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This is a story that I've been thinking about for the past month or so. I've never actually written something that is completely AU, so forgive me if this does not turn out well. This story is basically the story of the original quest for the Golden Fleece with Percy in it. Since there are multiple accounts on the original adventure, some characters and maybe the plot may differ from what your current knowledge on Greek mythology is. Either way, I hope you enjoy this story.

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The boy stumbled forward, tree branches snapping at his head.

Tired, he didn't bother slashing at the tree branches with his sword. Plus the fact that it was too heavy, he decided that it would be better if he let it drag.

A small, thin trail was carved into the ground as he continued walking, the forests of Greece surrounding him. He was on a little hunt. He'd escaped from Chiron's custody. Chiron was the old centaur that had trained him to fight since he was a little kid. Tales the centaur told him about training the others, the other great heroes of Greece, were fascinating to the ten-year-old child.

He'd trained Theseus, Jason, Perseus, and sometimes Heracles. Moreover, he helped Artemis and Apollo train when they grew up. He'd never been more intrigued in something in his entire life. He guessed that it was because all that happened to him throughout his life were terrible events.

The year before he'd met Chiron, at the age of five, his mother was killed by a giant black hound of some sort. Then after, he was attacked by many other things that he didn't know of. They were creatures he'd never seen before, creatures that were demonic and intimidating. He'd only survived because he'd found weapons in placed he didn't think weapons would be, as if they'd just shimmered into appearance.

He traveled around a lot, making his way from the newly-founded Athens to Argos, where he had found Chiron and the Greek hero Jason training. Technically, Jason wasn't a hero, but being ten years older than Percy, he was a hero in Percy's eyes.

Percy breathed heavily as he made his way through the edge of the clearing, branches cutting at his face. He sighed in relief when he found the clearing where Chiron had set up camp.

"Oh thank the gods, Chiron," Percy called. "I thought I would never find you."

Shuffling was heard inside of the largest tent, before a tall figure emerged, the bottom-half horse, the top-half human. Chiron smiled warmly at Percy. "Young, Perseus. Do you think I would not set up camp somewhere where you would not be able to find it?"

"First of all, you're right," Percy agreed. "Second of all, don't call me Perseus. I'll never be as good as him. I don't know why my mother and father named me that. It's like they want me to be in the history books: Perseus, slayer of Medusa, against Perseus, pupil of Chiron."

He threw his hands up in exasperation, allowing his sword to clatter to the floor.

"Do not fret, Percy," the centaur said, trying to calm the ten-year-old boy down. "You will earn the spotlight soon, I'm sure of it."

The young boy nodded sleepily. "So, what else do you want me to kill, Chiron? I made a huge circle around this place, scouting for any monsters."

They had set up camp somewhere near Iolcus, where Jason had gone to claim the throne that was rightfully his. Percy was excited, though. He hoped Jason would get his throne back so that Jason could live a happy life, like Perseus did two generations ago. Then sometimes Percy would be able to visit, being a close brother to Jason.

Percy smiled happily while staring at Chiron.

"Well, to answer your question, I will not need you to scout around anymore. I am sure that we can hold out for tonight." Chiron's tail swished side to side as he made his way to the kitchen area. He brought out a dead hare from his pack and placed it gently on the clean table. As he started skinning our dinner, he turned to Percy. "I know you forbid to eat seafood, so I must make sure I hunt for food on land. Would you please help with the cos lettuce?"

He nodded and went over to the food pack. He closed the meats side and opened the vegetables side and brought out the cos lettuce. Percy reached over to the cooking dagger and went over beside Chiron.

"Here, Chiron." Percy handed him the cooking dagger. "You need this to cut the meat, right?"

The centaur raised an eyebrow. "Have I not taught you how to cook with only one knife?"

Suddenly, the truth hit Percy like a bullet train. "Vegetables first," he answered. "Right, Chiron. I guess I need more training?"

The old horse shook his head. "No, Percy. You have been learning quite well for the past four years. I have sent you to do things no other hero has done while training with me. Though you are not nearly as strong as Heracles, not as intelligent as Theseus, or have a reason from your past like Jason, you are the most skilled swordsman I have ever known."

Percy blushed. "Thanks, Chiron."

"It is the truth," he said. "Do not think I am lying to make you feel better."

"I know, I know. I'm still thankful." There was brief silence aside from the cutting of the cos lettuce that Percy was doing, and the slick-sounding noise of raw meat. "Do you really think I'm the best sword fighter? Ever?"

Chiron nodded genuinely. "I mean every word I say, Percy. Now, let's quickly get dinner set up."

They spent until late night creating dinner: hare meat with cos lettuce salad. Percy loved these kinds of meals, not too raw, but not too fancy, like a royal family would have. He assumed it was because his mother was a poor woman and he'd always had mediocre meals.

As he ate dinner, he stared up into the sky where stars glimmered. He made out the Orion, as it was winter. He knew that in the summer, the scorpion would rise in the sky and Orion would flee, marking the symbol of what happened with Orion. Percy knew that Orion was chased by a scorpion, but he didn't know what had exactly happened. He'd never really asked about it. Questions swirled in his head like crazy, but he kept them hidden, something Chiron had taught him to do, for if he was a blabbermouth, he would probably be killed by annoyed kings.

Deciding that it was appropriate, he asked Chiron, "What was the real story behind Orion's death? I know a scorpion was sent after him...but what happened?"

The centaur's face seemingly aged fifty years. "Well, that story is a little dark, Percy."

"Tell me, Chiron. Please?"

He hesitated before sighing. "You might as well know, Percy. It was long ago when a hero named Orion was born. He was a son of Poseidon, much like you. He was an expert bowman, and eventually caught the attention of Artemis, the goddess of hunting. Orion actually fell in love with her first. He acted sweet around her, making her feel like she was the one in charge. Slowly, Artemis developed feelings for Orion. Apollo, Artemis' brother, was furious with this and sent the scorpion after Orion. Orion lost the battle and was killed. When he was killed, Artemis was lugubrious and asked Zeus to be able to control who goes into the stars as well. Zeus asked why, and she explained about Orion. Apollo, however, was proud of his deeds and considered his sister happy and safe. Apollo later confronted Artemis and boasted that he was the one to kill Orion. Artemis beat him up severely, and would have killed had Poseidon not interfered. Poseidon admitted to Artemis that Orion was not a good child. When Artemis rounded on him, he told her that his son had raped women throughout Greece, and only acted sweet around her. He'd murdered many men who seemed threatening and had murdered some women when he was drunk. Artemis didn't believe him at first, but when she consulted Athena, the wise counsel, Athena hesitantly agreed with Poseidon, saying she'd seen him rape women. Broken hearted, she went back to Apollo, apologized for beating him up, and together they put the scorpion up in the sky. Every winter, Orion hunts in the sky, symbolizing his life, until summer arrives and the scorpion chases Orion away."

Percy sat there numbly taking in all of the information. "What does lugubrious mean?"

"It is another word for sad," Chiron informed.


They sat in silence for the next few minutes before Chiron told Percy to get some sleep, as they would be having a long day ahead of them.

Percy acknowledged this and went to bed. His tent was decently cozy and he slept fairly easily. His dreams were nightmares, like usual, but he'd gotten accustomed to them.

He woke up the next morning to the sound of snapping twigs and cracking branches. Percy got up, ran outside, picked up the nearest sword and attacked the intruder, leaping onto the intruder's back and holding the sword to the intruder's neck.

Then Percy saw who it was. "Jason?"

"Percy!" the twenty-year-old said excitedly. "Wow, you have gotten good at your sword fighting. That surprised the Hades out of me."

"What are you doing here?" Percy asked. "I thought you were claiming your throne back?"

"I am," Jason said breathlessly. "I just came back from Iolcus! My uncle, Pelias, gave me a quest that I need to fulfill to retrieve power and seize my throne once again."


"Don't worry, though Percy. Even though Pelias is a son of Poseidon, he was only born out of lust. Poseidon loved your mother, I remember. She was a good woman."

Jason knew Percy's mother personally, as they had met when he was out on a little side mission for Chiron. Jason told Percy of how his mother told him of the stories where Poseidon had actually loved her and didn't "make love" with her, even when she advanced herself. He had to leave after a few months, though at the young age of ten, and was sad to hear of Percy's mother's death when he'd found them four years back.

Percy smiled at his 'brother.' "Thanks, Jason."

Jason caught his breath. "Where's Chiron?"

Percy pointed to the largest tent. "He's still sleeping, I think. Either that, or he's on a hunt for food. Why?"

"Because I need to tell him we're going."

"We're going? Going where?"

Jason grinned. "We're going on a quest for the Golden Fleece."

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I apologize for any grammatical errors in the chapter above and if any historical facts are actually wrong. I have spent my time looking through different websites, and even a couple of books, but the story that will continue may have incorrect historical info. Still, I believe it just adds to the effect.

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