in front of her. Sam smiled and immediately took it in her mouth. Danny couldn't wait any longer and slid quite easily into Sam. She moaned and had to take a breath before working on clone Danny again. For a time all that could be heard throughout the Fenton household was the muffled moaning of Sam, and the grunts of two Danny Phantom's who were controlling their ghost powers with amazing self-control.

Danny stopped and took a few deep breaths before talking. "Sam, I know you are all for this three way thing, but how do you feel about the double penetration thing. Cause if not, we can keep doing this."

Sam giggled. "Oh I'm good with it Danny. It may hurt, but it just turns out kind of like the first time. Hurts for a few seconds then it feels fantastic, so go ahead."

Danny climbed on top of Sam while his clone took the lube to get ready and stood behind the two of them. Danny looked down at Sam's amethyst eyes which were shining with content. "You're so beautiful and amazing." She smiled and turned red from embarrassment. The clone went in first to prevent pain later and Sam cried out in pain for a second as a tear rolled down her cheek. Danny kissed her and smoothed her hair as she got used to the intrusion. After a minute she looked up at her boyfriend who had changed to human and nodded once to tell him she was ready. He nodded back and slowly eased his way in. She bit her lip so as not to cry out again but then both Danny's started to move and she was no longer in the same pain she had been in before. It was still slightly uncomfortable for her, but she soon started to moan in pleasure again.

Hearing that she was no longer in pain, the noises she made were making Danny even harder and he moved faster, pinching Sam's nipples. Sam's moans turned into little yelps which would have been with each thrust but Danny and his clone were moving at different speeds making Sam's brain go numb and shut off and she was left with nothing but pleasure and the uneven noises that were coming from her mouth. It wasn't too long that she felt herself building up to the climax and fell with a simultaneous thrust from the two boys. She let out an almost inaudible scream because it was so high pitched and seeing that Sam was done, Danny moved faster. Just as he was about to finish his clone finished, filling Sam up and making her tighter. With a strangled shout, Danny pulled his clone back into his body and finished with the pleasured feeling of two separate orgasms. His body convulsed on top of Sam with that feeling and he fell on top of her, exhausted from the sudden extra pleasure. He hugged her closely and rolled off of her on to the bed.

They both lay there and tried to control their breathing while Sam kissed Danny's forehead.

"That was..." Danny started to say but couldn't think of the right word to describe the feeling.

"Phenomenal." Sam finished for him.

"That's one way of putting it. Damn, I was always jealous of the fact that girls could have multiple orgasms and now... well I'm still jealous but I don't know how often I could take that much pleasure all at once. I think I almost blacked out it felt so amazing."

"I don't think I've ever had that feeling but you had two orgasms at once, whereas most girls have them in succession. Maybe one day a ghostly thing will happen and you'll turn into a girl and find out."

"Don't mention that, because if you're not careful Desiree might make it happen."

Sam grinned and rolled over to cuddle with the other halfa.

She thought about how she should learn to duplicate faster and return the favour.

There is the LEMON!

I'm apologize if anything I wrote in the sex scenes seemed off, although I do have experience in the subject of sex overall, I don't have any 3-way experience or anal experience. (Too much information, but it was just to clarify)

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