Tyler's first thought was that it was loud. How was he even supposed to talk to anyone in this house? It was packed with people but the music was so loud that he could feel it in his soles. It did help him forget the throbbing in his heel, his leg wobbling and dipping when he walked behind Reid. There was a tension in his chest when they entered, as though the strange blond would disappear into the crowd and he would never see him again. He knew it was more than likely but he wasn't ready for him to be off and onto something else just yet. He enjoyed his attention even if it was unexpected and focused with a strange glee on getting him laid.

That was another source of panic in Tyler's chest now that he was so very out of his element. When they were getting out of the car and heading up to the house, Reid had told him to let him know when he saw someone he liked. Tyler had realized over the last few months that just about everyone he liked just happened to have a dick between their legs. He wasn't really bothered by this but he didn't really know what to do about it or if he wanted to tell anyone.

His worry about how he would be able to talk to anyone with the music so loud was answered when Reid stopped and turned back to him. He leaned in so close that his shoulder touched Tyler's chest and his cheek brushed his, his mouth almost touching his ear when he spoke. "I'm going to the kitchen to find us drinks, you can take a look around." The blond said and then he was gone, folded away into walls of shoulders and hips.

Tyler didn't entirely believe he'd be back but he shouldn't let himself be the kind of person that needed someone to be his social flotation device in a party. He knew most of these people, even if most of them didn't really know him.

His ankle was really starting to hurt and it had him looking for a place to sit. He found one after some awkward shuffling through the crowd and disturbing a few that were trying to dance. There was a high table against the wall of the large living room with stools for chairs. He got himself on one and ignored the group clustered around the other side of the table.

To his surprise, it didn't take long before a pair of girl's he'd had class with showed up in front of him. They were a little drunk and seemed excited that he was there. They were shouting to make up for the music, smiling and leaning into one another for balance. They asked how his exams went and why they never saw him at these parties before.

Reid ducked around one guy to get himself into the bright kitchen. The music was a little dull here and the counter was littered with cups and bottles. He looked in a few before finding a couple that weren't used. From there it was a matter of finding a bottle of cola and a bottle of rum. He was surprised when he turned and someone was holding the bottle of captain morgan out for him. He looked up from the hand, to the shoulder, to the face.

He didn't recognize him until he saw that eyebrow raised in amusement. "The guy from the pool." He said aloud and took the offered liquor.

Caleb grinned. "The one with his shorts on."

Reid smiled and shook his head, topping off the cups in front of him. "A shame for us both."

Caleb leaned against the counter beside him, tipping his head back. "I don't remember that bruise on your cheek."

The blond laughed, picking up the two cups, one in each hand. Blue eyes stared back at deep browns. "Maybe you weren't looking at my face." He smiled wide, looking the brunet over. "Not that you're looking much better. Did you win?"

"It was complicated." He answered with a one shouldered shrug before looking down at the cups Reid was holding. His gaze moved up again to find those blues. "Any chance one of those can be for me?"

Reid's smile turned into a smirk, tempted for an instant before sidestepping Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. "Sorry."

Caleb whistled out his pain and turned to watch Reid go. "Do I get to know your name yet?"

He shook his head but didn't look back. "Not yet." He replied before leaving the kitchen.

Reid found Tyler at a table near the wall being talked up by two women. He took a sip of one cup and held the other out to Tyler. He wasn't surprised when the brunet took it from him without question and took a deep drink. He made a mental note to keep an eye on Tyler. He was naive but it was charming.

They made conversation for a while before the ladies excused themselves in a heap of giggles to the bathroom. They needed all four legs to stay standing. Reid took another long drink before slinging an arm over Tyler's shoulder. "If you're interested in one of them, you need to make a move before they get another drink in. They're just about too far gone to make choices."

Tyler blushed and laughed nervously before shaking his head. "Nah, they're just friends." He insisted.

Reid shrugged and leaned on the other boy. He wouldn't have done it if Tyler hadn't been sitting. He hadn't said anything, but he'd noticed that his new friend was limping. "Well, then who are you interested in?" He asked, casting an eye around the crowd before looking at Tyler again.

"Oh, I don't know. I'm not really..." His words trailed off when a group shifted and he saw the guy that ran into him this morning standing near the stairs. He was sporting a bruise on his cheekbone that wasn't there before but didn't seem to notice it. He was laughing with a small group and holding a beer. Tyler watched him drink it. Watched him swallow and then blushed. When he tore his gaze away he realized that Reid was staring at him, not just staring but grinning wide.

"If you'd told me you swung that way, I would have fucked you myself." Reid said, his smile never losing ground when that blush on Tyler's face darkened, his brown eyes widening. Reid stood upright and finished his drink. "Stay here. I'll go see if he's interested."

"What?" Tyler half shrieked, grabbing for Reid's arm to keep him from leaving. "You can't!"

Reid stopped and looked down at the hand holding onto his arm and then turned. He never stopped moving when he turned around, his body leaning into the space Tyler's occupied on the stool to lean his face down into Tyler's. "Don't let your drink out of your sights and don't go anywhere." He said and the sterness of his voice coupled with that mischevious grin made him shiver.

His hand fell away and he was left stunned, clutching his drink and watching this almost stranger cross the crowded floor toward that cluster near the stairs.

Caleb had returned to Pogue and a couple others, handing him a beer before taking a look around for the blond. He wasn't too hard to find but Caleb felt a stab of disappointment to see him leaning in to another guy, close enough that it would take almost nothing to make it a kiss. His disappointment was short lived though, because the blond pushed away from his companion and started toward the stairs.

Caleb was trying to decide on a way to stop the blond from going upstairs and maybe earn a little more information about him when he realized that was slowing already. He caught those blue eyes and saw the amusement in them.

Reid stuffed his hands into his pockets and stopped in front of Pogue, Caleb and two other guys Pogue had brought with him from the bar. Their conversation stopped when it became obvious that the blond was waiting. He was looking at Pogue. In fact, he looked him up and down pointedly, making the other blond grin and stand taller, more than ready to be judged.

Blue eyes lingered on the bruise on his cheek before smiling at Caleb for a second and then looking at him again. "You must be 'complicated'." He said to everyone but Caleb's confusion. The dark haired man laughed and the other two looked at him curiously.

Pogue continued to smile at the new face, patient and amused. "I like to think I'm pretty uncomplicated actually."

"That's good to hear." Reid said and took a step closer to him, invading some of his personal space then but Pogue didn't back up. He looked at the beer in Pogue's hand. "May I?"

Pogue's smile moved to the side of his mouth and he held out the bottle, waiting while the blond drank a sip and then handed it back. "I was hoping to be straightforward." Reid said decidedly and Pogue raised an eyebrow curiously. "Are you interested in men?"

One of the guys they'd been talking to turned a shade of red that neared purple and reached out to push the newcomer. "What the fuck are you-" Caleb caught his arm before it reached the blond and Pogue shot his teammate a warning look. "Billy, why don't you go take a walk and cool off."

Reid stood there patiently, seeming not to notice the flustered stranger at their side.

Pogue smiled down at the other blond and held his beer out again. "Is that your way of asking me out?"

The red faced teammate jerked his arm free of Caleb and sputtered angrily before his friend pulled him away, dragging him toward the kitchen or backyard.

Caleb considered leaving as well but didn't. He knew it would be rude to stay if they were flirting but he wasn't ready to go just yet.

Reid took the beer with a thank you. "Not tonight." He clarified with a mischevious grin that told clearly that he had known he was leading the other on. He turned and took a step back to be standing beside Pogue and Caleb, between them actually. With beer still in hand, he pointed out Tyler where he sat nervously at the table across the room. "You see the brunet there?"

Pogue followed his arm to look through the crowd until he saw the guy holding the red cup. He looked back at them momentarily before blushing and looking away quickly, making Pogue laugh a little. "You're shitting me." He muttered.

Reid looked up at him then, a mix of curiosity and anger already forming under those pale features. "What?"

Pogue shook a hand in the air quickly as though to wash away whatever he could see Reid thinking. "I hit him with my bike this morning. Are you sure he doesn't want revenge or something?"

Reid blinked at this information before grinning and shrugging. "Maybe. I mean, I don't know what his kinks are.."

"You're just playing match maker?" Pogue asked, sounding a little skeptical.

Reid shrugged and finished the other man's beer. "What can I say? I like seeing people get laid... that didn't come out right." He scrunched his face and Caleb and Pogue both laughed.

Pogue stood against the wall, looking across the room and seemed to be considering the outcomes of the situation for a moment before sighing with a smile and pushing away from the wall. "I'll see you tomorrow, Cay." He called to his friend before a hand grabbed at his shoulder, making him look back at the short blond. "Something else, sweetheart?"

Reid frowned pointedly at the nickname before letting it go. "I don't know you well. If you mess him up, I'll mess you up."

Pogue laughed and his eyes seemed to sparkle with that amusement. "Really?" He sounded skeptical, looking the other guy over. Sure, he was toned, but he wasn't big.

Reid shrugged and let go of his shoulder, taking a step back to lean against the wall again. He watched Pogue cross the room to stand over Tyler. Tyler almost dropped his now empty cup when he realized he was there, standing up and squirming on that swollen ankle. He could only see Pogue's back but he could see Tyler talking, his mouth moving fast and his hands still holding onto that cup between them like a frail plastic shield.

Pogue took the cup from Tyler's hands gently and put it down on the table with all of the others. Whatever he said next had Tyler grinning and blushing, following Pogue toward the front door.

"So, should I just call you Cupid?" Caleb asked, still standing there beside Reid.

The blond laughed and shrugged. "If you want but getting a good pounding isn't exactly something you see on valentines cards." He rolled his head to the side on the wall to look up at the brunet. "So... who are you going home with tonight?"

Caleb smiled and shrugged. "Haven't decided yet."

"Oh?" Reid sounded almost offended.

Caleb looked away from him and toward the cluster of people dancing. "Lot of good lookin people..." He smirked in the corner of his mouth, not looking at the blond next to him. "And you? Who are you going home with, Cupid?"

Reid laughed low and shook his head, leaning down to put his empty bottle on the floor. "Oh, I'm not going anywhere." He used the toe of one shoe to step out of the other and then did it again with the other shoe until he was barefoot on the carpet. Caleb couldn't resist looking when Reid undid his belt and pulled it free of his jeans. He used his shoulders to push off of the wall, dropping his belt and turning while he peeled off his shirt.

His body was pale and lean but cut with muscles. The same body he'd seen this morning getting out of the pool. Reid grinned, rolling those shoulders. He looked at Caleb like he might say something but then he started up the stairs, hands working open the front of his jeans.

Caleb groaned and turned to watch him go, enjoying the view for a moment before he felt someone starting for the stairs to follow Reid. He shot the other man a hard glare before putting his barely touched beer on one of the steps and then taking them two at a time to catch up. When he got to the hallway, Reid's jeans were handing on his hips. His arm reached out to the side to run fingers along the wall. He tried one door before chuckling and closing it when he found it occupied. He tried another and let the door swing open wide, stopping under the frame and turn his head and look back at Caleb.

Caleb felt like he had to remind himself to breathe. He'd been with plenty of people but somehow they were all distant and hard to remember when he was looking at this blond. He followed Reid into the dark bathroom and kicked the door shut behind himself.

The blond was on him instantly, somehow paler in the moonlight that filtered through the small window. Their mouths collided and he couldn't get enough of that tongue. Hands were on him, pulling at his shirt until it was gone. They turned and Caleb's back hit a wall. He opened his eyes and realized that the mirror above the sink counter was across from them, allowing him to see them and the full back of the blond's naked body. He watched him working open the front of his jeans as though they were other people, as though he wasn't the one moaning and rolling his skull against the wall when those hands had his cock.

He watched the blond sink down to the floor and before he could imagine forming words, his sex was enveloped by that mouth, sucked into warmth and the forceful strokes of a slick tongue. He watched himself there, in that reflection, like a stranger. He had his hand in the back of those short locks, cradling that head that bobbing in front of his crotch. Caleb moaned and then caught his own gaze in the mirror. It was like staring at someone familiar but strange. He didn't feel like he knew himself but when he looked at the blond, he was certain that he knew him completely.

The blond moaned around his dick and his eyes closed with a moan. He shivered and for a moment stilled. When he opened his eyes again they flashed with fire and a see of ink. Suddenly he forgot the mirror. He forgot himself. He grabbed Reid by the shoulders and pulled him up and off of himself, lifting him and moving them both across that short space of room to have him leaned against the counter. He pulled at one thigh, lifting it, and used his other hand to guide his saliva slick sex.

Reid looked flushed, caught in the moment. His mouth opened for words but before he could get any together he was moaning, his body being stretched and filled. He grabbed at Caleb's shoulder and dug fingers into muscle when he started thrusting inside of him. His head rolled back to press against the mirror, straining it around his skull.

Caleb kept his brother's thigh held tight and high, thrusting deep and moaning in satisfaction even before he reached his end. From heavy lids, he watched the other pant for air, moaning and pulling at his shoulder as though he could control the speed of his thrusts with those needy digits. He reached down between them to grab Reid's cock, stroking it.

It was like a dream that he was happily stuck in, completely unaware what had brought them into this bathroom, whose bathroom it was, or why he felt like it had been years since he touched Reid. He thrust in time with his strokes and watched Reid shudder, getting close to the edge. "Come on... Let go." He whispered, wanting to see him fall a part before he did. "Come on, Reid. Just let go." He goaded and moaned.

Those blue eyes burst open and he saw a strange flare of surprise and alarm in them just before Reid burst, his cum wetting their chests. Caleb followed, unable to hold out any longer.

Before he could catch his breath or press another kiss to that sweaty neck, Reid was pushing his chest and shoving him back and away. Caleb blinked angrily in confusion at the face of the blond now scrunched up and still panting. "What? What the fuck?"

"What?" Caleb hissed back.

"How do you know my name?"


"You said my name." Reid snapped, those blue eyes full of mistrust. "How did you know my name?"

Caleb blinked at him. "What the fuck are you talking about? Why wouldn't I know your name?" He stared his brother, watching him grab up a towel and whip himself off before making a scramble for his jeans. "The fuck is your problem, Reid?" He demanded but the blond was already storming out, the bathroom door slamming behind him.

Caleb mumbled a curse before reaching for the towel on the counter and catching sight of his reflection in the mirror. Something was off and his head throbbed when he tried to understand. He leaned closer when he noticed the bruise on his jaw. Where had that... Pogue. The bar. They had become friends... His head throbbed again and he had to close his eyes and focus on breathing.

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