Author's Note:- I keep coming up with new ideas! This one, as ideas usually do, came to me in the middle of the night. I think Portia is an underrated character, and I just wanted to explore her a bit. :)

Also, seeing as the story was set after the apocalypse, I wasn't sure what year it would be, so I chose a high number and used that!

I hope you enjoy it!

September 29th, 6066. 6.25pm.

Just to be clear, I didn't want to write a diary. I haven't before and I don't see what the point of it is now, but my teacher said it would be a good way to 'express what's on my mind'. She's only saying that because I threw paint at Seneca Crane. I only did that because he spilled paint all over my picture! I'd spent all morning on it! And I was already annoyed because the teacher told me to share the paints and I was sharing them the whole time!

I hate school. And my teacher. And Seneca.

This actually feels better already. I guess if you're lucky, I'll write in here some more, but I might not. I like drawing better than writing. Writing feels too much like school, and as I just said, I hate school.


October 4th, 6066. 3.44pm.

I just got home from spending the night at Effie's house. I love Effie's house. She has a climbing frame in her back yard, and her daddy is so funny, and her mommy cooks the best stuff! I don't like my house. My brothers are mean and my parents ignore me. I wish I lived at Effie's house. Effie's the best friend ever, and her family like me and I like them. And there's lots to do! There's nothing to do here, except paint, and I only get to paint when I've been 'good', and according to my parents, I'm never good, even when I am.

Oh, AND she has a new bunny, and she says we can share it!

I can't wait to grow up so I can have my own house, and have all the animals I want and I can paint whenever I want. Maybe I'll even open up a place where everyone can see all my paintings and call them masterpieces…I think Effie's mommy called it an 'art gallery'. She said there's one here already and maybe she'll take me for my birthday! When it's my birthday I'm going to be eight whole years old, you know, and soon I'll be grown up enough to have my own house with a puppy and have my own art gallery!

Why do nice things take so long to happen?


December 17th, 2.12pm.

We got out of school early today. I guess I'm sorry that I didn't write for so long, but I got bored. Nothing happened anyway, really, but today something did, and I want to tell you all about it!

I made a new friend today, and he's a boy! And he's NINE! That's TWO years older than me and he talked to ME! No big boy has ever talked to me before, unless they're being mean and calling me names.

This boy didn't call me names. He asked me all about myself and he told me about him. And the best part is, he likes to draw and paint too! He said he'd show me what he's painted sometimes! I bet his paintings are way better than mine…maybe he'll even teach me a few things! He's really cool and he's sort of handsome…but I don't like like him! I just like him. He's my new friend.

Oh, and his name is Cinna.


Author's Note:- I know this chapter isn't very long, but I'm planning to write a year's worth of diary entries per chapter, simply so we don't end up with too many chapters. And who knows, if this story is a success, I might even do one for other characters!

See you in Chapter Two! x