/The port/

"I'm sorry old chap, but you see there are..." John's eyes glanced away, and for a moment they were lost in the thin tall figure of a man, who was standing nearby them, "reasons for me to stay."

"I see..." Alexander also looked at the tall man. "Well then," he sighed, "I cannot say I'm not disappointed, John, but I do understand your reasons. You're very close to his heart, John," Alexander smiled faintly, but his smile was sincere: "And even I'm not quite happy for you being a friend to man like him, I must say he really does appreciate you. (...) So, my good old friend, I guess the only thing that remains to us is to say goodbye..."

Watson casted his eyes down at that remark about Sherlock, but in no time he looked up again and with a smile upon his face said: "Good-bye, Alexander."

"Adieu, Mr. Holmes!" called the Doctor, who was now boarding a ship, which will take him to the continent, after a man who stood at the pier.

Naturally there was no response from Sherlock Holmes, but in his mind he was clear: Farewell, Doctor Campbell. And never go back.

. . .

"Would you mind to accompany me now to a certain shoe store, and make a visit, which requires the presence of your service revolver?" asked the Detective, when his friend find himself standing once again by his side – the place where he belonged – after saying goodbye to a man that Sherlock hoped he will never see again.

"Anywhere you like, my dear Holmes," he replied, and for a moment, spanning less than a second, there was a flesh of deep emotion for his friend, shining in those magnificent light blue eyes: "Let's go."

Sherlock only smile at his friend, and thought: Oh, my dearest Watson. One day... One day, when the time will be more amiable I'm going to tell you everything I feel for you...

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