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Unfinished chapter- 3===

When kushina landed she saw naruto's clone getting destroyed. She saw the person who destroyed naruto's clone was Tsume inuzuka, her former friend. When Tsume saw kushina she was shocked. She knew kushina was dead. So how she was standing in front of her.

"k-kushina. You are alive.. h-how?" she asked as she was unable to think how kushina can be standing in front of her if she died almost two decades ago.

"I am not alive Tsume. I am still dead. But my soul is brought back by using the EDO TENSEI jutsu of second hokage. My son brought me back." Kushina replied while she kept a calm face even though she wanted to rip the inuzuka bitch right then.

'w-what? Why would he do that?' Tsume thought than it hit her. He brought kushina to life so he can use her power to destroy konoha.

" Please kushina you have to help us to stop him. Your son naruto is under the control of kyubbi. He has destroyed all the ninja villages except konoha. Help us to stop him so we can get him out of the kyubbi's control." Tsume said to kushina who looked at her like she was going mad.

"and please tell me why do you think he is under kyubbi's control?" kushina asked to Tsume.

"b-because he destroyed all other ninja villages and now he is trying to destroy konoha." Tsume answered hesitantly.

"and that tells you that he is under kyubbi's control. How?" kushina was about to explode from anger.

"because naruto would never do that." Tsume snapped. She was sure that naruto can never do that on his own will. He must be influenced by kyubbi.

"now now Tsume, you seem pretty sure that my son could never harm or hurt anyone. Why would you think that? After all he took out madara And obito." Kushina asked knowing that Tsume wont answer the question.

"b-because; Because w–we….." Tsume was unable to give any answer. She couldn't say the reason to kushina. How could she tell kushina the reason is –

"because you and the governing peoples of konoha brainwashed him to never hurt anyone until they are danger to konoha. That's the truth is not it? Tell ME" kushina screamed at the end of her sentence.

"you people made him obedient to konoha and its people. That is why you people still think that naruto can never hurt anyone from konoha. BUT you are wrong. Its not kyuubi who is doing this. my son is doing this himself. He wanted nothing from anybody just recognition and respect. He wanted to be respected. He wanted a family. But when he finally he found the person who could give him a family you took her away. Now my son doesn't have any reason to protect the people who would betray him. But he has a reason to kill all of you. By destroying the ninja villages he is creating a world free of ninja." Kushina said as her chakra chains started to move.

When kushina was about to start killing people kiba who had moved behind kushina while she was talking to Tsume attacked. He used Gatsuga from behind her. Kushina didn't expected the attack and received a major hit. Her back and stomach were torn. Her chakra chains disappeared. She was unable to do anything before a team of ninja started to seal her. They used the same method which was used in the fourth shinobi war. They were using cloth which had seals inscribed on it. The cloth wrapped around her. Everyone saw kushina making a handsign before the cloth completely covered her.

When the cloth covered her completely the ninja's smiled thinking they had stopped the women. Even Tsume looked relieved thinking that her friend would not be able to get out of the seals. They thought wrong. They forgot one important thing. The uzumaki clan was the clan of sealing experts. They forget that to uzumaki clan member this was an average seal. And most of all they forgot that kushina was the last ninja to study uzumaki sealing arts.

With a burst of chakra the cloth keeping kushina sealed was torn. The pieces of cloth fell down around kushina who was looked at the ninjas surrounding her. She looked at Tsume and laughed.

"Did you really thought that a seal of this level could rally stop me. I faced the kyubbi and stopped him with my chains. It was my clans sealing arts that kept kyuubi and other bijjus locked away. You really thought that I would be unable to break that seal. You made a mistake." Kushina said than she turned her sight to kiba. Her chakra chains emerged from her back once again.

"Now Tsume, I am going to make you feel how I felt when I learned about my sons life when he was a just a baby." Kushina said as her chakra chains moved and captured kiba and brought him near kushina.

"KIBA" Tsume screamed as she saw kushina capture her son. But when she tried to attack kushina to release her son; she saw a barrier erect around kushina.

"No-no Tsume-chan. No cheating. I didn't interfere when you and other villager of konoha mistreated my son. Now it's my turn so stay still and enjoy the show." Kushina said as she brought kiba who has all four of his limbs wrapped up. He was screaming bloody murder at kushina.

(Torture scene- please skip this part if you don't like torture scenes)

"You bitch release me now. I will kill you; release me. Free me from these chains now." Kiba screamed at kushina. While he tried to get himself free from the chains.

"hey brat don't be like that. If you don't move too much then this will be over very soon and I will release you quickly." Kushina said with a evil smile.

She brought a kunai out of her kunai pouch. And jammed it in kiba's left shoulder.

"Now boy scream for me. Feel the pain like my son felt when the villagers used to beat him." Kushina said to kiba while twisting the kunai to increase the pain in his shoulder. Then she looked towards Tsume who was looking in horror at her son. Kushina said to Tsume -"Are you watching this Tsume. Are you enjoying the show? Isn't this how you and your clansmen used to have entertainment? By torturing my baby. But now you know how I felt when I heard from naruto about his younger years."

"I was surprised to hear that even you joined those bastards in hurting my son. You? who was supposed to be my second best friend after mikoto. At least she tried as long as she could to protect my son. But you? You betrayed my trust. You hurt my son. And now I am going to give you the same treatment. " kushina said as she tore out the kunai from kiba's shoulder. Then she used some chakra to make the kunai hot.

"Now tsume-chan lets see how your son fair when we do what was done to my son on his fifth birthday." She said as she sliced open kibas shirt. His chest was clearly visible.

Kushina looked at Tsume who was screaming loudly to kushina to stop hurting her son.

"Please kushina stop this. Don't hurt my son. If you want to hurt someone, hurt me; but please leave my son. Please I beg you." Tsume was on her knees begging kushina to stop.

"No. no, I won't stop this. Why would I stop? You didn't. No one did. My son was a just a kid a you didn't stop. But when I am hurting your son who is much older; you are asking me to stop. Why should I stop? Don't you remember the saying? YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. What these people did to my son is now coming to them and they are scared. Well they should have thought that before they acted against my son. Now to your punishment." kushina said as she used the red hot kunai to carve a symbol for monster on kiba's chest.

Kiba was bleeding a little but the hot kunai cauterized the carving keeping the blood loss minimum. He was screaming loudly for help. When kushina stopped the carving process he felt a little relief thinking it was over. But kushina crushed his hopes when she forced his mouth open and caught and brought his tongue out. She used the kunai to slice his tongue. the hot kunai again burned his tongue and stopped his bleeding. Kushina did this on purpose so kiba would not die by chocking on his own blood.

Kiba screamed in pain. He was about to blackout from pain kushina jammed the kunai in his right thigh.

"now-now. Don't go unconscious on me. It wouldn't be as entertaining as it is with you awake and screaming." Kushina said as she twisted the kunai to increase the pain and stopped kiba from blacking out. But when she saw that it was not working as good as she hoped she sighed.

"wow this mutt of yours have no resistance to torture Tsume. My son was only five year and he didn't give up like your brat did. But don't worry. I won't let him give up and die. It will be too merciful for you. No, he will be punished more." Kushina said as she removed the kunai from kiba's thigh. This made him conscious again. All the while Tsume was watching this and attacking at the barrier to somehow reach her son and stop kushina. But all her actions were fruitless. She watched helplessly how kushina was punishing her by torturing her son.

She knew it was her fault that kiba was being tortured by kushina. If only she had listened to mikoto. If only she helped naruto instead of torturing him. But she didn't. She did what everyone did. She should have helped him but she wanted to stay with the majority. With people who used to beat naruto. And now her son is getting the beating; and it is her punishment to watch it helplessly.

Kushina then stabbed kiba in multiple places multiple times making him scream more and more. When she got tired of stabbing him she dropped the kunai and took out a senbon in her hand. She stabbed the senbon in kiba's right eye. He again screamed while he struggled with the chains to get out of them. She took out the senbon and threw it at the ground and looked at Tsume. Tsume was now crying as she saw kushina destroy her son's eye.

(Torture scene end)

"p-please kushina stop this. Please stop this torture. I am sorry. I know I made mistake but don't hurt my son because of my mistake. It's not right to hurt someone for someone else's mistake. You know that." Tsume screamed when kushina came close to edge of barrier holding her son restrained by the chains.

"Oh so you think by saying this I will stop. But you are forgetting something. It was minato's mistake in sealing kyuubi in naruto, not naruto's. But you didn't care. So you have no right to tell me what is right and what is wrong. But you know what, i will fulfill your wish. I will stop hurting your son. He isn't even screaming anymore. I am getting bored of him." Kushina said as she turned her sight towards kiba who has stopped screaming and was hanging limply by the chains. Kushina brought him closer towards edge of barrier. He was now facing Tsume.

"Here you can have your son- " kushina said as she brought him toward the wall of barrier where Tsume was standing. Tsume looked at kushina with little hope. But her hope was lost when she saw kushina grab a kunai and place it on her son's neck.

"But only dead" kushina said before she sliced kiba's neck. His blood started pooling out of his neck. Tsume looked in absolute horror as her son was murdered by the person she once called her friend. A friend she betrayed. Now her betrayal has taken her son's life.

While Tsume was standing still in shock of her son's murder kushina removed the barrier and dropped the kiba's dead body. When kiba's body fell Tsume snapped out of her shock and ran towards it. She cradled her son's head in her lap while crying. She cried for her son who died for her sins. She then looked at kushina who was smiling while looking at her. This made Tsume angry.

"y-you. You monster. You killed my son. I am going to kill you. I am going to kill you. Aahhhh." Tsume screamed as she ran towards kushina.

She tried to claw kushina's face but kushina dodged it. Tsume tried again to hit her but kushina kept dodging her attacks. While Tsume kept attacking kushina the sealing team also joined Tsume in attacking her. Three ninja were attacking her from around her while Tsume kept attacking her from front. When kushina got tired of her attackers she kicked the person behind her and jumped a good distance away.

"I am getting bored of this. I think I should finish this. Now get ready. I will show you why the people were afraid of uzumaki clan." Kushina said as she started to make handsigns. After making ten handsigns she slammed her palm on the ground. a seal appeared around her which then expanded about twenty meter in every direction.

"This is one of the nightmares of kumo ninja's. This seal makes your body unable to move. Only the person standing in the middle can move. Now the thing that makes it nightmare for kumo nin is what follows this seal." She said as she started to make handsigns. After making thirty five handsigns she called the name of jutsu.

"Uzumaki arts: fire of damnation" kushina said as a huge wall of white fire appeared in front of kushina. She moved her hand in a motion of pushing and the wall suddenly started to move towards all the ninja trapped in the seal.

In a moment they all were burning alive while screaming for help. The fire was so hot it even started to melt there headband and weapons. They were screaming but they were unable to move or do anything. It took only one minute for the fire to burn them all and turns them all into ash.

When it was over kushina removed the seal from the ground and moved towards her next target. After all konoha was a big village. And she was going to get her pound of flesh from konoha for abusing and disrespecting her son.

(Scene change)

One clone of naruto was running through konoha looking for his target. Whenever someone came in his way to stop him he just hit that person with a rasengan in the stomach.

He jumped from one building to another. He was about to jump to another when he saw his target fighting another naruto clone. She was fighting the clone with complete focus. The clone was having a hard time fighting her due to the order of the original. They were ordered to not kill her. They were ordered to capture her and alive. There boss was the one who would get the pleasure to kill the target.

The target was Shizune. She was fighting naruto's clone. To her it was easy. The clone was on defensive. She didn't know why; but the clone was keeping from haring her too much. He was holding back too much. He had thrown his hiraishin kunai around her, but was kept away from the kunai and it also helped her that whenever he used hiraishin she knew he would not go for killing blow. She was using everything in her arsenal to keep him at bay.

The clone1(A/N:fighting shizune) vanished again. He appeared behind shizune trying to kick her in the back when she turned and evaded the attack. He was about to kick her again when he felt the signature of another clone. He looked towards the clone2 from corners of his eyes and rushed shizune. Now he was fighting hand to hand and it was fairing badly for shizune. He was stronger than her. He was faster than her. But to her advantage he was refraining from hurting her. She moved to use her poisoned kunai on him when he ducked and hit her in the back. She almost fell but somehow managed to regain her balance. She jumped back some distance. She focused on the clone to be ready if he tried to use hiraishin. But to her shock he didn't. He just ran towards her.

Shizune started to make handsigns to use a jutsu when she felt someone behind her. She was so distracted by clone1 that she didn't felt clone2. When clone2 appeared behind her, he quickly knocked her out with a hit to back of her neck. She fell down to the ground unconscious. Clone1 stopped near clone2 and looked at shizune's unconscious body.

"I could have captured her myself." Clone1 said.

"I know, but it is my duty to deliver her to boss. You have your own tasks. You should be thinking about finishing them." Clone2 said.

"I know. I was going to finish my orders when she attacked me. And what took you so long to find her?" clone1 asked feeling a little irritated.

"I thought she would be in the hospital; so decided to check there first. But it seems she wasn't. And it took me a long time to find her outside hospital since there are very few places she would have been if the village was under attack. I had to check them one by one all by myself. And why the hell I am explaining it to you. You are not our boss." Clone2 explained the reason, even though he was very pissed at the end of explanation.

"Calm down. Now go deliver her to boss. He would be getting angry by the waiting." Clone1 said before he jumped to nearest building and ran off somewhere to complete the tasks given to him.

Clone2 drew a restriction seal on the forehead of an unconscious shizune and threw her on his shoulder and jumped towards the location of the original naruto.

(Scene change)

The Akamitchi clan members were fighting the giants by expanding their body to maximum. They were trying to beat the giants by outnumbering them. Three members of akamitchi clan were now pushing the giant away from the clan compound of Nara clan. The giant was using its fists to hit anything that came in its range of attack.

One of the akamitchi came running from site and hit the giant with his full body and started pushing him back; away from the compound of Nara clan. The other two members also joined him in pushing the giant. They were successful in pushing him away from the compound but the giant was now near the wall surrounding the village. They kept pushing the giant till he was touching the wall. The giant was unable to do anything when three large akamitchi were using their full power to take him out of the village.

They were about to throw him over the wall and out of the village; but the giant used the big wall for support to stop the akamitchi. He then swings his right hand to hit one of the akamitchi in the face sending him back. The giant then again swings his hand to throw back another ninja. When the final ninja tried to hit the giant it blocked the punch with left hand and kicked the ninja in the stomach. The giant was about to go after them when a naruto clone jumped in front of him and stopped him.

"You don't have to chase them. Just follow your order. Start destroying the buildings of the village. And they will come to you." The clone said as it jumped away from the giant. The giant turned and punched a building destroying it. He started destroying buildings left and right. When the akamitchi clan member saw this they attacked the giant.

They came from three sides to surround him. They attacked him together and started punching and kicking the giant. The giant blocked some hits but the ninja finally gained the upper hand and landed a hit on his shoulder, it broke his arm made of rock and it fell to ground. Seeing this ninja started to fight with more passion and in a very small time the giant was destroyed and the ninja relaxed a little.

They were preparing to go to another location to stop other giants when a naruto clone came towards them and landed on a rooftop in front of them. The akamitchi clan members looked at naruto clone and prepared to attack him when the clone spoke.

"Congratulations for destroying my giant summon. But you should not start celebrating now. There is a reason these giants were the protectors of uzushio. Do you want to know the reason?" the clone asked the konoha ninjas. The ninjas looked at each other. They didn't have any idea what the clone was talking about? They have stopped and destroyed the giant.

"So you don't know the reason. Let me tell yo-" the clone wasn't able to finish his sentence since he had to jump out of the way of a giant size hand of an akamitchi. He jumped to another building.

"You know that its rude to interrupt someone when he is saying something. Now I won't tell you what I was about to tell you because you won't live to hear it." The clone said as the two akamitchi clan members were impaled from behind.

The giant they destroyed was standing behind them. His rock arms were stabbed in their backs. The third member which was near narutos clone turned to look at his clan members dying. He screamed in anger and rushed towards the giant and punched him in the face sending the giant away, He chased the giant and when he reached the giant he started attacking him in anger.

While this was going on narutos clone turned to the rest of akamitchi clan members. They knew it was very unlikely they could stop him. The person who fought with madara and jubbi; that itself tells how much was the difference between them and naruto. But for them it was just a clone; a clone with more chakra than two kages have; but a clone none the less. It was almost impossible situation but they have to fight.

"Now it's just me and you people, twenty ninjas against only me. How unfair? But what could I do. If you could call more people, than they would have been here. Bad luck for you. Now you have to fight me. And let me tell you a secret. Boss has given us special permission to kill anyone. You understand what that means? Don't you… it means no one from konoha will survive. Now get ready. Here I come." The clone yelled before it created an oodoma rasengan and ran towards the ninjas.

(Scene change)

Shikamaru was fighting one of narutos clone with chouji's and ino's help. They were trying everything to trap the clone in shikamaru's shadow, but the clone was very fast for them. The moment they thought they had him trapped, he used the hiraishin to vanish and appear some distance away. He was just toying with them. Shikamaru knew that the clone was just playing with them. If he wanted the clone could kill all three of them in an instant but he wasn't.

"Why are you doing this? You could finish it anytime you want but you aren't. Why?" shikamaru asked after getting frustrated why the clone was doing this.

"don't worry. Soon you will know." The clone said. It didn't reveal anything to shikamaru who was hoping to get some answer to the question. He again tried to get some answers out of naruto.

" why are you keeping us alive naruto. we are heirs of three clan. but that doesn't make us anything special. And we know you could kill us anytime with hiraishin. Unless you need us for something. So what is it you need from us." Shikamaru asked.

"you are smart shikamaru. But there are things you don't know. And this is one of those things. But you will know it." The cone said before he started making handsigns.

"Kage kunai no jutsu." The clone spoke as he threw a hiraishin kunai. The single kunai turned into hundreds of kunai which covered the entire area.

" but as you said shikamaru. It is time I finish this." The clone said as he disappeared in a yellow flash.

The clone appeared behind ino and hit her in the back of her neck. She fell unconscious. The clone again vanished and appeared to right of chouji who was trying to find naruto. A punch to his head also made him unconscious. The clone then turned towards shikamaru and vanished. Shikamaru was on full alert. He was looking at every place where a kunai was placed. he tried to think where naruto would appear but the problem was he didn't have any idea where would he appear. Naruto was the most surprising ninja shikamaru ever met. And it was what made naruto the most dangerous ninja alive. No one knew what he was thinking.

He had prepared his shadow binding jutsu to use the moment naruto appeared. But it had been five minutes since naruto disappeared. he was nowhere to be found. This made shikamaru more nervous. 'Why isn't he knocking me out. He knocked out ino and chouji but not me. What is he planning?' He thought.

But when five more minutes passed and naruto didn't appear shikamaru slowly moved towards where chouji was lying unconscious. He carefully reached him. He looked around once more before he touched chouji. He tried to shake chouji to wake him up when he felt a presence behind him. He tried to use his shadow binding but before he could even make a hand sign a kunai was jammed in his right shoulder. His right hand was now unable to move. Shikamaru tried to look behind but a punch to face sent him sailing some distance away.

He used all the remaining power within his body to stand up. When he got some balance and could stand without falling, he looked at the clone that had not moved while he was recovering from the hit. He saw the clone standing there waiting for him to attack. Shikamaru knew that it was impossible for him alone to stop naruto's clone. But he had to try. At least for ino's and chouji's life. He slowly pulled a kunai from his pouch in hope that his plan would work.

"what are you waiting for naruto. All of your clones are ordered to kill everyone, yet I and my teammates are alive. What do want from us?" Shikamaru asked. But the clone didn't answer him. He was starting to feel the effects of the punch and blood loss. This was getting worse every minute for him. He knew he had to start his plan right now.

"Tell me naruto. What will hinata think about this? This slaughter. You have killed so many people. So many innocent lives were lost in your revenge. Do you think hinata would want this? She was a gentle and caring person. And you have made her the reason for this killing?" Shikamaru asked to the clone. He knew that involving hinata's name will make naruto even if it was a clone.

He was right, the clone's expression turned to anger and he started releasing chakra. This made Shikamaru smirk a little. Even after all this time he can still rile up naruto. But he knew this time it could be his final attempt. Since this day one of them would not survive. And he was ready to die for his village.

As the clone came closer Shikamaru tightened his grip on the kunai. This was his chance to take out the clone and save himself and his friends from naruto. As naruto's clone reached him the clone tried to punch him. Shikamaru was waiting for this opportunity. As the punch come near him, he ducked and jabbed the kunai towards the neck of clone.

It happened very slowly for Shikamaru. The punch sailed over his head. The kunai was getting closer to the neck of clone whose eyes were wide. The clone knew that he could not stop himself now and move out of the way. Shikamaru knew he had the clone. But at the last moment as the kunai was about to pierce the neck of clone he vanished in a yellow flash.

Shikamaru's eyed widened as he felt the clone to his right side. The clone was crouching with a hiraishin kunai in his hand. Shikamaru didn't have the time to even blink when he felt a punch to his face. The punch sent him flying to the building behind him. The clone run after the Shikamaru, as Shikamaru stood up the clone grabbed him and slammed his foot on the back side of shikamaru's knee. This made the Nara heir fall to his knees. At that moment Shikamaru knew that he had lost. Not just the battle, but his life and the life of his friends. As the next punch came towards his face his thought about anyone who could save the village. But he knew it was impossible and with that in mind he fell unconscious.

The clone tied him and took him where ino and chouji were. He also tied them up and disappeared with all three captive in a flash of light.


While this was going on another naruto clone was standing on the roof of a building. The building was the temporary house of remaining daimyos and advisers. The clone checked for any ninja inside the building but didn't find any ninja. There were few samurais inside to protect the lord of the countries. He shook his head at the lack of security provided to most important people of the elemental nations. Only a few samurais for protection? How pathetic.

He jumped down from the roof to the room where all the leaders were gathered. The moment the daimyos saw the clone, the mayhem started. The samurais attacked him. But it took him only few seconds to take care of them. As he finished with the samurais he turned to the daimyos. They were cowering in the corner of the room.

"Well. What do we have here? All the remaining leaders of elemental nations together, how convenient for me. Otherwise I would've had to seek each of you out from your hiding holes. And I know how great you cowards are at hiding. I had to spend almost a whole day to find the earth daimyo. But now you all are here and now." Clone stated.

"Please stop this uzumaki. Please, we will do anything you want. We know what we did was wrong, and we are sorry. Please stop this madness." fire daimyo cried to the clone.

"Really?. You are sorry when it is me in power? You are sorry when I am about to kill you? You were not sorry when you ordered the hokage to kill me. You weren't sorry when hinata–chan was kept prisoner for trying to save my life. When she was ordered to be killed, were you sorry then? No you weren't sorry. You don't care about anybody but yourself. You don't care if I kill everyone from this village as long as you people stay alive." The clone yelled at the fire daimyo and everyone present in the building.

"you people are used to get out of every problem with doing anything. You just hire people to do work for you and even lose their lives for your orders. People are fighting to live a normal life while you enjoy in palace and laugh on the poor people's misery. This stops today. Cause today you all are going to die. Today you all will feel how poor people feel in your reign. How it feels to suffocate with no way of getting out." The clone said before he made some handsigns and slammed his palm on the ground.

The walls and ground and the roof of the room glowed red for a few seconds before the glow faded. The daimyos looked scared at what this man is doing.

"What did you do?" the wind daimyo asked the clone.

"Nothing big, I just sealed the room so nothing could leave or enter this room not even the air. Now you can't ran out of this room like a coward that you all are. But the more important thing is that now nothing can save you." With that naruto took out a poison bomb he threw the bomb at the ground and it exploded filling the room with the poisonous gas.

"This is the same poison that was used on hinata-chan. Now you are going to feel all the pain she felt. Now you all can go to hell." The clone said before it poofed out of existence.

The daimyos and their advisors all tried to escape their prison but couldn't. The window which looked like easy to break didn't even budge when four people tried together. Slowly but surely the poison started affecting the captive in the room. Since hinata was a ninja, she had higher resistance to the poison and it took her a long time to be affected so much that she could barely move. But the lords and their advisors were rich people who barely did anything themselves. This made them very weak against the poison. It was only a few minutes later that all the occupants of the room fell down and were coughing. In a few minutes their bodies started to shut down.

After very painful half an hour later everyone in the room was dead. They all died horribly, bleeding from their eyes and coughing blood. And when the last person in the room died the walls of the room glowed again. After the glow faded the seals were deactivated. The poison started to blew out of the room. But there was no one alive to see that.

(End till I have some time and Fresh mind to write some more.)