"Kudo-kun, time for your medication." Haibara walks into the library with a glass of water and two pills in another hand, towards the table.

"Oh, thanks Haibara." Shinichi looks up from the piles of paper on the table and takes the pills from the scientist. Swallowing it along with the water, handling the glass back to her after he is done.

Haibara looks at the papers and smirks. "How is it going?"

Shinichi groans as he stretches his arms. "I really did not expect this much homework. Even though they are easy, this is still way too much."

"But you still going strong."

Shinichi smiles as he caresses his pendant. "I made a promise to him after all."

Chapter 15: Under the Milky Way

Haibara smiles at the detective who had turned his attention back to his work. Glad that the teen is in a positive attitude, but it is totally different when Shinichi first heard the news that Kuroba Kaito is missing.

After he heard the news, the detective just seems to lose all senses of living. He would not eat, drink, sleep and even talk. A lot of people came to visit, but he pays no attention to them, not even to his parents and Ran. The karate-champion had already been told about the whole situation, even about Conan. She came to visit Shinichi almost every day to help Agasa and Haibara to take care of him. This goes on for 3 weeks until Hattori could no longer stand it as he came down from Osaka.

The Osakan detective stomps into the room and grips the front collar of Shinichi's shirt, glaring down at him. Ran tried to calm him down but Haibara stopped her. "Would ya stop moppin' around?! Did ya know how worried all of us are?!"

Shinichi did not turn to him and mumbles in a hoarse voice. "...Leave me...alone..."

Hattori tighten his grip. "Hell no! Kuroba won't want you to be like this! He risked his life to save yours and this is how you use it?! I pity him!"

For the first time, Shinichi finally moves as he grabs Hattori's collar and slams him to the wall. "Don't you dare act like you know him!"

"True! I don't! But what about ya?! Shouldn't ya know him the best?! Do ya think he wants ya to be like a livin' dead?!" The sentence seems to strike a core in the Heisei Holmes as he loses his grip slightly, giving Hattori the chance to turn their positions around with Shinichi against the wall this time. " Think about it Kudo! What will Kuroba think? What would he say if he sees ya like this?"

Kaito's worried expression flashes past his mind as Shinichi starts to tremble, trying to hold back his tears that he had not shed for the past few weeks. Hattori lets go of his hold, causing the other teen to slide down to the floor with his arms hugging himself. He continues to hold his tears until he feels a hand patting him on the head, looking up to see Ran smiling softly at him. "Don't hold it."

With that, Shinichi breaks down into her arms with Ran rubbing circles at his back. Hattori and Haibara smile as they finally see the detective letting his emotions out. Standing by the door, Yukiko is crying on her husband's shoulder as Yusaku gives a nod of thanks to Hattori.

The days after, Shinichi slowly gains his health back with his parents, Agasa, Ran and Haibara's help. He wanted to help out in the search for Kaito but Hattori and Hakuba refrained him from doing so. Both of them along with the police forces promised him that they will do their best to find the magician, and will report to him everyday. No matter the result. One of the reasons they did not want Shinichi to join the search is fearing that the weaken teen will do something that endangered his health again.

Ran visit Shinichi everyday to pass him various homework the detective had missed during his absences. When it is tests and exams, Jodie will visit him to give them to him, claiming that she is technically still his 'teacher'. But the detective knows that she is trying to give her thanks for his help in wiping the organisation.

Chikage and Jii visit him time to time too, still anxious about news of Kaito's whereabouts. Chikage holds his hand. "Don't worry, he will be back for you Shinichi-kun."

He smiles back at the lady. "I know."

That was one and a half months ago.

"That's right, there will be a Tanabata festival tonight. Yoshida-san has been asking whether we are going."

When Shinichi is rehabilitating, the Detective Boys came to visit him and to his surprise, they know about him being Conan. Haibara shrugs her shoulders, saying that the kids forced it out of her. Shinichi did not want to tell them the truth as he fear they will hate him for lying to them for so long. However it turns out that they do not hate him and still want to be his friends which he admits that he is touched. After school or during the weekends, they will always visit him and he will provide quizzes for them to solve.

"A festival huh... but am I allowed to go out?" Shinichi looks at his 'doctor-in charge'.

"Well I will be going too and you need a break from all of these don't you?" Haibara gestures to the papers.

"Going where?" They both turn to see Ran walking towards them with a few bags of groceries.

"There will be a Tanabata festival tonight, would you like to come along Ran-san?"

"Heh! Yes, it has been a while since we have gone to a festival. And Shinichi do need a break as well." Ran smiles at her childhood friend.

"I will go and contact Yoshida-san about it." With that, the scientist left the library.

Shinichi looks at the bags of groceries and smiles in apologetic. "Sorry Ran, to trouble you with all of these."

Ran puts her hands on her hips. "Isn't it a little too late to apologise?" She giggles. "It's alright. I wanted to do it."

"Thank you." The karate-champion just smiles and pats him on the head, used to the gesture when he is still Conan.

"By the way Shinichi, will you be wearing a yukata for the festival?"

"It's been a while since I wore it but I don't mind."

"I should call Sonoko to join us too." She notices the solemn look on the detective at the mention of Sonoko and smiles at him. "Don't worry, she doesn't mind about it anymore. I managed to persuade her."

"We will be meeting at 6pm here." Haibara returns to the library.

"Then I should go back and get ready! I will see you guys later then!" Ran said her goodbye and exits the manor.

Shinichi stand up from his chair. "I might as well go and search for the yukata now."

"Need help?"

"I'm fine." He exits and goes up to his room.

Entering his room, Yuki greets him from the bed. Shinichi smiles at her while heading towards the wardrobe and browse through the drawers. He pauses at one of the shirts. Kaito's shirt. He takes it in his hands and hugs it. There are still no news about the magician's whereabouts. But Shinichi holds onto the last words Kaito had told him.

"Shinichi, I want you to believe in me."

A coo can be heard as Yuki lands on his shoulder. The little dove had been with him all the time when he is rehabilitating, she will always fly out during lunchtime for an hour and will always be there for Shinichi to sleep by his side. The detective had no idea what happened to the other doves since they are more attached to the magician. He gives the dove a stroke before continuing his search for his yukata and finally found it at a small corner. A full blue yukata that matches his eyes.




The group reaches the festival by 6.30 and it is crowded with people. In the past, Shinichi would always avoid this kind of noisy places but seeing the expressions on the kids, he guess that he would not mind. The Detective Boys drag Shinichi around to various stores, with the teen winning gifts for the whole group at the shooting game. They find a place to rest for Shinichi as Ran and the others bought various food to eat, especially Genta.

"What time is the fireworks starting?"

"Soon, in 15 minutes. Let's find go and find a good spot." Ran suggested and everyone agree.

All of a sudden, Yuki who has been quietly perched on Shinichi's shoulder takes off into the forest behind the festival. "Yuki!" Shinichi turns to the group. "I'll go and look for her. You guys go ahead!" With that, he takes off into the forest.




"Yuki? Yuki, come out!" Shinichi shouts out, getting a little anxious as the dove is nowhere to be seen. Yuki symbolises his connection to Kaito, if Shinichi loses Yuki now, he did not know how he will react to it. "Yuki!" He moves forth until he reaches a small pond.

Fireflies are flying around the pond, along with the milky way in the night sky, the place gives out a rather enchanting feel. Tanabata. Where lovers reunited. Shinichi sighs as he looks down at his pendant, running his thumb over the gem and looks back at the pond. Mesmerised by the scenery before him, Shinichi did not notice a figure closing up behind him.

"You know, if I am a criminal, you will be dead in no time Shinichi."

Time seems to stop as Shinichi tries to calm himself down, telling himself that he is hallucinating again. That the voice behind him in not who he think it is.


The detective jerks at his name being called by the voice behind him. Still not wanting to turn back, afraid that it is all his mind playing with him. He is about to take a step forth before a pair of arms wrap themselves around him, his back towards a familiar warmth and lips caressing his left temple.

"Shinichi, it's me."

The detective can feel himself trembling and tears starting to form, blurring his vision. How he had missed this voice and the warmth of that person he hold dearest to. But he is still afraid, terrified to turn around to realise that it is all but an illusion. Which the presence behind him seems to notice and turns him around, tilting the detective's chin up. "Shinichi, open your eyes. Look at me. Please."

Hearing the plead in the voice, Shinichi finally opens his eyes to meet the pair of indigo eyes that he had yearned for the past one and a half months. He brings his hand up to caresses the face in front of him. It is only when he feels the warmth and smoothness of the skin, he comes to a conclusion that this is really real.

Kaito is standing right in front of him.

"Kai...?" Tears trail down his cheeks as he grips onto the black yukata the magician is wearing. "Is it really...you...?"

Kaito leans down to capture the detective's lips with his own. Shinichi's eyes widen a little before closing them to lean into the kiss. The magician chuckles when they breaks apart. "I think the only one you give permission to kiss you is me right?"

"Ba-ro, what took you so long?" Shinichi scolds lightly and circles his arms around Kaito's neck.

"To find my way back to you of course."

They kiss once again as the fireworks goes on in the night sky above them.


Today is 7th of July~ Tanabata~ So I will definitely let the lovers reunite~