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"Phone call"


Chapter 1
Location, Re-located

November 1, 1991
4 Privet Drive, Surrey, England, United Kingdom

Mr and Mrs Dursley were a perfectly normal family in a perfectly normal house in a perfectly normal area of Surrey. Nobody would think that they would have something to do with anything abnormal. That was until Mrs Dursley nearly tripped over her nephew whilst putting out empty clear glass bottles of milk. She stared at the bundle in horror before noticing the letter in his small fist. She snatched the letter out of his grasp causing Harry to stir and quickly read through the letter. Sneering, she grabbed the bundle as if holding a carrier bag and pulled it into the house shutting the door behind her. She then harshly placed the blanket containing Harry onto the table as if burned.

Her human like walrus of a husband waddled into the kitchen/diner, his piggish eyes looking at his wife who was glaring sourly at the bundle on the table. "What's that doing here?"

"My freak sister and her husband were killed and now the freaks what us to take her brat in" replied Petunia.

"I have a business meeting in Washington next week. I'll take the boy with me and dump him in a random orphanage" Vernon grunted before a cry carried down stairs.

Petunia sent one last glare at the sleeping child before quickly walking up stairs to her 'Diddydums'. Vernon grabbed the blanket and shoved it in the cupboard under the stairs muttering 'out of sight, out of mind'.


November 22, 1991
St Weirburghs Orphanage, Washington DC, America

It had been two weeks since the Dursleys had dumped Harry on the door step of St Weirburghs in Washington DC and moved to Germany. Genevieve 'Jenny' Taylor and Rosemary 'Rose' Brookman were to first to find the boy they now called Charles 'Charlie' James Evans on their doorstep with a note that only had his birthday, his parents first names and that his parents were killed in an explosion. The two were the only staff member in the orphanage aside from the manager, Mr Aiden Blake. The orphanage had about 20 children under the age of 18. The three oldest at 17, 16 and 14 helped out with the younger children.

During the two weeks that Charlie had been with them, Jenny and Rose had both noticed him doing things no child should be able to do. After a quick and quiet conversation, the two agreed that Charlie needed to be adopted as soon as possible. Jenny walked to the phone in the office and dialled the number of an old friend of hers.


November 22, 1991
NIS Washington District, Washington DC, America

Leroy Jethro Gibbs had been working for NIS for two months under Team Leader, Mike Franks. It had been nine months since Shannon and Kelly were killed and the only thing keeping him sane was NIS. He was on a crime scene taking photos when his phone rang. "Gibbs speaking," he spoke when he picked it up.

"Jethro?" a female voice spoke from the phone. "It's Genevieve Taylor."

"Viv? What's wrong?" he asked noting a slight tremor in her voice.

"We have a little boy who came in a few weeks ago. I need to get him out before someone else adopts him and ends up abusing him."

Jethro sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose to starve off the oncoming headache. "I'll see what I can do." He muttered before cancelling the call and sighing again.

"Anything wrong Probie?" spoke the voice of his team Leader.

"An old friend called with a problem and she needs my help," replied Jethro.

"Go tell the director. We'll finish up here" Mike smirked.

Jethro nodded and headed back to the office to speak with Director Morrow.


November 22, 1991
St Weirburghs Orphanage, Washington DC, America

An hour after the phone call, Jethro was stood outside the wrought iron gates of what looked like a large mansion but the sign over the gate gave it away. He briskly walked up the pathway and knocked on the dark brown wooden door. A blonde haired woman answered the door; her grey eyes alight with worry. Seeing Jethro the worry turned into relief. "Come in, come in," she pressured, gesturing Jethro into the building.

Jethro walked into the building and followed the woman to an office where an auburn haired woman was holding a young messy black haired boy on her lap. The auburn haired woman, Rose, was teaching Charlie some basic sentences in a quiet voice.

Jenny brought Jethro to the corner of her office and the two spoke in a quiet manner for several minutes. Jethro nodded and filled in the forums that Jenny had pulled out from a filing cabinet. After he had finished, he picked up Charlie and a car seat that Jenny had pulled out of a supply cupboard. Rose helped fit the car seat into the car before buckling Charlie into the chair. Jethro sat in the driver seat after saying bye to the two nurses and drove away from the orphanage.


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