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Chapter 1: Fan-girls and Pariah

Uchiha Sasuke, the last Uchiha scion, was brooding, as was his wont to do. What was unusual, was the location of his… introspection, which currently is on top of the academy's water tower. Barely a month after the …event, those pesky little she-devils had regained their …fanatical frenzy and resume their stalker-ish tendencies, hence his elaborate and often high and hard-to-reach hideouts.

'Fan-girls...hnn,' he shuddered internally. He tried to remember if he ever had to deal with similar 'evil' from… before. Frankly he really couldn't remember, though he might just be a bit obtuse then. Aside from a very few selected people, he had never opened his heart enough to notice other 'girls' who don't matter. Oh, wait; there are a few similar 'creatures' back then. He remembered a gaggle of girls fluttering around Feng, trying to impress him, more often than not sending the Wind scattering away. Hmph, that girly guy's popularity with the woman-folk back then is another reason he at first detested his brother-in-arms. But now, he found himself fully sympathizing with Feng. He hoped this is not Karma… he shuddered again.

Noticing the lengthening shadow from the evening sun, he sighed and started to make his way down. Now he has to pay his 'dues' and 'present' himself to his stalkers…by allowing them to 'stalk' him going home. It was one advice from that…man that he will never forsake. Apparently, one of the 'safe' strategies in dealings with fan-girls is to allow them a glimpse of him daily. These daily 'dues' can calm them somewhat. Else they will become 'rabid' and he will then have to deal with them infiltrating his home and taking even the smallest of his belongings to be put up in their shrines.

He slowly make his way to his clan compound, outwardly brooding and not paying attention to his surrounding, but inwardly getting jumpier with every giggles in the wind, or every crackle of stepped twig/dry leaves, or unnatural movement from the bushes, as a gaggle of hormone-driven she-devils inexpertly 'stalk' him. He hates this. Perhaps he could claim insanity due to trauma and did something…unwise, but on second thought… no. Just… no. Unless he really wants to become an evil monster, whatever he does will only encourage them more.

As he walked on a slight rise above a small stream, he saw his salvation. Skipping stones across the stream, stood Uzumaki Naruto, the infamous orphan of Konoha, Troublemaker Extraordinaire. He had never pay much attention to his classmates, especially since the Event. However, it was hard not to notice Naruto. Most adult seems to hate him and tried their best to make him be excluded, not realizing that their behavior put more attention on Naruto, not less. Despite that, there was always something… eye-catching about the Sunny Blonde. Not to mention he is like the wild wind, mischievous and loud, rarely calm.

Perhaps noticing the eyes on him, Naruto turned and locked eyes with the Uchiha Heir. And there goes another reason Sasuke felt 'connected' to the other Orphan. The shadow of loneliness and despair deep within the sky-blue, like a mirror to his own soul.

Acting on Impulse, Sasuke quickly make his way down the rise towards Naruto. Naruto's eyes widen in surprise, then narrow as he quickly change his stance, confrontation in every line of his body.

"Dobe," Sasuke began as he stood in front of Naruto, face impassive.

"Teme…" Naruto's hand clench in momentary anger. However, after a moment he frowned in confusion, as he noticed Sasuke remained calm and non-threatening.

"What do you want?" he continues more softly, his stance changing to neutral.

Sasuke opened his mouth to answer, then stopped as his 'fan-girls' burst from the bushes up the rise and started to shout abuse towards Naruto, something about Sasuke-sama and 'respect'? He snorted internally even as his mouth closed in frustrated grimace. He noticed Naruto's face scrunching in anger and quickly gave a small shake.

"Ignore them," he quickly said, cutting of what-ever Naruto's reaction. "Got a place where we can talk?" he asked. "Without them?" he quickly added, half imploring.

Naruto's eyes narrow again in that quizzical expression. Then he gave a short nod. "Follow me. Let's ditch them." Saying that, he quickly lead the way by jumping across the stream, away from the harpies. Sasuke quickly followed, leaving the shell-shock fan-girls, watching as their Prince left them to follow the village pariah.