Right, well, since I seemingly can't for the life of me manage these stories in a linear, or even immediately comprehensible, fashion, here's a break-away side-story, taking place at the end of Part 2 of the Suzie story.

As for how they wound up in such a state, or arrived in the world of Digimon Data Squad, there's a reason for that, within Part 2.

In a room of the DATS agency building that had been repurposed as a makeshift hospital room, Takato and Rika rested in a pair of beds, both attached to cardiac monitoring devices that registered his heartrate as fluctuating and peaking out at 130/102, give or take ten, and hers at 124/112, give or take another ten, with their foreheads tightly wrapped in four-five layers of gauze.

Renamon stood leaned against the other wall alongside Guilmon and Terriermon, who both mimicked the kitsune's stance, the saurian supporting himself with his tail and the rabbit's ears impairing his attempt somewhat.

Henry, who sat on a chair in-between the beds, mused that the two might be mistaken for being asleep, though he knew that to be far from the case. "Are they going to be okay?" He quietly asked Thomas, sounding as though he already knew the outcome, and vehemently loathed it.

Thomas hesitated to respond, as he honestly had no goddamn idea. Almost two liters of blood loss, concussions... Normally, they would have received transfusions as soon as possible, but he had no idea what their blood types were, or whether they had any allergies. Similarly, any blood diseases that might arise, like AHTR, or GVHD - albeit unlikely for that particular disease, or something like an infection - made him reluctant to consider the notion.

"I honestly don't know, Henry," Thomas replied nervously, dreading his reaction. "They've lost much blood. Frankly, it's a miracle that they've survived this long. If you know their blood types, that would help immensely."

"That won't work..." Henry whispered, with an undertone of anger and regret. The three Digimon grimaced. Savage-irony, Renamon mused. What had been the deciding factor in the salvation of their world several years ago might now be what killed the two. "We're made of data, like our partners. That's how we can Bio-Merge together."

Thomas stared incredulously at him, though in hindsight, their making unbelievable assertions shouldn't have surprised him at this point. Though, given that they weren't made of flesh and blood, he didn't understand then how they could lose blood. He theorized that the data comprising them was somehow configured to approximate human biology, on the molecular level. The implications of that were astounding.

He cursed inwardly, as this would complicate treatment greatly. Normally, they'll have been administered isotonic fluids, to help them recover, but he had no idea how their physiology would respond to something like that. From what he remembered with Yoshi, the outwards symptoms would be the same, but their data-based bodies were vulnerable to a slew of new and unknown illnesses that modern medical science had no clue how to treat.

"Regardless, I'll like to stay with them until they wake up," Henry requested.

"...Alright. I'll be back in an hour, to check on them," Thomas answered, and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. He saw no harm in letting him stay with them, as he and their partners were likely the first that they would want to see when they woke up.

Once he had left, a deep silence spread through-out the room, interrupted only by the beeps of the devices. Henry leaned back in his chair, deciding to just wait it out until they woke up.

"Dammit, you two..." Henry grumbled, looking softly at Takato, and next, at Rika. He knew that even people who were asleep or unconscious could on some level hear what happened around them; that was an autonomic process that, unless they were deaf, nothing short of terminating the brain functions could prevent, and furthermore, in some case it might even prove beneficial to do. Of course, he wasn't as optimistic as to expect that simply him talking would snap them out of it.

"You can't die from something like this, neither of you can," Henry told them sternly. Renamon regarded him with mild amusement, sensing that this was something that he needed to unload, while Guilmon and Terriermon stared quizzically, wondering why he was talking to them even though they weren't awake.

"We've fought the D-Reaper, the Royal Knights, the Demon Lords, and countless other things together, and came out swinging. You seriously expect me to believe that you'll die of something like this?!" He asked the pair, his voice tinged with disbelief and worry, and waited a second, which became ten seconds, which in turn became a minute.

The two remained immobile, with no sign that they had in any way heard him.

Slowly, the minutes passed, fading into hours. Every ten-twenty minutes or so, Renamon heard people walk by outside, murmuring something or another that honestly didn't hold interest for the anthropomorphic fox anymore.

Exactly how much time had passed, she didn't know, but Suzie and Lopmon suddenly entered the room, keeping her brother company for about half an hour, before they left, deciding that the three would prefer their privacy.

Terriermon mused that about half an hour had passed before the door opened again, revealing Thomas, one of the doctors employed by DATS, Ryo and Monodramon. Unlike the other two, Ryo had sustained no real wounds for the battle, 'merely', relatively speaking, a fractured arm, which Thomas had seemingly attended to, and placed in a purple cast.

Monodramon briefly glanced at the unconscious two. They looked so much to be asleep that it was almost startling to him. "A-Are they gonna be okay?" The mini-dragon nervously asked with a faint stutter to Thomas, who seemed to be doing nothing more than jotting down notes in his journal, examining the numbers on the screens.

Thomas hesitated to respond, as he honestly had no idea, and told the dinosaur as much. Monodramon responded with a dismayed sigh. "I'm afraid that all we can do is keep them comfortable while they rest."

Ryo nodded dismissively in response, and a few minutes later, Thomas and the doctor both left the room, most likely to check on the other victims of the battle. Ryo and Monodramon spent about an hour in the room before leaving.

Afterwards, Renamon mused distantly that the arrivals of visitors seemed to proceed almost like some strongly off-kilter clockwork. Every so often, at about ten-twenty minute intervals, if she was right, either Suzie and Lopmon, or Ryo and Monodramon, or Thomas, or a doctor, would invariably check in, to make sure that Rika and Takato were in stable conditions.

A quick glance out the windows told the kitsune that more time had passed than she had realized, as outside, the sun had long since set, and night had fallen over the city, leaving the cityscape illuminated only by the endless lights of the Tokyo skyline, reminding her of nothing as much as back home in Shinjuku.

To her mild amusement, beside her she noted in the corner of her eye that Terriermon had fallen asleep, while Guilmon was visibly struggling not to join the bunny.

She heard Henry sigh faintly. The navy-haired male knew that they'll wake up eventually, but they had been unconscious for almost five hours already, by his estimate; just how much longer would they be like this, Henry wondered, before he heard a sudden rustling noise from Rika's bed, along with a faint groan.

Rika briefly assessed her surroundings, wincing slightly, as her head was, almost literally, killing her. The last thing she remembered was fighting Lucemon, and now she had woken up in unfamiliar surroundings lying in a hospital bed, with Renamon, Guilmon and Terriermon standing a distance away, with two of them asleep, and Henry sitting on a chair in-between her bed, and the one that Takato was in.

All things considered, not particularly unusual, the seventeen-year old decided. "Hey, guys. Did we win?" She managed a weak smile at the group, sounding fine despite looking pale.

A quick mindlink conversation with Renamon answered the question while Henry stared quizzically at her, wondering whether that was really everything she had to say to them after waking up from a lengthy concussion, or... He cringed inwardly, realizing that she might have gotten brain damaged from it.

"Are you okay, Rika?" Renamon worriedly asked, more aware than she cared to be of the precarious state that the red-head was in. Even made of data, her brain was still as susceptible to injury as a normal human's.

Rika responded that though her head hurt like well, and she felt nauseatingly woozy, she was ready to leave whenever Takato woke up. Everyone present blinked when he raised his right hand, with only his index finger extended, his soft-red eyes opening.

"Yeah, I'm awake," Takato informed them, remaining firmly where he was, as he was freezing, his head ached something fierce, and he would really like some sleep at this point.

More than slightly surprised, and wondering why he hadn't spoken up about it, Henry asked how long he'd been awake. "About an hour." Takato slowly told them, the words sounding visibly strained.

Henry sighed, figuring that given the circumstances, he couldn't fault him for not saying anything.

"We'll return home tomorrow," Renamon spoke. "Is that fine?"

Rather than respond to her, Rika and Takato relaxed visibly, nestling back into their assigned beds, determined to spend what remained of the night to get some sleep.

Well, that's that. As usual, here's some last minute explanation about the story.

1) The bit about the Tamers being made of data is the same deal as in the Saial/Raya story, only here they haven't been rendered immortal from it.

2) Most of the medical details mentioned in this chapter is as accurate to real life as I now could make it. Which is to say, since I hold no degree in medicine, pretty much hit-or-miss.