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Ember Oliver entered the Youth Centre slightly lost and a bit confused looking around the unfamiliar place.

She'd just got in and had barely placed her suitcase down when her mother had sent her out again to the Youth Centre to find her brother.

She looked at the teens in the Centre. 'They dress different to everyone in Whitetail…" She thought worried looking down at her outfit.

The black skater skirt that went from the waist and stopped at mid-thigh, the round neckline white t-shirt with the three-quarter length sleeve and over it the black and white baseball bumper jacket with the black velvet and white E on it.

She wore a pair of see-through black tights under the skirt and a pair of small heeled lace up boots.

She sat at one of the deserted tables and played her charm bracelet.

She briefly looked up and saw a strawberry milkshake being handed to her. "I uh…I didn't order that." She said sitting up a little straighter.

She wasn't going to let anybody in Whitetail find out how shy she was acting in Angel Grove especially not Cecily, that girl had eyes everywhere.

"I know. You looked a little lost and a bit frightened so I decided you needed some cheering up." He smiled softly placed the milkshake on the table and sat across from her.

"Thanks." 'Wow…no one would do that for a stranger in Whitetail….'

"It's cool. I'm Adam, Adam Park."


"Cool name…you got a last one?"

"Oliver….my friends always tease me that since my first and last name ends in 'er' it makes it sound funny. Ember Oliver….personally I don't see what's funny." She smiled.

"Oliver? Any relation to Tommy?"

"Yeah. My brother actually. I just got into town and my mom sent me looking for him. She seemed to forget I don't know my way around this town. When they moved here I was in Whitetail on a martial arts and music scholarship to the school over there."

"Whitetail…oh the tourist city on the beach not far from Stone Canyon?"

"Yeah. That's it."

"I've been there…lots of times I'm originally from Stone Canyon so my parents used to always take me and when I got older I used to go with my friends. We used to go to this Ice-Cream place uh…"

"Dreamies?" She asked him smile widening.

"That's it! Is it still there?"

"And thriving. I love that place. I go all the time."

"Hey Adam! Who's your friend?" A light brown haired girl asked coming up to them.

"Oh hey Kim; Kim this is apparently Tommy's sister."

"Hi I'm Ember." They shook hands.

"I'll go get Tommy, him and Rocky are fighting again."

"Just tell Rocky we've got food." Adam told her and she grinned before leaving them.

"She seems nice."

"She's your brother's girlfriend."

"Really? Someone wanted to date Tommy? Has she met him?" Ember asked Adam who smiled then spotted the silver and black bracelet she wore above the charm bracelet.

"That's cool. What kind of stone is it?" He asked frowning.

She ran a hand over the black diamond and smirked almost lost in memory. "It's just a thing I picked up on one of the stalls during the Christmas market."

He nodded but frowned slightly still.

"Ember?" Tommy's voice reached them and she stood up.

"Hey brother." She said standing up smiling.

"You're uh….I forgot you were coming today."

"Yeah. I'm afraid I can't stay as long as originally planned but it's too finally see where you guys set up shop."

Tommy let his eyes sweep over his younger sister. The little girl with uncontrollable curls was gone.

The girl that stood before him was a young woman. With long chocolate hair down her back in loose waves, slightly tanned skin and large almost black eyes.

The sleeves of the bumper jacket was pushed up to her elbows.

Suddenly something beeped and out of her pocket came a phone.

"Oh uh…I got to take this…"

"Who is it? Is it mom?" He asked instantly suspicious.

"No!" She said a little too quickly. "It's um Finn." She nearly ran out of the Youth Centre and around the corner were instead of the phone she put her sliver bracelet up to her mouth.

"Speak to me."

"Ember it seems that Harlequin seems to have followed you. You think you can hold him? We're going to come up to Angel Grove. If he's here the rest of them isn't so far away."

"I'm on it. Get here as fast as you can."

"Okay…be careful Em."

"I will over and out."

They were disconnected and she looked around to make sure the coast was clear.

"Right! Zaxley Power up! Unleash the Wolf!"

In mere seconds the female was covered in spandex.

"Okay Angel Grove. Time to meet the She-Wolf."

But when she got there….

Harlequin was already in a battle with….

"Other rangers? What the hell…" She said to herself.

But Harlequin had enough of throwing these unfamiliar superheroes around and he wanted one thing.

"Where is the She-Wolf? Where is the Zaxley Rangers?" He shouted angry unsheathing his sword.

Harlequin was a monster that wore white and black armour a picture of a wolf smelted onto his breast plate. He harboured an angry spirit of a wild starving wolf; reckless, uncontrollable and filled with rage.

He was a traditionalist, an old warrior. He didn't like losing; especially to a girl.

But underneath all the hate and wish for the other to just go die they harboured a respect for each other.

The two wolf spirits actually enjoyed fighting each other and had discovered a grim respect for the others abilities.

But they still wanted each other dead.

Big time.

"Hey Ugly!" She shouted and the other rangers turned.

She could tell that behind Harlequin's helmet he was smirking and glad to see the Wolf Ranger.

"If you want a fight. I'm right here." The female Black ranger said standing hand on her hip.

"No way…" The other rangers stated in shock.

"I want no fight She-Wolf."

"What?" She said both angry and confused. He always wanted a fight.

Freaking always.

"I come with a message! Pass this on to the Red Cougar and your blasted mentor Corona the final chapter has begun and my master is awakening.

His body started to shimmer with a dark purple fire. "Get back here!" She shouted outraged that the old warrior would just disappear from a fight.

But he did.

The jackass.

"Urgh! How rude!" She stated angrily and went to storm away.

"Wait!" The white ranger from the other team shouted. "Who are you?"

"I'm the Black She-Wolf. Zaxley Ranger two. And that's all you need to know. Stay out of fights with Harlequin he's my responsibility." She told them before storming away.


The ranger teleported into the Command Centre and took off their helmets.

"Zordon who was that?" Tommy asked and Zordon sighed.

"Rangers. You have just encountered a foe and a possible ally. Harlequin is an old warrior with the power of the Starving Wolf a general and advisor of one of the greatest evils this world has known Master Citius. During the Roman Empire he rose from his stone imprisonment were he had lain for twelve thousand years after Corona a great warrior from a distant planet that Citius had destroyed placed him in that prison leaving them both weak. Unable to battle again she chose five warriors with the spirits of the Zaxley Animals. The Cougar, the Wolf, the Elephant, the Turtle and the Monkey. You rangers have encountered the second warrior the Black Wolf." Zordon told them.

"And? What do we do about them? If there's one that means there is five." Aisha said frowning.

"Yes it does. The Zaxley Rangers draw their power from a special Zaxley Diamond which was supposedly lost when Citius fell to the Five in Roman times. But it seems it has been found and has chosen their warriors…..and it also means…that Citius is set to rise."

"So what do we do?" Tommy asked.

"I'm sorry rangers. I do not know. Just stay alert this evil is unlike any we've seen before…"

The Rangers looked at one another worried.

What the hell had they gotten into?

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