"Starbucks!" cheered Prim and Rue as the familiar brown building came into sight. "We're here, we're here!"

Finnick grinned at Peeta, who was visibly shrinking as he realized that his wallet was nearly empty. "Ready to pay for twenty people's Starbucks drinks, Peeta?"

Peeta gulped, his small Adam's apple bobbing. "Not really. Care to help me out? You're the wealthier, victor after all… Panem's man candy…. Me, I'm just 'Lover-Boy'…."

Finnick chuckled. "You don't know HOW many people have tagged me as their man-candy-Monday!" he winked, then jabbed his thumb at Glimmer. "HINT."


"MCM. April. At Clove's house. Ring a bell, my dear Glimmer?"

"Oh, GAWD," Glimmer shrieked, covering her ears. "That picture was by no means meant to go up on the Internet. Don't even!"

"What picture? What picture?" chorused Prim and Rue, their eyes huge and sparkling. "You mean that picture of Glimmer at Clove's house?"

Glimmer stared. "How the hell did you two find out about that?"

Rue cackled. "My dear Glimmer, every twelve-year-old has a Facebook now! You friended both of us!"

"Um. How? Who are you?"

"I may or may not be called Cato Rossingham the Second," Prim said, batting her eyelashes.

"I may or may not be called Clove Catacus the First," Rue smirked.

Glimmer swallowed. "When I get home… you two are officially deleted."

Everybody strolled into Starbucks and, after minutes of deliberation, everybody ordered a delicious drink—the largest size possible, of course. Peeta wound up pulling out his never-used Visa, and he shrieked in despair as he saw the price for everything. He dryly croaked out "I think I'll just cancel my order" and fainted.

Dragging Peeta back to the table, Cato grunted, "So, are we playing truth or dare or what?"

"Of course!" Johanna replied, furrowing her brow. "We can use my straw."

"Nooooo," shrieked Kit. "There's no way I'm using that spitty thing. We can use my lip gloss tube. At least it's UNUSED."

"We all know that," snickered Katniss.

With a quick flick of his wrist, Marvel spun the lip gloss tube. It flew past various pumpkin spice lattes, caramel frappuccinos, and vanilla lattes before landing on… the unconscious Peeta Mellark.

"Peeeeta. Peeeeeeeeta," Katniss whispered, nudging her fellow districter. "Wake up, man, you're up for Truth or Dare."

When that failed, she splashed some of her latte onto him. Spluttering he snapped out of his price-induced trance and sprung up. "HMMM? Oh. Um… a dare, I suppose."

"I dare you…" Marvel tapped his chin devilishly, obviously enjoying this. "Hm… write a song about your worst pet peeve!"

"I wonder what it will be!" Beetee gasped dramatically, placing hands over his mouth for emphasis.

"I bet it's going to be the fact that Katniss always declines his Instagram follow requests," snickered Prim.

"Oh my GAWD, you're on Insta, too?" Glimmer shrieked, nearly splashing her pumpkin spice latte on Thresh. "Are you following me?"

Prim wrinkled her nose. "Why would I follow a hag when I can be the leader of monsters?"

"I don't get it?" mumbled Thresh.

"GOT IT," Peeta cried out, waving his phone about. "Y'all ready?"

"Hit it!" Annie shrieked happily.

Peeta cleared his throat.

"There's one thing I must tell

I pray it won't harm (you)

This thing should go to Effie McNell

Or a stinky old farm (ew!)

It's a very flaky bereft

I'm afraid it's misleading

It's just a bakery theft!

For it needs no kneading!

Those frigging donut holes

You must be thinking,

'Oh, not thoooose'

But why else would I be singing?

I am being robbed

Of the tasteful center

For many days I've sobbed

Why don't you just enter

The center of the donut

Into the stupid thing?

Like a New-York Kronut,

Or maybe even a chicken wiiiiiinngggg!"

Staring. Staring. There was nothing but staring as Peeta completed his song.

Finally Finnick spoke. "Dude….. you're off the rails."

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