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Ode to Eternity

I wasn't changed on the plane. Carlisle decided that the equipment he brought with him would keep me stable till we got home. It was beyond surreal. I stood beside my body in the private plane and looked down at myself seeing only a husk. I wasn't there anymore. I mourned the girl lying motionless in that coffin still hooked to machines to keep her breathing. Her life had been confusing at the best of times but it had been a good life. But that life was over now it was time to start a new chapter.

Edward was freaking out with the smell of me. He wanted the blood and he could fight that urge but it wasn't just that. Carlisle said that his actions confirmed his long held suspicion that I was his mate. He had never smelled anything from my projected self so the call to mate was never fully completed. He loved me but the smell made it so much more. I was kind of jealous in a crazy way because he was focused all on the body. I had the urge to punch him and yell that I was here beside him. I know it's crazy but this is a crazy situation.

When we arrived home everything was set up and ready to go. They had Edward's room cleared of anything that he didn't want broke. The comforter was removed from the bed leaving only the sheets. They placed the body in the center of the large bed and after I had hugged each of them all but Carlisle left the room. He was going to keep an eye on Edward as he started the process of changing me, once the bites are made and the change started he would leave then come back to periodically check on me.

Edward was talking to Carlisle about the bite positions so I crawled onto the bed to sit beside myself. I sat there cross legged watching the chest rise and fall and listening to the machines. Edward climbed onto opposite side of the bed and scooted next to her.

"I am going to inject my venom in the neck first then the pulse points in each wrist and lastly the thighs." I took an unnecessary breath; I had to admit I was nervous. Nervous and excited. He leaned over and pushed a strand of hair from my eyes, "Soon, my love we will have forever."

"Forever, I like that. You're nervous too aren't you?"

"Yes, what if I can't stop feeding and I lose you?"

"That's what I'm here for Edward. Jasper and Emmett are on standby if I call. We will make sure you don't get caught in the blood lust." Carlisle said from behind me. I turned back and smiled at him.

"See Pop's going to be ready for a shark attack, let's go for eternity." I laughed and he leaned toward me.

"Kiss me first?" He asked with his serious voice. He is worried and I want to help with that.

"Yes," and I leaned over my body and gave him a tender kiss. His eyes were shut when he pulled back from me. "Just think baby, three days from now. What an eternity we are going to have."

They open and he smiles and I know that was just what he needed. "Ready?"

"Yep, nibble me baby," I giggle.

He took a deep breath and leaned down towards her neck. He looked up at me before he struck. It was such a seductive look, it curled my toes. Oh I couldn't wait to wake from all of this to be with Edward for real and start our life together. His eyes were still on mine when the taste of my blood hit his throat. They closed in pleasure and he groaned. But oh shit, something is wrong here, I feel it! The burn is starting for her, but I didn't expect to feel it. I had hopes that we would stay separate and I would get out of it. My vision is turning filmy and when I looked my hand I see that it is fading. I'm losing my astral self. We are merging in the fire!

"Edward," I cried, "it hurts," my vision faded and I lost track of everything as the fire started.

Burn, burn, burn. Three days of roasting in hell. I now know what the Thanksgiving turkey feels like. How else can you describe it? Everyone handles it differently but it's the same for all of us, utter hell. From their stories Alice took the change the best of all them, quietly with no fuss, I envy her. Me, I screamed. A banshee has nothing on me, I screamed, and screamed, and screamed for three very long, unending days.

One at a time they all abandoned Edward and me. They couldn't handle the screams. The more the change progressed the shriller the screams were. The decibels were slowly changing to the vampire level. The ladies left the vicinity promising to be back when it was over. Esme was in tears, she couldn't handle seeing me in such pain. Emmett wanted to just kill me and put me out of my and their misery. Jasper had to go hunting in another county because he said could hear the screams in his mind even when he was far enough from the house to not hear my voice.

With the last beat of my heart I awoke to Edward's eyes gazing down into mine. The open window was behind him and the sun's rays sparkled through his halo of copper hair, he looked like an angel. That was the sexiest angel I had ever seen and I wanted to corrupt him, in a very naughty way. I was on him in an instant. He smelled so good and my body was like butter melting around him.

Our mouths devoured each other and my hands crept from behind his head down to his shirt. Too much cloth between us, one way to fix that problem, and I ripped the shirt from his body. Our lips never left each other's, as the scraps of his shirt fell to the floor. Now the pants I thought as my fingers worked their way down his ribs and across his abs toward the button to glory.

"Damn Edward you got a fire cracker on your hands!" Emmett remarked with his booming voice from somewhere across the room. Big mistake. I don't know how it happened, my vampire self-decided Emmett was a threat and I went from writhing on Edward like a cheap porn movie to trying to take Emmett's head off in the blink of an eye. It took all the guys to pull me off him. The big dumb ass was laughing like a maniac as Rose held his ears to his head waiting for them to reattach. It seems that I was using the ears as handles to try to twist his head off. When they pulled me off him I brought them with me.

"What did you expect you idiot? She is a new vampire and you immediately think she will be ready to play." Rose said with a smirk.

"But," the slap was loud and it startled me more than Emmett's voice but Edward held me tight in his arms and that kept me from doing something stupid.

"Inside voice!" Rose said moving her hand back to the ear that was dangling by a hair from Emmett's head. It was so funny looking it sent me into peals of laughter.

I was still giggling minutes later when Edward suggested we hunt. That stopped the giggling but created a burn in the back of my throat. I wanted something, my body craved sustenance, but I was so new at this I didn't know what to do.

Edward sensed my discomfort and whispered in my ear, "Let's go hunting baby."

I was instantly horny, food all but forgotten. I was writhing on him again, trying to climb his body to get to his lips.

Esme took pity on me and pulled me from Edward's arms, "Maybe we should make this a girl's trip." When I was out of his arms the hunger came rushing back. "I think that would be best mom." I said looking apologetically at Edward.

He smiled and said, "I will be here when you get back, go have some fun with the girls."


We returned from my fist hunt disheveled but in one piece. When we had left the house it looked like a group of runway models going shopping. Esme was dressed in tan slacks, a cream blouse, and brown pumps. Rose was in a sunny yellow halter dress and thin strapped sandals. Alice was in designer jeans, a silky blue button up and some killer boots. They had dressed me in a flirty white skirt and top with sandals. We were dressed more for tea at the blood bank rather than a hunt for forest creatures.

We didn't look the same upon our return. Esme was ruffled but still clean. Alice had a hole in the knee of her jeans but was somewhat clean. Rose tottered in with a heel missing from one of her sandals mumbling about them being her favorite Choo's. As to me, I looked like a horror movie. There were leaves in my hair, my top had been clawed off me when I wrestled a bob cat, so all that was covering my top half was a very bloody bra. My skirt was covered in blood, and I had lost my shoes somewhere between the second doe and the bob cat.

"Edward," I squealed as I jumped into his arms. "I slosh!"

Did you have fun Bella?"

"I'd say she did," Rose said from across the room, "she got carried away hunting."

"Why, what happened," Questioned Carlisle?

The girls looked at each other questioning who wanted to go first. I just snuggled deeper into Edward's arms.

"What didn't happen? She's more hyper than her astral self at her worst. After she inhaled her first doe she tore off after a second. Then before she was finished with it she smelled the bob cat. I was sitting on the limb above her supervising and she reached up where I was at, snapped the spike off my heel, and tore off after the cat."

"It was mine." I chirp from Edward's lap and smile up at him. He leaned down and kissed the tip of my nose affectionately.

"You had already had two does, it was my turn" Rose said sounding like a patient first grade teacher explaining the rules for the fifth time to a student.

Alice snorted and added, "We found her wrestling with the cat a quarter of a mile away. She was wrapped around it like a baby monkey all the while stabbing it with the heel from Rose's shoe…"

By now Emmett is on the floor laughing and it looks like Alice and Jasper will be soon following his example.

"I kid you not, she was trying to lick the blood from the holes and wrestle the cat at the same time!" Rose laughed.

"We will have to work on technique on the next hunt." Esme said with a straight face, and then hid her face in Carlisle's shoulder and burst out laughing.

Ok I'm losing interest in this conversation, time to break it up. "So Edward lets go somewhere and you can help me on my technique." And I smile at him so sweet and innocent. Nope, nothing naughty up my sleeve.

"Ok, I think I can help you with that" he said with a lopsided smile looking deep into my eyes.

We walked from the house hand in hand to the sound of Emmett's cat calls.

"Where are we going," I asked curiously?

"It's a little surprise."

"I don't want surprises, I want nudity."

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And he was like, "Dude, you need to cut back on the caffeine."
― Christopher Moore,

My ever loving odd play list: I had to listen to a little Dr Demento to get my Emmett on… Please Google them, you will piss yourself over the Drunken Scotsman. It's my fav.

Kill the Wabbit - Ozzy Fudd

The Drunken Scotsman – YouTube (This is so Emmett!)

The Toddler Year / Emmett Cullen's Training Camp for Young Vamps

"Emmett are you sure this will work?" I ask Emmett as he approaches me in the "class room" also known as the attic training room for the new born.

He has a box full of various size plastic bags and a crazy look on his face. Emmett is my baby sitter for the day. I have been banned from group hunting. A well fed Bella is an amorous Bella. So it is either an all-girl hunt or Edward and Bella gets it on hunt. I like those hunts the best.

Emmett really is the best baby sitter you could have. He is always fun and very creative when it comes to games. He will defiantly keep you busy.

When he has babysitting duty our thing is to watch campy 80's movies and play his latest and grossest games. Well, I try to play his games. It's his theory that he can desensitize me from killing people if I find killing abhorrent on the video games. This is Em logic, go figure. Why would they put a game on the market where kids can decapitate someone with full life like blood splatter? The world now days are kind of screwy.

"We have kept you from all contact with people. So I thought we could start desensitizing you."

"Desensitizing me? More graphic violence and mayhem, is it a movie or a video game?"

"Neither," he grins like a loon. "So I got this idea and I went around town and stole some clothes."

"Oh My God, Emmett, are you nuts? If you get caught people are going to think your some mad peeping tom. How did you get, when, how?" I'm losing my marbles and speech skills.

"Chill itty bitty, just work with me here. It's going to work see we are going to set a goal. What do you want to do first when your rabid time is up?"

I'm quick to reply to that one, "Fashion Week in New York and I'm not rabid you big jerk"

"Tell that to the first human you bite. You're going to get a whiff of one of those blood bags and turn into a snarling rabid little rabbit. If you go public the big guys in Volterra is going to be like "kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit." He sings the Elmer Fudd song and runs from me.

I have to pursue, because that is like what you're supposed to do when a big brother is teasing you. Good thing the attic room runs the whole length of the house so we have the room for running. He runs by the box he placed on the floor earlier and grabs a bag. I almost caught him but he opened the bag and wham, the smell hit me. Yum! Let's eat! The scent is amazing. My mouth waters, venom drips from my chin. I want to roll in the scent.

"See, now you know what I mean. If you had a human walk in now,"

The idea is appealing; a human would be nice around now. All the strenuous training is making me hungry. "Emmett, Emmett, lets order a pizza guy!" I squeal and clutch my appetizing treasure to my nose.


"Well, I think Emmett has a good idea." Jasper smiles over at me. I'm still clutching the training t-shirt to my nose, it has almost lost the scent. "I mean when I was in the army we used violence and fear to curtail behaviors we deemed…." I've tuned him out again. Oh he is boring as heck and when he gets into his lecture mode I just want to steal away and molest Edward. But I have to behave now, at the moment we are having a family gathering so it would be awkward.

"She has a goal!" This was from Emmett. Hopefully this will stop the lecture. He looks over at me and we share a smile. We are on the same wave length.

"Good, good idea. Set some goals. I like this. The clothing idea was also a good one Emmett. How you got the clothing could lead to trouble though." Carlisle smiles at us the proud papa and scientist. You can see he is itching to get his note books out and start scribbling.

Rose picks a bag out of the box with two fingers. "Looks like you have enough training material to keep you out of people's houses and trouble for a while."

Emmett is proud of his idea and willing to share. "I picked up some no scent at the outfitters and sprayed the bags once I got the items in and sealed."

"Very well thought out son"


"You big burley jerk!"

Give me back my ear!"

"Skid marks; you give me a pair of dirty boxers with skid marks!"

"I didn't make you bury your head in them. What were you trying to do, smell a rose over in China?"

"I'm burning your damn ear for that."

*** / ***/***/***/***


"What the HELL were you thinking taking her to a concert?" Rose is in full rant. "A concert! With people! Blood bags on legs! She is freaking six months old!"

Emmett and I are sitting at the unused dining room table. The others including Edward are on the other end of it with the exception of Rose who is stalking around the room ranting at the top of her lungs.

"But Rose," slap, "Rose," Emmett looks up at his wife only to dodge the next blow coming for him. "Rose, calm down! I got her out of there fast! How could I know she would run into her singer?"

"Son, I know she has made progress. But you have to agree, it was just too soon to take her out." Carlisle is giving us his disapproving father look. He has perfected it in the last six months.

"I wanted to pull his head off and suck him like a crawfish. Oh God I need help!" I am saying this all the while banging my head on the table. Alice is sitting across the room trying her best to look serious but with my last outburst she couldn't control herself any longer and snorted.

"Alice, this isn't funny, it made the news." Jasper and his voice of reason just has to get his two cents in. "There was a riot, people got hurt."

"They didn't get any pictures!" Emmett said defending us, I'm still banging away.

"Justin Bieber is her singer!" Alice can't contain herself any longer and let loose with the laughter, when she did the others followed. Pretty soon the whole bunch is laughing at me, even Edward.


AN: I'm sorry but I couldn't help myself. I was watching one of those entertainment shows last night hoping to get a glimpse of Rob at Cannes and there was this thing where there was a riot at a Justin Bieber concert. I thought to myself, hmmmm maybe it was Alice who caused it all and the kid was her singer. I wanted her to get him but my little girl would kill me if I killed off the boy singer….. how ever annoying the little prick is.

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The Dark Dance Teaser…

I knelt in front of the bed awaiting my mother's attention trying to ignore what was happening before me. The wet noise of sex, pleasure noises from a female, pain filled noises from a male. Mother is astride one of her guard, riding him in fury, metal tipped nails buried deep into his shoulders. The poor bastard is cut and bleeding from a thousand shallow cuts upon his body but still he performs for her. He knows what happens if you do not please the queen.

Her bed is a massive; so big you could call it orgy size. Half of it is recessed in a round alcove carved into black rock like a half dome. The foot part of the bed is square and protrudes out into the room. The sheets are black and silken; black doesn't show blood or other things. On an uneventful day the bed is covered in furs. A fitting bed spread for a bloodthirsty queen.

On a normal day the shackles affixed to the stone in the alcove are empty. But tonight in the black rock alcove are shackled four others of her guard. Naked and bleeding, each of them watching our queen and her latest victim. Looks of pity, pain, and fear are on each of their faces. Pity for the one in the bed, pain because they were there before him, and fear that she might want to finish off with them once more.

The standard two guards are at my back flanking the door. I left my guards in the hall. They protested this but I don't want them to catch her eye and become her playthings till her anger is appeased. We all have been her playthings at one time or another. No, she has never stooped to incest but she has tortured me till I resembled the naked bleeding man on the bed. Then she fucked the bastard that helped her cut me to ribbons in front of my bleeding body.

I have a deep hatred for my mother. I guess having your mother tear your skin to ribbons of bleeding flesh in front of a crowd of courtiers doesn't promote family love. My hatred must stay buried until I can unleash it and kill the bitch. Until that day I must plot, and plan, and stay one step in front of her and her sycophants. I watch from under my lashes with my head down, careful to keep quiet, but I catalogue everything.

She finishes with the guard on the bed with a shriek, her head thrown back and sweat dripping between her breasts. She straitens her spine still astride the guard and nonchalantly pulls the metal claws from the shoulders of the guard and carefully licks the blood from each of them. Then as if she was pulling off a pair of gloves starts to pluck the metal tipped claws from her fingers and throw them to the floor. Never bothering to remove herself from his body she looks down at me kneeling before her. She carries herself so regal sitting there naked, as if on her thrown instead of riding a cock.

"Edward, my son," she says as she sits astride her guard. "So good of you to come to my call." She smirks down at me, like I had a choice to come to her. Her smile is dangerous and it's hard to judge which way the conversation will turn.

"I always come to your call my mother queen." I say as I slowly raise my head to look at her. I smile lasciviously at her hoping this will appease her.

She likes to think I am depraved as her. It amuses her to see my prowess displayed before the court. In the past I have set up scenes to encourage this. Never though with an unwilling person, my companion each time were women with a taste toward the violent end of sex. She likes to watch someone taken by force so my partners were instructed to resist, as if it was the queens guard lined up to mount them. When it comes to my mother it is best to volunteer than to be surprised when she demands your participation.

"I have a problem my son. It seems my James has gone missing now. I want him back!" I know that will never happen. His body has been reduced to ashes by now. "I also want to know who is disposing of my guard. You wouldn't know anything would you my son?" She raises an eyebrow at me in query.

So, what do you think….