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Chapter 3
Spells and Curses

December 6, 1991
Gibbs Residence, Washington DC, America

Jethro could not believe what had happened in a short span of time. Earlier in the year his wife and daughter died and nine months later he gains a son. Bograd had come by three days after his last visit to check for any spells and damages that may linger on Hadrian, or Charlie as he was stuck with. The discovery of the spells had sent both goblin and human muttering in curses that would have caused even a sailor to blush.


December 2, 1991
Gibbs Residence, Washington DC, America

Bograd had popped in to check for any spells and damages that would not have been noticed by a mundane human healer.

"Kontrolu ĉi tiun por malbenoj" (Check this one for spells) chanted Bograd with a quill which he then placed on a piece of parchment.

Spells and Curses on Hadrian James Charlus Jethro Evans Potter-Gibbs

Glamor Charm – Lillian Marie Evans Potter (at 0 days old)
Baby Binder – James Charlus Potter (at 5 months old)
Tracking Charm – Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (at 15 months old)
Power Transfer – Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (at 15 months old)


"Kiajn malsanulo farus infano animon ujo?" (What kind of sick person would use this child as a soul container?) growled Bograd.

"What is a Horcrux? And why is there a tracking charm and power transfer on my son?" asked Jethro.

"A Horcrux is a piece of soul removed from the main soul to bind it to a certain plain, in this case the living plain. As for the tracking charm and power transfer, I do not know but I will remove it immediately." Grumbled Bograd.

Muttering and waving his gnarly hand, Bograd removed the spells from Charlie. "We will have to bring the two of you to our ritual room in Gringotts to remove the soul piece."

Jethro barely heard Bograd as he gazed at how much change there was in his son after the glamore was removed. His previously messy black hair had straightened and changed to a shade of auburn almost similar to his dead wife, Shannon's hair. His bright green eyes had changed to a calm grayish blue. He also lost a bit of his baby fat showing a bit of his facial feature.

Bograg smirked in amusement at the human's stunned expression as he made a portkey to the local Gringotts office. "Mr Gibbs. If you would touch the sock, we shall depart immediately to the local office." Bograd grumbled.

Jethro held Charlie tightly to his chest and proceeded to grab the sock. He gasped as a hooked feeling grabbed and pulled him away from his current spot.


December 2, 1991
Washington Gringotts Office 3, Washington DC

Jethro stumbled as he landed in a rather extravagant office. "What… What on earth was that?!" gasped Jethro, holding onto a nearby chair to regain his balance.

"That was a portkey. A rather quick, but unsettling, way to get around." Bograd replied, amused.

"Now I know what a fish feels like…" Jethro muttered.

The nearby by goblin guards cackled in amusement over Jethro's experience with the portkey but quickly stopped when the man in question turned and glared at them. Bograd's amused expression changes to shock as not many humans were able to silence a goblin just by glaring at them. "Not many humans can tame a goblin with a glare, Mr Gibbs" mused Bograd. "I will show you and the childe to a room in which you can wait wilt I speak with a Goblin healer about Heir Potter's situation."

Jethro nodded and followed the Goblin to another room. After reaching the room, Bograd showed the two in and left them with the door secured whilst he went to fetch a healer. "Don't worry kiddo. I will make sure the goat does not get you, even if I have to remove him from the earth myself."


December 2, 1991
Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts, Scotland

Sat at a desk which stood in the middle of the circular office was an old man who was well into his early hundreds. This man was one Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. A bemused grin upon his wrinkled face as his bright blue eyes twinkled in greed. 'My plans are slowly coming together' He thought with a chuckle.

A large shrill sound came from one of the many trinkets placed upon his cabinets causing Dumbledore to rush over to the trinket in question quite quickly for his age. He growled when he noticed that one of the trinkets that was keeping an eye on his pawn failed. He checked the wards that were tied to number 4 and saw that the wards had failed and had been down a long time.

He quickly moved to the floo and spoke the address "Figg Household, Westeria Walk" before disappearing in a plume of green flames. The golden phoenix churped a sigh of resignation before turning towards a tattered old hat.

"Don't look at me phoenix, He is your bonded." The hat muttered.

About five minutes later, Albus Dumbledore appeared in his office his magic coming off him in waves.

"How can a jealous…" Albus raged as he paced behind his desk. (Fran: I would continue his sentence but then I would have to up the rating)


Fran: Went online and checked for a timeline for Jethro's life and found that Shannon and Kelly were killed on February 29, 1991… nine months before this story starts so it became AU about a month after Shannon and Kelly's deaths ok? And just for public information, any goblin spells are in Esperanto. Don't ask why… I'm too lazy to make up a language so Goblins speak Esperanto. And as for "Charlie"… yeah, he's gonna grow as Charlie not Harry

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