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Weekend before finals

"Are you still mad?"

Jonathan's stony face and lack of response were all the answer that his younger siblings needed.

"Come on, Jonathan," Sebastian pleaded, "you know we just wanted to have some fun."

He slammed down his Calculus book. "If that was all, you could've just stolen my math notes."

Clary pouted. "That wouldn't have been any fun. You would've chased us down and gotten them back right away."

That got a smile—a small, reluctant one, but a smile nonetheless—out of her brother. "Yeah, that's true. But this?" He waved the paper in his hand, gesturing toward the package with the other hand.

The paper was a rehearsal schedule for the spring production of Much Ado About Nothing. In the package was a scriptbook for the same play.

A play that Jonathan hadn't auditioned for.

It had been Sebastian's idea. After the black hair dye finally washed out, he realized—again—just how much he and Jonathan looked alike.

Not for the first time, he decided to use this little asset for evil. (The twins had spent half of elementary school messing with people who couldn't tell them apart.) But what was so special about this time was that Sebastian planned to use it against his brother.

He only did what any teenage criminal-mastermind-in-training would do.

He tried out for the school play. Under his twin's name.

So now Jonathan was expected to participate in the non-cut school production.

Funnily enough, the drama teachers had cast him in the role of Don John, the evil brother, while Sebastian—who had auditioned a second time, in his own name—was set to play Don Pedro, the good brother.

"Please, Jonathan? It'll be fun!" Convinced by Sebastian's second audition (1), Clary had tried out as well: she would be Beatrice, Hero's eloquently vicious cousin.

"Again with the 'fun.' Seriously, Clary—" Jonathan threw down the paper and looked at his little sister, fully intending to unleash his infamous glare—only to find that she was giving him puppy-dog eyes. "God, not that! That's so. . . manipulative!"

A few seconds passed.

Jonathan picked up the schedule. "Fine, I'll do it."

"Yes!" Sebastian grabbed his sister's hands, and they performed a little celebratory dance, right there in the kitchen. After a minute of looking on, Jonathan swooped in and spun her away from his twin, effectively joining in their juvenile antics.

The cacophony of slamming locker doors echoed up and down the hallway.

"I still can't believe you convinced him!"

"Honestly? Neither can I." Clary glanced around cautiously—the cast list was already up, but she didn't feel that the whole school needed to know what she was about to say. "Of course, I also still can't believe you, Jace Wayland, tried out for the play. Of your own free will, no less!"

"I think you're just disappointed."

"What?" Clary was honestly confused, though wary since she had a feeling that another great Jace-jibe was coming.

"You just know that you can't beat me in verbal foreplay, and our play parts are just driving that point home—or, come to think of it, you don't want to fight with me. Even in a play." He grinned, triumphant.

"Nice try. I know you didn't actually finish reading the play."


"Beatrice and Benedick (2) actually end up together, genius. Like, together together."

"No way! How?"

Clary sighed. "Just read the script."

After finals week and winter break

"Again, but with more emotion this time!"

Jonathan sighed, casting another glare at his younger siblings, wondering—not for the first, or even the twentieth time—just how they had roped him into doing this. It was eating up a great portion of his time, not that he had much to do, now that football season was over.

(1) By which I mean—in case it wasn't very clear, which it probably wasn't—that when Sebastian decided he himself wanted to be in the play (not just audition so that Jonathan would have to participate), Clary decided she might as well try out too. After all, she couldn't very well just let her brothers have all the fun ;D

(2) In case you didn't quite catch that: Jace is playing the role of Benedick, with whom Beatrice constantly engages in verbal sparring. Later on, they end up as quite a cute couple. I cast Jace and Clary in these roles because although Hero and Claudio are usually considered the "main" couple in Much Ado, Beatrice and Benedick are the main comedic duo; they totally steal the spotlight from throughout the play.

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