Belle heard a noise as if it were miles away yet whispering in the shell of her ear, it called her name, yet didn't. She wearily opened tired eyes and looked around. 'Princess'

It was as if she were being lured and tugged by a force outside her control. She felt the cold floor beneath naked feet as she slid off the bed. 'Try the door... try the door Princess.' Belle knew that he always kept it locked tight but try as she might the thought to twist the handle overwhelmed her. She was amazed when it slipped open at the tiniest tug.

"Where are you?" Belle whispered as softly as the phantom voice. The sound as much in her head as the image it provoked. She couldn't shake the picture or the command as it burned itself in her brain, a dagger...'Find the dagger.'

Belle took a look behind her before abandoning her room, taking only a sheet off the bed, the tail of it dragging behind her, darkening in the soot on the floor of the hall as she attempted to follow a ghost of a voice whispering in her head.

'Find the dagger Princess... Look... Look hard and you will find it and our freedom.' Each time it spoke, shivers met her spine with it's earie hollowness.

"Who are you? Why are you helping me?" Belle could hear herself sounding crazed, people had been drug away to their deaths for talking nonsense on a much smaller scale and here she was walking the halls of a killer, a demon and she was talking to a ghost, perhaps she had gone round the bend as well. She almost turned around and scurried back to her cell when she heard a noise. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw that it was only a rat. she could feel her heart quicken with each step, where was she being led?

Belle couldn't help but look behind her every few feet, expecting at any minute to see her master standing there. She almost tripped over her sheet twice, causing her to clamp her hand over her mouth in an effort to stay quiet. Finally she came to a door and she once again heard the voice.

'Thats the one, now up the stairs you go...tick tock tick tock..hurry Princess or we'll both be lost.' Belle closed her eyes, straining to hear the voice it was so faint in her head. She was positive that it wasn't made up though, certain she wasn't crazy, at least not yet but if she stayed much longer in this mad house she would surely be, the voice drove her on.

"Please be a way out" She prayed under her breath to any god that might be listening at that moment. She pushed on the heavy wooden door, it opened slowly, cobwebs tore asunder as the door cut through their path. It was obvious that it hadn't seen any visitors in a long while. There seemed to be an enormous set of steps behind the door. It twisted up, spiraling into a tower and as Belle looked down it descended into blackness, neither looked promising.

Her eyes darted back and forth toward each path. the voice had given her a direction, it had said up you go. But what if it was some sort of trick, what if the way out was below her? She took a step forward and placed her bare foot against the first stone stair, it was ice-cold. Belle shivered once more. She strained her eyes trying beyond all hope to peer down into the thick dark where the stairs dwindled down into gloom. She took a step down and she almost reeled with the voice in her head as it all but screamed, she clutched her temples, willing it to calm its shrieking.


"Alright, alright...I'm going up." She hissed, Belle couldn't believe she was following the directions of a whisper inside her head...well, not so much of a whisper now was it, more like the howl of a banshee when crossed. It's bellowing was enough to set her feet ablaze with the right path leading up the tower steps. She could feel the air heat up as she climbed the endless set of stairs.

Her feet ached as she neared the final step to come face to face with yet another large oak door. "This couldn't possibly be unlocked." she said to the voice, 'now I'm talking to it, how far gone am I?'

'Not as far gone as you might think.' Belle jumped involuntarily at the answer, She hadn't really expected a response, it all seemed so surreal.

'Go on, its unlocked, I assure you.'

"How are you so sure? It could be enchanted or something, I think I should..." The voice howled once more, the shrill screaming was burning her ears.


Belle gave an exasperated "Humph" before slowly pushing against the door, It wasn't locked but it wasn't opening easily. She was a petite woman and try as she might she could only move it a few inches. She was sweating as she grunted with each try,

'Put your back against it and try harder.'

"I'm...ump...doing ...uh..the best that...ump I...can." She managed to make better progress than she thought when she obeyed the voice, her back against the door had been the ticket and it opened wide enough for her to pass into the darkened room.

Belle was surprised to find the room immaculately clean. No cobwebs littered it as it had the stairwell, No dust on any of the scattered trunks that littered the room along with the numerous keys that hung along the walls.

The room was small, and true to her mind it was circular as most rooms at the top of towers tended to be. There was only one window in the room, as gothic in appearance as all the other Belle had seen except this one had a difference, an etching of a single rose and stem was upon the window. The red of the bloom and the green of the stem caused a carousal of beautiful color to highlight each and every trunk. Belle looked around in wonder at all the various chests.

Some were large and some were small, some looked ancient while others stood in pristine condition. Her eyes left the various trunks in favor of all the keys that hung along the wall in no arrangement, they each their own in disarrangement with no fashion or order. Some were up high and some were as low as Belle's waist, they had no discipline about them as did the chests. She took her forearm and wiped the sweat from her brow as she considered her choices, the room was stifling hot.

"Well, any suggestions oh wise and powerful voice in my head?" She strained to hear, but it wasn't answering...'of course it wasn't answering, because your insane, and your going to burst into flame before you make a decision.' She rolled her eyes. Maybe she couldn't hear this mystery voice in the room, or maybe he had abandoned her after all. maybe he...Belle stopped, how did she know the voice was a he? She shrugged her shoulders, she just knew...the voice was that of a male. She sighed and set about her task of matching keys to their corresponding trunks.

Sweat rolled down her temples as she twisted her unruly hair into a knot, trying to keep it at the top of her head and off of her neck so she could concentrate.

So far no key matched any trunk she had tried...this was going nowhere and time seemed to be drifting away from her. Soon he would discover her gone and when he found her, and he would...what new hell would she face then. She worked had to fit, just one. She tried more keys in each luck yet. She was running out of keys and precious

"Your not being a very big help in here you could at least scream at me or something." She wasn't surprised when her statement was met with nothing but aching silence. She hoped whatever had compelled her up here knew what it was doing. She was down to two keys left, she tried the first didn't work a single lock on any of the chests, she dropped it useless to the left.

She started with the biggest and nicest one...nothing. Damnit...the next one...nothing. Next?...nothing. Soon she was down to the last small old chest. It was a ragged thing, worn and faded. The key couldn't possibly fit this one Belle thought, but she gasped in surprise as it turned the worn lock and the lid popped open to revel a small jagged edged dagger lying on a thick bed of black satin, the name of her master burned into the blade...a small weary but triumphant smile rose on her face as she traced the name with her fingernail lightly before picking it up.

She knew exactly what this was the legend.

She actually had what she thought only a fable, a dream, here in her grasp, the voice had not lied, it was her freedom, here at her fingertips.

The story of the dagger that could lead to the Dark One's demise was well had gone after it and never returned...No one had ever gotten this far...No one would believe a young girl would be the one to find it and vanquish the evil that had plagued the land for centuries. She stifled a crazy sounding laugh that threatened to escape. She would have her revenge...She felt the cool of the handle as her fingers wrapped around it, pulling it free of it's resting place. She held it up and said his name, "Rumpelstiltskin, I call you."

A crackling like the sound of thunder filled the room. Belle could feel electricity making the hair on the back of her neck stand on end as her former master and now her slave appeared at her feet, his eyes barely containing his fury. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the blade as hard as she could, fearful that he might at any moment wrest it from her hand and her claim on him resulting in her not so swift death.

Belle could not, as hard as she tried, stop the shaking of her legs as she clutched the knife and commanded the Dark One. "I have a little job for you to do for me Rumpelstiltskin." The imp snarled out his next words as if he would have rather bit off his own tongue than answer his new mistress.

"What would you have me do, I live to serve you." He sneered as he waited for her order. He had no choice but to obey her...for now.

His eyes were merely slits but somehow they managed to narrow even more as Belle barked out her decree.

"First, I need sufficient clothing...a dress...make it a blue one, to match my eyes, let's start with that...oh and some shoes to match and underthings if you're not to busy." She wanted to giggle as power ran through her fingertips, she could get used to this, Rumpel wanted to scream...She had all this authority and she was requesting underthings? Oh this wouldn't take long...she'll fuck up soon enough and he would have her. He snapped his fingers and Belle found herself clothed in a light, airy dress, the perfect color...she sighed with relief as she discarded the dirty sheet that had served it's purpose but now would remain in the tower from now untill the end of days, discarded across the chest that had housed the Dark One's dagger but now lay empty.

"Now Let's get on to something a little more interesting, shall we?"

The Imp bowed before his mistress like a submissive animal. "Let's take a small trip, to your room, you know the one I mean don't you Rumpelstiltskin?" The demon shuttered, yes, he knew the very one. In an instant they were absent from the tower as if they had never been there at all only to emerge into the room where only hours before Belle had been held captive...She smiled in satisfaction as she stood over him.

"I think I will return the kindness you showed me and more. I don't think you'll need such fine coverings any longer, remove your garments slave." Rumpelstiltskin began to unbutton his vest only to discard it to the floor as he did his tall boots, one by one and his shirt and finally his leather pants untill he stood naked before her.

"There, much better, kneel. I always want you kneeling before me as you should be, it that clear?"

"Crystal, my mistress, as you wish." Belle took in the sight before her. the glittering of the scales covered the length of his slim build. His lank wavy hair hung down, covering his face as he hunkered on the floor. He looked posed to strike at her but he remained where she had ordered.

Belle encircled him as she tapped the dagger into her palm, thinking. then an idea struck her. Of Course nothing would have been horrible enough, but this was a start.

"So I'm going to ask you a few questions slave, and while I question you I want you to do a few things for me. First go take in your hand that scourge whip, the one there on the wall. Rumpel did as he was bade.

"Now after each question I'd like you to give yourself one lash. that sounds fair does it not?"

Rumpel nodded as he plucked the device off the wall. The handle was smooth but short with several thin braided robes hanging off. The most spectacular thing about the scourge was the small but potent shards of glass that were attached to the ropes that were guaranteed to claw at soft delicate skin with each strike, tearing away at the flesh of its victim. His hands shook slightly as he felt the device in his hand.

"Now as I ask you the question I want you to remember what you have done to me and every other person as you strike yourself, but first, before we begin, let's play a guessing game. Where do you think I will ask you to strike on your person?" Belle could hardly contain her glee as she watched him struggle with the answer, he knew the answer just as she did.

He mumbled something.

"Pardon?" Her rosy lips uttered. "Louder please, I'd like to be able to hear your answer plainly, I don't like mumbles." Her voice sounded sweeter than bee honey but the tone was murderous.

"My cock, mistress."

Belle laughed at him. "First question." she gave him no time to think.

"Did you enjoy raping me?" SLAP!

Rumpelstiltskin howled in pain, "Yes" his voice came out as a harsh gasp.

"Did you plan to rape me every night?" SLAP! Belle smiled when she saw the blood flow, His manhood ripping as the flesh was tore from it in small hunks.

"Yes" he whimpered.

"Did you think you would kill me as you did all the others?" SLAP! A howl of pain played like a sympathy to her ears as he fell on his side, no longer able to stay on his feet. His body splattered with blood and flecks of his flesh. His essence pooling around him on the floor.

"Should I command you to heal yourself?" SLAP! His outcry was almost too painful to hear...almost, as his cock lay in pieces upon the ground, useless and lifeless, almost as much as he felt at that very moment.

"Please Mistress, no."

"NO?" Belle questioned once more. SLAP! the scourge hit his legs as the blood washed over them, it had nothing left to strike but his thighs, seeing as it's intended target had already been cut away.

"Alright, perhaps you are right. I have another task for you, since you cannot die from your being immortal and all. crawl over to kneel before your mistress." Rumpelstiltskin's body shook in pain as he somehow managed to get up on his hands and drag his broken and abused carcass over to where his mistress now stood, his body leaving a trail of blood and flesh in its wake.

He failed in his first attempt to move into a kneeling position but made it into a haphazard tug, finally kneeling before Belle, His most hated adversary but beloved mistress. His body quivered in a new burst of pain that threatened to make him vomit...but she had not command him to vomit so he could not, even as bile arose in his throat, he did his best to swallow it down. He dared not look up at her.

"Lean back slave, sit up straight so that I might see your progress and the beginning of your redemption to me."

Rumpelstiltskin grunted in pain as he sat back on his haunches for her viewing pleasure giving her a view of the damage he had inflicted upon himself at her hand. He heard her give a few tisks as if she hated seeing his predicament.

"I'm going to ask you one final question Rumpelstiltskin and this one I want you to answer honestly."

She took the legendary dagger in both hands, holding on to it firmly as she positioned it above his head.

"Are you sorry for what you did to me?" She bit down hard on her bottom lip, tasting the blood in an effort to remain still untill he had answered sufficiently.

He looked up at her and smiled, the pain forgotten momentarily as he spoke truthfully at her request, "No!"

Her hands came down as hard as she could, they buried the dagger into the top of his skull. The look on his face was one she did not imagine...she didn't know what it was she thought would happen, but whatever she had imagined in her brain did not compare with the truth of it before her.

The flesh of his head began to slowly separate, each side sliding off this way and that. His face seemed to melt away as it fell, hanging from him like some sort of macabre mask. Belle jumped back in horror as she couldn't take her eyes off the hideous apparition in front of her. A new face started to regenerate before her very eyes, but it was not the same one as before. Belle screamed out in terror as the face on Rumpelstiltskin's body no longer was his own but that of her lost betrothed, Gaston. The man she had been doomed to marry before her real nightmare began...another monster all the same.

He smiled at her, an unnatural, hideous thing as his head closed up over the wound she had made. She couldn't stop screaming as the blade sunk into the depths of his cranium, disappearing out of her each. She turned to run but he was upon her in an instant...and suddendly she was falling...

Belle woke up screaming...


This story started out as a bet you see. Could we stand together in unity if one of us broke the ranks and wrote something so hideous that it sent people spiraling and reeling with its mockery of Rumpel and Belle? Well, from the depths of my heart I would like to thank everyone who stood by me, even though this Rumpel was a complete bastard and for those of you, who even though they were met with fierce opposition from my fellow writers, still spoke their minds about the cruelty of rape and injustice. This story is far from over and thanks to all the ones who gave me advice and an enormous amount of input I appreciate it. Now that I have my muse, the next chapter will be up sooner than you think so read and review no matter what you think I don't want to hear, because your wrong I want to hear the passion of it all.-Kris