The Good Knight, Lady Avarona

A/N: The tale of the only lady knight, one Avarona. A sorceress in disguise. This is her story. Multi-chap Merlin/oc!

The ladies of Camelot watched as Prince Arthur danced about the practice field, showing off his skills once more. They giggled and hid their smiles as he grinned at them. Merlin rolled his eyes. "What a show-off..."he muttered. One in particular, a girl with fair skin, hair near flame red and eyes a deep emerald green, seemed bored with his antics. "This bores me... he needs to be taught a lesson."she said to Merlin."I wish I could-"

He stopped, stuttering as she stood.

Arthur's next opponent fell backward, and he laughed. "Is there anyone here who can actually pose as a challenge?" he asked openly, expecting no answer.

"I wish to challenge the 'great' Arthur Penndragon."a female voice said.

Everyone fell silent.

"Oh do you now? How ashamed I would be to do harm to a lady in battle!"Arthur said.

"Or is it because you'd be ashamed to LOSE to a lady in battle?"she asked with a dainty smirk.

Flustered, Arthur scowled. "You dare mock the prince of Camelot?"he demanded. The other women glared at her, as she 'dared' challenge the great prince's honor."Give me a sword, and the smallest chain mail we have."Arthur demanded to Merlin. He scrambled to get it, knowing from past experience not to anger him more.

They fitted her with the chain mail and attire of a knight to protect her.

"What is your name, woman?"Arthur asked.

"Avarona, your highness."she said with a smile, brandishing her sword.

He narrowed his eyes, watching her. With no sudden warning, her sword swished through the air, colliding with his. Her strength, Arthur internally admitted, was quite something for someone of her stature. He pushed her back and regained his balance.

"Does something challenge you, Sire?"her voice teased.

He felt his pride inside him bend and lunged for her, sword raised to attack. She nearly floated out of the way, swinging her sword around, using the force to knock him forward on all fours.

Merlin was thoroughly enjoying himself, watching Arthur get his arse handed to him... by a woman, no less!

But there was something about how she moved... he couldn't quite out his finger on it. He watched as she danced around Arthur on the practice field. What was it?


"That was a fair fight you put up, my Prince."Avarona said, leaning on her sword, watching as Arthur struggled to stand after their fight.

"You...put up a good fight. For a woman."Arthur said. She chuckled when he finally stood. "Where did you learn to fight like that?"he asked."My father taught me to fight. He was an excellent knight..."she said."You are a noblewoman."Arthur said."Yes."she smiled and bowed,"Lady Avarona de Termelin at your service..."she said.

Merlin smiled at Arthur's dumbfounded expression."Come, dine with my father and I this evening."Arthur said.


Avarona sat beside Morgana and Uther at the dining table, Arthur retelling the story of earlier. Uther was quite enjoying himself, listening to the tale."Goodness, it sounds like you hand your hands full earlier."he said

"I had a great teacher... Sir Termelin."she said.

"He was a great knight...he taught you very well."

"I wish to take his place as knight, to honor his memory."Avarona said. The room became silent."There has never been a female knight in all of the history of Camelot."Uther said."Then let me be the first."she said.

"I think it would be fair, seeing as even she can beat Arthur!"Morgana piped in.

"I...I shall think on it."Uther said. And with that, the dinner conversation ended.

After dinner, she left for the room they provided her with in the castle.

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