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Chapter 2
Magic is Real?

November 22, 1991
Kiddicare, Washington DC, America

Jethro had placed Charlie in the child's seat on the trolley and was wheeling him around picking up necessities that he would need. Going through the toys isle of the shop, Charlie reached his arms out for a large black dog bear. Jethro noticed and grabbed the black dog along with a stag and a brown wolf that seemed to call to him. Jethro gave the dog to Charlie and put the other two toys in the basket.

"Pa'foo" mumbled Charlie into the dog's fur.

Jethro let off a small smile and went to pay for the things.


November 29, 1991
Gibbs Residence, Washington DC, America

It had been a week since Charlie had become the newest member of Gibbs' family. Jethro was getting worried. He kept getting the feeling that there was someone watching him and Charlie. After he had put Charlie down for a nap he pulled out a knife from his seethe which was on his left shin and pointed it in the direction of where he felt the eyes come from. There stood a, what looked like a small green human with white hair, inky black eyes, long fingers and feet. The human like figure had pointy ears and a large pointy nose.

"Who are you?" Jethro demanded quietly, the knife held firmly in his hand.

"Hello Mr Gibbs. I am Bograd. A goblin from the American Gringotts Bank," spoke Bograd. "You have legally adopted one Hadrian James Charlus Evans-Potter in the Mundane world and Gringotts wishes to help you gain legal custody in the Magical realm."

"Gringo- Magic is real?" Jethro spoke with a raised eyebrow. "And Charlie's name is actually Hadrian."

Bograd gave a startlingly scary grin showing off teeth that would make a wolf proud. "Of course Mr Gibbs."

Jethro's eyes narrowed. "How do I know I can trust you?"

"How do I know if you are not a secret assassin planning on killing Heir Potter for his money?" replied Bograd in his gravelly voice.

"Touché," replied Jethro. "I accept your assistance in getting full custody of my adopted son."

Bograd gave a short nod and pulled a stack of papers and a quill from a previously hidden pouch that was on his hip. He then handed them to Jethro who read through the papers before signing them. The papers disappeared with a silent pop as Jethro was about to hand both the quill back to Bograd. Bograd plucked the quill from a startled Jethro's hand and placed it back into his pouch.

"Congratulations Mr Gibbs. You are now the father of one, Hadrian James Charlus Jethro Evans Potter-Gibbs." Chortled the amused goblin.

Jethro's eyes narrowed in suspicion. "That was quick" he grumbled taking a quick glance at the sleeping child.

"Things like magical children guardianship normally is, Mr. Gibbs. Especially that of a famous magical child." Mused Bograd.

"Famous?" Jethro whisper shouted. "What do you mean by famous?"

"Ah… Maybe I should tell you the story about the boy who lived" pondered Bogrod.

"They gave a CHILD a TITLE!" exclaimed Jethro quietly in shock.

Bogrod sighed and started to explain to Jethro why Hadrian was famous.


The NIS Director frowned at Frank. "Your probie is off on family problems" He spoke raising an eyebrow. "And most members of NIS know that the only family is his father who he rarely speaks with. So why is he off?"

"It is true about the family problems. Just a situation to do with a child that his friend found."


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