Report on Unknown Units, delivered to the associated governments 2 weeks after Middle Eastern Border Attacks.

Information is insufficient to make a conclusive judgement regarding the mysterious units that have appeared at various locations all over the world for the past few days. All attempts to learn more have yielded no success at this point in time, however much could be gathered based on the brief observations that have been made.

The units' designs seem to resemble that of IS units; however they differed greatly from the ones we are familiar with. Typical IS designs consists of armored limbs and the occasional torso or visor to protect the pilots. These units however seem to adopt a more stream-lined and 'covered' approach, meaning the entire body is covered up in smooth armor platings, protecting the pilots from any attacks that would normally work on the weak spots found in IS, while ensuring their identities remain unnoticed.

Each unit varies in both style and weaponry to give a somewhat 'symbolic' reference to their nature. Common features include possible repulsion thrusters located on the arms and legs, and a possible chest mounted power source. They have demonstrated high capabilities in different aspects of combat, and have shown great proficiency in hit-and-run tactics used during their brief periods in combat.

Attempts to communicate with them have failed as they did not reply to any of the responses sent out to them. The most recent attempt had two known IS Representatives of Canada and Ireland giving chase to capture it, but they ended up getting beaten and grounded for several hours while it got away. Efforts made to track them are futile as they seemed to emit some type of Disruption Wave to jam all known signals, thus making them effectively invisible on radar and other tracking equipment. We believed the source of the Disruption Wave may be from the particles that were seen emitting from the back of some of the units.

Given the very limited information available at this time our current theory (which is subject to change as more information comes to light) is that the units were built by an outside party who has gained significant knowledge in building IS units, and for some unknown reason, deployed them to locations known for unrest and possible hotspots for major crimes, such as drug trafficking, smuggling, etc.

Whatever their origins they may be, what is known is that the first unit appeared in Israel during the Middle Eastern border attacks. This unit, codenamed as 'Blue', was equipped with merely a huge blade attached to its right arm and a shield, a somewhat odd choice given the IS Representative of Israel present was equipped with the Railgun rifle and missiles capable of levelling a small town. Nevertheless, Blue was able to halt the border attacks while handling the Representative with ease, before retreating to the sky.

The second unit appeared a couple of days later in the Amazon rain forest, where a Mexican cartel was smuggling children and weapons into the country. This unit, 'Green', was equipped with a high pulse rifle that was able to take down many of the cartel's weaponry, and small shield bits that protected it from the random gun fire and missiles in its path. It only left after the local guards were alerted to its presence and came to investigate.

The third and fourth units that appeared 4 days after the Amazon incident, went to South China sea where there was a fire fight erupting from the disputes over the fishing grounds by China and Vietnam. The third unit, codenamed "Buster" for the amount of artillery it carries, took out any ground to air missiles in its way, giving the fourth unit, codenamed 'Abyss' for its ability to move underwater, to take out the ships from underneath.

The fifth unit, dubbed 'Raptor' for its speed in aerial combat, appeared over South Dakota where there was a terrorist cell attempting to detonate a nuclear device that could wipe out half the state. It completely overwhelmed them, then took the device to a nearby ravine and dropped it there before blowing the surrounding cliffs around it, thus detonating the bomb without too much fallout, before proceeding to leave the area.

This time however, due to the previous incidents, the IS council had saw it fit to send the 2 representatives to chase after it. It is possible that of all the units that have appeared, this unit is the strongest and the fastest of the units, as it has displayed extreme mobility and maneuverability that is impossible even with current IS models. The IS Representatives engaged in a lengthy dogfight with 'Raptor' with the aid of several F-22s. However, 'Raptor' managed to take down the jets, and within the hour, damaged the IS units enough to force them to be grounded, before flying away to the east.

Though they have yet to reappear as of late, what was perhaps most astonishing was the fact the units demonstrated the capacity to take on IS Units and take out various crime syndicates that have eluded law enforcers, all while holding back in order to ensure no fatalities.

As of now, the IS Council has yet to discover who is responsible for these units. There is a high possibility that Shinonono Tabane, the IS Inventor, could be the one who built these units. There is also the smallest of chances that someone else with the proficiency to understand the functionality and the secrets behind the IS core, built them and sent them out. Whoever it is, the purpose for sending them out has yet to be determined.

All governments are hereby requested to brief their Representatives on the situation and prepare for possible attacks to come. Also, as a precaution, a message has been sent to the IS Academy to alert the officers and especially Chifuyu Orimura, to be vigilant in the event these units are to appear near Japan.

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