Hey boy, what are you doing all alone here?

Fireworks~! Oh look! The helicopters notice us.

You aren't any ordinary boy...

Edogawa Conan. A detective.


That night. That moment. Is what triggers everything that are about to happen to us.

Chapter 1: You Don't Remember -K side-

"Man, it sucks to wake up like this..."

Shielding my view from the morning rays, I brushes the few drops of tears away. Peeking through the gaps of my fingers, I look at the alarm clock on the bedside table. 6.30 am. There is still an hour before school.

Groaning as I sit right up and leans my face on my palms. Not feeling the slightest bit of desire to attend school.

All because of that dream. Or should I say...


It all started from that night. The night of deception. The night of April's Fool. On the rooftop. Where we first met after so many years.

Edogawa Conan. Or known originally as Kudo Shinichi.

Initially, I did not realise that I knew the famous Heisei Holmes, other than from all the newsletter and reports of course, but knew him as in we met before when we were younger.

He is my first friend. My best buddy.

My first love interest.

"Though it's most probably one-sided..." I snort and head towards the bathroom to wash up.

Well actually, it is only after that certain night that I remember about him.

I first met Shinichi 13 years ago, in London. I was just 5 years old when my parents brought me along for one of Dad's performance. 2 days before the show, I was wandering around the park behind the theatre while my parents were preparing for the show. It was around the mid autumn and the maple leaves coloured the park in a warm orange-red tone. I played with the leaves, trying to use combine them with magic tricks when I notice a lone small figure seating on one of the bench.

Time seems to still as I look closer at the figure, who turns out to be a boy looking around the same age as I am. He does not look western as well. But what interest me is that we look exactly alike! Other than our hairstyles, while mine is dark brown and messy like a bird's nest, his is black and neatly combed with a weird cow-lick shape at the back of his head. It looks really silky. And his eyes...

Like a pair of sapphire gems.

I can feel my cheek heating up as I continue to observe him from a distance. On his lap is a thick book with a hard brown cover, that does not look like what a child our age would read. Or could read. But looking at how concentrated he is, eyes with the hint of joy as they scan through the pages, I assume he understand it and really looked like he have fun reading it.

Mustering all my courage, I move towards him. He was so deep in his reading that he did not notice me until I was right beside the bench.

"Hello there! I'm Kuroba Kaito! Nice to meet you!" I introduce myself and makes a blue rose appear in my hand, offering it to him.

The boy looks at me, who is still startled from the sudden greeting before looking at the offered rose. "How is it blue?"

"Eh?" I was not expecting that as the first thing to come out of him, but I realise at the same time that his voice is slightly higher than mine.

He looks closer at the rose. "There are no natural coloured blue rose in the world. So I guessed you dyed it? But why? Since it is quite difficult."

I blush immediately at his curious look as he waits for my answer. "I... erm... Well, I have been trying out some of my magic tricks for the past weeks and I wonder why there weren't any blue roses when they are so pretty... So I created my own dye for it... And... your eyes..."

"My eyes?"

I can feel my face getting redder. "My dye...looks like the colour of your eyes... maybe not, since yours is prettier... And it really suits you... You look very pretty with this blue..."

A faint pink can be seen on the boy's cheek immediately after hearing my comment. "Ba-ro, you shouldn't tell a boy he's pretty..." Even with the light scolding tone, the boy smiles and takes the rose. "But thank you."

I grin as he shifts over to give me space to sit beside him, which I galdly bounces up to take it. He closes the book and places it at his side with the rose on top. He turns back to me and reaches out his hand. "I'm Kudo Shinichi. 5 years old from Japan. Currently here with my parents on a trip. Nice to meet you, Kuroba-kun."

Such well-mannered he is I thought as I shakes his hand. "Just call me Kaito since we are the same age!"

"Call me Shinichi then. What were you doing here by yourself, Kaito?" He looks around as if to find someone, probably my parents.

I point to the threatre. "My dad is having a show there in 2 days time. He and Kaa-san are doing some preparation while I hang around here. He's a magician by the way."

"Is your father's name Kuroba Toichi?"

"Yup, that's him alright! You knew about him?"

"He is actually my mum's tutor and our mothers are best friends. Also, my family was invited by your father for the show, that is one of the reason why we came here. So you could say that it is not by chance we meet each other."

"Wow! But who would have thought our parents knew one another before the both of us even meet here by coincidence?!" I laugh while Shinichi chuckles. "How about you Shinichi? Why are you here all by yourself? And that book you were reading earlier, it seems difficult." I eyed the book as he takes it back on top of his lap. "Wow... it's so thick..."

"My parents were out shopping and I didn't want to go with them. This park is usually quiet around this time so I came here to read. My father is a novelist so he has lots of books for reference. I love the Sherlock Holmes series the most! When I grow up, I want to become a detective just like him!" Shinichi clenches his hand into a fist showing his determination and blushes when he realises what he just did. "Sorry... I've gotten a little excited..."

"Not at all! A detective is it? I think it really suits you and you were able to read this level of book at this age, I'm sure that you will be really smart in the future! And be a great detective!" I exclaim to him in a huge grin.

"And you Kaito? I deduct that you will want to be a magician like your father?" Shinichi smiles while posing a thinking pose with his hand under his chin.

"Bingo! I will be greater than he is! Though... it will be very hard but I will definitely be!"

"You will. Kai."

"Kai?" I blush at the calling.

Shinichi's face redden as he shakes his head. "S-Sorry! It just came out rather naturally... I didn't mean to... I..."

I shake my head and grabs both of his hands. "N-No! It's alright! I... I kinda like it. No, I really like it." I can feel him relaxing through my hold on his hands. "Can I call you Shin-chan?"

He frowns slightly. "I don't really like that nickname since it reminds me of how my mother acts. And hardly anyone calls me by my given name other than the ones close...plus..." His blush hardern by each passing moment that I almost thought he will faint in any moment. "I like it better when you call me Shinichi..."

I am so happy at the privilege that is giving to me to call him by his given name. "Well then, nice to meet you once again, Shinichi!"

He smiles at me while holding my hand. "Same here, Kai."

Turning off the tab and drying my face with a towel, I look up at the mirror. "Well, now we go by each other as 'detective' and 'thief' huh?" I throw the towel at the mirror before going back to my room to change into my uniform.

While putting on the clothes, I glance at the small pendant held by a black string around my neck. It is a stainless steel silver sun with its middle being a smooth rounded sapphire gemstone. Like the colour of his eyes.

I lift it up against the sunlight as it glows faintly, it will be even brighter if moonlight shines on it. Giving the gem a light peck, I place it back under my shirt and head down to the kitchen.

Kaa-san is once again out on a trip with her friend, leaving me by myself in the house. Not that I mind but I will always tend to wonder how Shinichi had felt when he is usually alone in that big mansion of his. Not feeling that hungry, I drink a small glass of milk before heading out to school.

On the way, my mind drifts back to those days with Shinichi.

After the day we met, Shinichi and I were almost inseparable. Our families will always meet up due to us wanting to meet each other. We were best buddies, sharing secrets and everything else. We play. We quarrel. But we were always together, helping each other. I found out that I am in love with Shinichi when I was 9 years old, when he told me he has a really close female friend in school. Guess who?

I was jealous. Still do, until this very day. Since we study in different elementary school, none of our own classmates know that we hang out. And as we grew, we hardly have time to meet, due to our families travelling a lot. Until one day I was told that they will be moving to Hawaii for a period, I felt devastated. So I decided that I am going to confess to him after one of my Dad's performance.

But, who knew that was his last performance.

Without me knowing, I already arrived in my class and settling down at my seat. I sigh and rest my head on the desk. I can feel the glances my classmates are sending me as I didn't play my usual prank whenever I arrived.

"BaKaito! Are you having a fever?"

I did not need to look up to know my another childhood friend standing by my desk with her hands on her hip. "Not today, Ahoko..."

There is a moment of silence before I feel a hand on my shoulder, patting lightly once. "Is it another one of your dreams?"

I told her before, well she actually threatened me to say it with those... finny things, about these dreams. But I never mention the fact that it is Shinichi and he is my love interest. Still is. Only that it is about a long lost friend I have made.

"Aoko believes that you will meet him someday. So cheer up!"

We already did.

I lift up my head and smiles lightly at her. "Thanks, Ahoko. Oh, you are wearing white today?"

She screams when she realises her skirt is being held up by a clip. She plucks it off immediately and throws it at my face which I easily dodges. "BAKAITO!"

Everyone around the class laughs as Aoko and I begin our usual chase.

The whole day is boring so I let myself drift off to memory land again. The part that I hate the most. It is the reason why neither Shinichi and I have contacted and even forgotten each other.

My father died. In the show that I have planned to confess to Shinichi after it. We were sitting in the front row, witnessing everything crumbling and burning. I did not remember what exactly happened as I fell into a small coma. I was told by my mother when I woke up that Shinichi had moved away to Hawaii while I was unconscious. But what shocks her is that I did not remember anything about Shinichi, even the show that Tou-san died in. Doctor predicts that it is due to the trauma I suffered, watching the death of someone close. In order to not cause any relapse, Kaa-san never talks about the Kudo family but only handed over the very pendant that I'm wearing now.

"It is made for you from your father and his best friend. An identical one was given to a dear friend of yours. You might not remember him now, but I am sure that both of you will meet once again. This is the proof of the meeting."

Kaa-san cried as she gave it to me and leaving me feeling puzzled about the whole thing, but I kept the pendant with me the whole time. 1 year past, followed by another and 8 years in total have passed until I met him again on top of that hotel at last year's April's Fool.

Shinichi, for unknown reason, had been shrunk back into a 7 years old. But it might be thanks to that, his youthful appearance triggered the deepest memories in me. The first friend I have made. The first person I had fallen madly in love with.

Ever since that heist, I start to keep a close eye on the shrunken detective. And almost every night, I have flashes of old memories attacking me in my sleep that I screamed so loud that woke Kaa-san up to calm me down. Until one day she decided to tell me everything during that fateful day. That I was in a coma and I did not remember anything about Shinichi. A day after I regained consciousness, she received a call from Shinichi's mother, Yukiko that Shinichi has the same symptoms as I did. He had a high fever.. and he did not remember anything about me or the show either when he recovered.

I wept. Not just from remembering how Tou-san died but the guilt I felt due to the fact that I have forgotten everything. Everything about Shinichi. And now when I finally remember everything, he is already far out of my reach. Me being a thief and he as a detective.

The school bell rings throughout the hall as everyone pack up their bags. I stretch my arms and grab my bag. I was about to head out when...


"Not today Akako. I'm not in the mood for your foresight."

"You will meet your fated one once again on your next heist. This time, he would have some enquiries for you."

I glance back at the witch, who just smirks and strolls off. I stare a little longer before heading off.

"I wonder what's he doing?"

With that question in mind, my feets bring me to Beika. As I stand across the street where he currently resides in. The Mouri detective agency. The name brings a pang to my heart, it is one of the reason why Shinichi is out of reach now.

He love Mouri Ran. The other childhood friend.

I can always see the love and care he have for her. The will and determination to get his body back in order to truly return to her. The guilt and sadness on his face whenever she cries for his absence.

It angers me. How could she not recognise him when she is in love with him? When he is that close with her? Even if Shinichi or Conan tried various times to deny his true identity, she should have preserved. With one misdirection, she give up the idea. She does not seem to be able to accept the fact that Conan is indeed Shinichi, because that will be saying she do not mind the deception and hurt Shinichi had caused her. If she did find out, Conan will no longer be her little brother but Shinichi who had hurt her. And Conan will cease to exist.

That is cruel. Though it is a false identity, 'Conan' has become a big part in a lot people around him, including myself in it. If she wants Kudo Shinichi back, it means she has to 'kill' Edogawa Conan. A hard choice but she will definitely take it. It is not her fault, not Shinichi's, not anyone's.

I snap out of my thoughts and shift more towards the shade of the trees when two figures walk down the street towards the agency, with their hands holding together. My gaze fells on the smaller figure immediately.

Shinichi. How I wanted to call out his name. To hold him. To see him smiling towards me. To hear him calling me by that nickname once again.

No. Not anymore.

I let a tear drops before my poker face comes back up and turns on my heel, heading home. Mind working on the plan for the heist tonight.

Not realising the pair of sapphire gems that I desire turn towards my direction.


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