Author's Note: I don't own these characters but I do so like to play with them. Oh, Covenant Fanfics, I just can't seem to quit you.

After highschool and on to college, Pogue and Caleb have their own places and Tyler and Reid share an apartment. Multiple pairings, M/M, dark themes galore but always a romance at the core.

"Po!" Reid yelled over the thrum of the music and voices, holding a beer in one hand and a shot of tequila in the other. He was mostly certain that one of them belonged to someone else. "Why are our parties always at your place?" The blond demanded, blinking a little slowly. They were coming up on 1am and even Caleb looking only vaguely conscious.

"Because you and Ty live in that shitty little apartment," Pogue began pausing to swallow his beer and allow Tyler a sound of offense. The youngest was currently leaned into Caleb's side, he was known to be a cuddly drunk. "And Cay doesn't want you puking on his couch again."

Reid smiled slowly at the memory. It wasn't really a memory so much as it was the accounting he'd heard from Tyler the next day. Supposedly he'd been doing whiskey shots and eating redhots and by the end of it, he'd spewed all over Caleb's couch. Needless to say, the eldest had a new couch and was no longer housing parties.

Caleb smiled and pushed away from the counter, unlacing Tyler from his arm to move toward the end of tile and the opening of the living room, currently a throng of bodies and liquor. He stopped near Reid, close, and tugged the tequila shot from those pale fingers. Reid watched, more than a little drunk and thus more enchanted than usual, as those lips moved, parting pressing cold glass to the lower and throwing back the liquor. He watched his friend swallow and moaned softly at the sight of it. Caleb licked his lips and then leaned in even closer. "Feel free to vomit all over Pogue's place." He smiled and walked away, into the mass toward a particularly patient looking redhead with an impressive cleavage.

Reid laughed and took a long drink of his beer. "Shit, that man's a tease."

Pogue snorted. "You started it that time he finally kissed you and you punched him."

Reid looked up at the taller man, raising an eyebrow. "He told you about that?"

Pogue laughed and draped an arm around Tyler, tugging him along toward the living room as well. "He had to explain that split lip." He lingered to run fingertips along Reid's neck, before curling his digits around to grace spine. "You wanna come up stairs with us?" Tyler smiled sloppily and Reid laughed at the glazed look in his best friend's eyes.

Reid smacked Pogue's shoulder and then pushed away from them, walking away into the living room first. "No thanks, boys. We've got so much tail in this house I ought to try something new." He lost his beer somewhere, to someone and didn't think much on it.

He pulled his shirts off in layers, still walking slowly through the living room. He stepped out of his shoes and paused to lean his bare back against a wall, body of lean muscles wrapped tight in pale skin. He caught Caleb smiling at him over the redhead's shoulder. 'The strip down' as Reid had started to call it, always worked. Already a handful of people were watching him, most just thinking he was so drunk he didn't know he was still in a crowded room. He knew. With a smile he dropped his socks, bare feet on the carpet and started slowly toward the stairs, hands working open the buckle of his belt.

He pulled the length of leather free and dropped it on the stairs, walking up the stairs while working his buttons and fly open. He found an empty room and walked in. Before the door swung completely shut someone had pushed it open again. Reid glanced back, heavy eyelids giving the man in the doorway a once over. Tall and broad shouldered. He looked like a running back. The blond smiled and turned to face him. "You'll do." He muttered, fingers gesturing him closer and the door closing firmly behind him and clicking with a lock.

In a matter of fifteen minutes it felt like the whole party had mellowed out. Caleb was sitting on the couch, the music softer now, quieter. A large group had left, thinning out the remaining occupants of the living room to mostly sleeping bodies. The redhead was in his lap, straddling his hips. He dropped his head back against the back of the couch and moaned. She had freed him from his jeans and was now moving slowly up and down, knees on either side of his hips and his hands gently on her thighs, rubbing soft skin with his thumbs.

A deep shout burst from somewhere upstairs. The redhead didn't seem to hear it but Caleb opened his eyes, staring up at the ceiling. He was certain he heard a thin string of laughter. It was one of Reid's laughs. Not his soulful one, his youthful one, or even his mocking laugh. That was the laugh Reid spat when he was on edge, when he was feeling dark and angry.

He held the redhead's thighs so that she would stop moving and closed his eyes to hide the flash of black beneath his lids when he honed his senses in on that sound, to hear Reid clearly. "You little bitch." Someone else said in that room upstairs and then he heard the sound of a thick fist colliding with a face.

"Shit." Caleb exhaled and lifted the woman off his lap, dumping her onto the couch and pulling his pants up on his way up the stairs.

A thump against a wall, the sound of a table smacking against the floor. More of that awful laugh only wet now.

Caleb reached the door but found it locked. Clenching his teeth, he slammed his shoe against it and knocked the door off its hinges. He wasn't sure where to put his eyes first, on the large half naked man with bloody knuckles that he'd never seen before or on the blond he'd spent the better part of his life looking out for, currently bleeding from the face and laying on the floor naked. Reid spit blood on the carpet, his cheek split over that sharp bone and his nose broken.

The big guy with the knuckles snarled at Caleb for intruding. "Get out, man!" He yelled.

As if it were an invitation, Caleb stepped into the room, the door swinging weekly behind him. He stepped over Reid on the floor and gave the larger guy a hard shove, knocking him back into the wall. "Are you joking? If I don't hear something that makes sense in the next five seconds I'm going to throw you out that window."

Reid had reached out to grab half blind at Caleb's ankle, rolling onto his side and coughing up more red onto the carpet. Still, his blood slick mouth curved into a smirk. "Cay… I can handle this." He muttered. It sounded more assertive in his head.

"The fuck you can." Caleb snorted.

"He bit me!" The man with the knuckles shouted, not having lost much of his anger.

"What?" Caleb demanded, his face scrunching into some confusion.

Pogue appeared in the doorway, probably drawn from his own bed by the sound of splintering wood. "What's going on here?" He shouted when he saw the state of Reid. It wasn't unlike the younger blond to get himself into a fight he couldn't win and take the beating, but he was usually clothed.

"I bit him." Reid agreed with a long sloppy smile that turned mean at the corners, one eye that wasn't in the process of swelling shut glared passed Caleb at the larger youth. "I told you not to put it in my mouth."

The man with the bloody knuckles snarled back at the boy on the floor, forgetting entirely the dark haired man between them. "You don't want it? Then you shouldn't have a mouth made for-" Caleb's fist collided with the stranger's cheek, knocking him back and into the wall face first.

"Get him out of the way." Caleb ordered and Pogue quickly grabbed Reid under the arms and pulled him up from the floor and onto the bed. "Shit sweetheart, how much blood do you have to spare?" The older blond muttered, looking at the red all over his floor and sheets.

Caleb grabbed the stranger by the heels and started dragging, pulling him right out of the room and into the hall. He came to and started shouting just before they reached the stairs but the eldest didn't hesitate to shove him down them, ignoring the sickly crack of his forearm before he hit the bottom. Stepping over the heap of now wailing man, he opened the front door and then came back, grabbing up the stranger by the legs again and dragging him right out and onto the lawn. He paused there, under the dark sky and cradled in the chill of early morning. "You touch one of my brothers again and I will throw you out a window next time." The dark eyed boy said clearly over the other man's wailing before walking inside and closing the door. The redhead was gone. Just as well, after that show he wasn't exactly interested in getting off.

When he came back up the stairs Pogue was waiting in the hallway. They exchanged looks before the blond went back to his own room and Caleb pushed the now swaying door open and then closed it as best he could. Reid was on the bed and his face was still a mess. "You want to keep that broken nose?" The eldest asked standing beside the mattress and lifting Reid's jaw to get a better look at the damage. He frowned pointedly. Trouble had always been in Reid's nature but it always got worse the closer they got to the holidays.

Reid pushed his friend's hand away and looked up at the ceiling. "Leave it."

"What happened?" Caleb asked, voice forever stern, and sat down on the bed beside him, leaning back against the headboard and pillows.

Reid smiled but there was no happiness in it. "I bit him."

"Reid…" Caleb muttered. It was common knowledge for most of Reid's lovers that he didn't give blow jobs or particularly enjoy receiving them for that matter but that didn't mean random strangers should know his aversion.

"I told him I would." He snapped. "I warned him not to try to put it there."

"Then how did it end up there?" That dark voice demanded.

Reid shrugged, obviously tired. Between his drinks and his beating he was spent. "Pinned me. Fuckers faster than you'd think." He muttered sleepily.

Caleb closed his eyes to keep from cringing. He draped an arm over the other man's shoulders. "You could have stopped him without biting him."

Reid smirked, blood in the corners of his mouth. "You said not to Use so much." He liked to throw that in Caleb's face when he got the chance, but after ascending he had made an honest effort to save his power- or rather, the amount of power his body could use before it wore him down. It wasn't that he was afraid of dying early exactly, it had just occurred to him after the Chase incident that if he let himself grow withered and weak he wouldn't be able to protect his brothers.

"You're an ass." Caleb muttered, opening his eyes to let them flash black and resetting this friend's nose. The rest he left. He didn't like leaving the rest of those bruises and bleeding lip to heal slowly but if that oaf called the cops it would be best if the proof of his misconduct didn't just vanish overnight.

"You love my ass." Reid murmured, almost asleep.

Caleb sighed heavily. "I'm an idiot."