Hello Mr. Kazekira,

Unfortunately, you're a guest so I must make this conversation more... well, public... though I'm pretty sure you're not going to read this. Well, here goes my statement:

You said "This story drags and Percy is a pointless main character, for all his supposed talent Percy is no swordfighter because the author doesn't have the skill or imagination to write a skilled sword fighter- Percy is just a brawler holding a sword. nothing really to get excited about with this story as Percy is relegated to a minor character or a mascot at most."

Sure, that can be derived for this piece of crap story that I've said like a million times is a piece of crap. But you know why I continued this story? I was writing for fun. Sure you are entitled to your own opinion, and I can somewhat agree with you. I don't have the imagination to write me as a skilled sword fighter because I honestly don't care how he fights. Yup. Percy's a brawler with a sword.

Now, here it comes. First of all, if you really didn't like this story, why'd you waste your time reviewing when you could have easily spent that time reading another story that is actually good and contains proper fighting skills. I don't know why. Second of all, this story drags because I wrote a story just on certain events of the Argonauts' adventures. Yeah, it does seem pretty boring. Third of all you can consider my Percy a mascot. It's the fourth thing that kind of bothers me. Instead of saying "you don't have the skill or imagination to write a skilled sword fighter..." you said "the author doesn't have the skill or imagination to write a skilled sword fighter." You do realize that authors have the option to review messages before allowing them. I could have blocked yours, but I really wanted people to see this. Do you not have the guts to tell me I suck at writing? Go ahead. I don't mind, because if I couldn't handle the criticism of one person, how could I still be living, huh?

I'm glad you actually think this story is bad because I completely agree with you. But if you are trying to come off as rude, then screw off. Don't think because you "know" what is good and bad that you're correct. I feel it kind of insulting that you seem to be trying to warn others... and then you post this as a guest review. Not the best thinking, in my opinion.

Go ahead, call me off for that. Do it. I really mean it. Do it! As long as you're not trying to be rude, I'm fine with it.

Now, if any of you know Kazekira, or can find him somewhere else, please tell him to read this. Honestly, Kazekira, don't take this the wrong way. Just hear my opinion about it. If you want to insult this story, do it to my face. Don't think of me as such a shallow writer that I don't even deserve to be regarded to.

How do you know you're not the asshole?