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Chapter 1.

Itachi was just evil. No other word came to the tortured mind of the stressed teen right now. He rubbed his hands over his face again, trying desperately to distract himself from the ever building tension.

Sasuke knew his brother had a mean streak underneath his usual calm and stoic behaviour, but this was the first time he had to endure it for so long.

He cleared his throat again and tried to focus on the sensual and lazy voice of his teacher. A sudden jolt of electricity wracked his frame once again, this time fuelled by the fact he was staring straight into the dark eyes of the tall man in front of the class.

Cursing quietly, the hazed teen forced his gaze outside the window, biting his bottom lip with abandon in an attempt to bury the needy moan before it came out.

"Uchiha Sasuke, for the third time, could you please stop fidgeting around? It's very distracting."

I'll tell you what's distracting…

"I'm sorry sensei…"

Clenching his fists so tight that his nails were digging into his skin, Sasuke turned all his attention to the pain that it brought him, hoping it would drown out the cursed pleasure. But it didn't.

You see, for some reason, Uchiha Itachi, walking sex-god and horrible older brother, had decided to have a little fun with his adorable Otouto today. Sasuke's eyes narrowed at the memory of the hushed words and lewd actions of his Aniki that same morning.

"I want to do something different today, Sasuke."

The smaller Uchiha had been too busy looking for a certain textbook to immediately notice the sensual tone in his brother's voice. He was currently in his underwear, on his knees, his eyes frantically roaming under his bed for the missing item.

"Yeah, okay Nii-san…"

Shit, I NEED that book…!

With an impatient sigh, Sasuke stood up and turned the drawer of his desk upside down on the floor for the second time. It had to be here somewhere, right? His slender fingers rummaged through the mess he had created, the frustration starting to make him annoyed. And for the umpteenth time he swore to himself he would start being less sloppy from now on.

Suddenly he was hoisted to his feet and pulled flush against the heated, muscular body of his older brother.


He whined, struggling to get away from Itachi's firm grip.

"I need to find my textbook. I'll be in so much trouble…"

A dark chuckle rose from the man against him, making an involuntary shudder run up his spine. But he had no time to act on the advances of his delicious brother that held him so closely. He was already running late enough as it was.

"Trust me Otouto, you are already in a LOT of trouble right now…"

Finally Sasuke lifted his head to look into the burning eyes of his brother, which were so much like his own. Except for the fact that his Nii-san's eyes were looking at him with undeniable lust and sparkling with a wicked gleam.

As soon as Itachi noticed that he finally had his baby brother's full attention, his smirk widened. He let his long fingers glide up the silky skin of the boy's lower back, before gripping the thin upper arms tightly.

With a hard shove and an adorable whimper from the surprised teen, Sasuke landed ungraciously on his unmade bed, glaring at his Aniki but failing to impress the bastard.

"Niiiiii-san! What are you…"

Not finding it particularly necessary to explain himself to his whining Otouto, Itachi took a single step forwards, turned the boy on his stomach and quickly wrapped the two struggling wrists together with the tie he ripped from his neck.

"Now will you listen to me… my sweet Sasuke?"

The youngest Uchiha growled, hoping it would come off as threatening. But the fact that his face was partly pressed against his sheets, made the noise sound like another whine. Not really what he was going for.

Even though it was a position that had some real potential, Sasuke refused to let his arousal take over and continued to struggle against whatever it was that his evil brother had come up with this time. There would be hell to pay if he showed up in class late or without his books on more time.

Sure, his teacher was hot beyond words, but spending most of his free time in an almost empty classroom after school hours because he got detention again, was not really Sasuke's idea of good fun. If at least Kakashi-sensei would supervise the detention class, but noooo…. He would be stuck with Gai-sensei, blabbing on and on about how to behave and more nonsense.

"I will make sure you won't forget about me today, Otouto. When you go inside that classroom, staring at your teacher and undressing him with your eyes, I will drown out every thought of him and replace them with lust for me!"

Right. His Aniki knew about his little crush on a certain sexy silver-haired sensei and ever since he found out, he had been even more possessive than usual. In a way, it was cute. Knowing that someone like Itachi could feel insecure and jealous. As if anyone could EVER replace the love and lust he held for his older brother.

His beautiful Nii-san, with his silky black hair, his strong sexy body and impossibly long and thick eyelashes that made his eyes seem even darker than they were. No-one would ever be better, stronger, sexier or more beautiful in Sasuke's eyes.

But Itachi's jealousy had a very nice twist to it, seeing that the older Uchiha took every opportunity to prove his little brother that he was better than his teacher. And Sasuke, being the controlling little brat that he was, used it to his full advantage.

The rustling of a plastic bag brought Sasuke back to his current position; face down on the bed and butt-naked.

Wait… Naked? When did that happen?

In the meantime, his Nii-san grabbed a few items from his shopping spree earlier that week. Sasuke strained his neck to see what was happening, but Itachi roughly pressed his face back into the sheets.

"Don't look yet, Otouto. It's a surprise."

Sasuke groaned and tried to buck off his brother's weight in a futile attempt to escape, but the fact that his arms were tied up behind his back, made it hard to put any real strength into his movements. Itachi just tutted at his baby brother's antics and continued as if nothing was wrong.

Suddenly Sasuke felt his Aniki's irresistible body shift down his legs and his ass was pulled upwards, making him very exposed to the evil man on his bed. The smirk on Itachi's face was almost audible as he lowered his head towards the delicious treat in front of him.

"Relax Sasuke, this will all be over in a flash, if you just cooperate with me for a change."

Another quickie? That is what that bastard has in mind?

A long wet lick over his entrance made Sasuke's brain short circuit and the needy moan was spilling from his lips before he even realised it.

Control yourself! Don't encourage him…!

His brain screamed at him to act a tiny bit less whorish, but Sasuke couldn't help himself. The throaty chuckle coming from behind him was proof enough that his ass-hole of a brother was already very aware of his power over the horny teen.

"Such a little slut… I just fucked you less than an hour ago and you're already begging for more? Can't get enough of your big sexy Aniki huh? Well, I'll make it so that you will be begging for my touch for the rest of the day… Otouto…"

The last word was nothing more than a low whisper, while Itachi's full lips brushed over the sensitive skin of Sasuke's neck. The teen shivered under the sensual touch and bit on his tongue to stop the whorish sounds his traitorous throat was making.

"Nii-san… please…"

"That's right Sasuke… Just like that…"

Then those long, evil fingers were entering him, stretching him so deliciously that the ticking clock on the wall was soon forgotten by the mewling mass of little Uchiha that was supposed to be getting ready for school at that very moment.

With a few swift and experienced movements, Itachi had his little brother right where he wanted him. Panting, moaning and painfully aroused by his ministrations. Feeling more than a little satisfied with the boost to his already over-inflated ego, the Uchiha prodigy grabbed the devices next to him.

Sasuke's breath hitched in his throat when he felt the cold metal of a somewhat familiar object clasped around the base of his leaking cock.

A cockring? What the hell is…?

"Don't worry baby. Be a good little brother and you'll be at school in no time. I'm almost done…"

Done with what?

Something hard and slick with lube was pressed against his ass and slowly made its way inside, helped by the torturous fingers of his 'loving' Aniki. When said Aniki decided that the device was properly in place, he reached for a little box and pressed a button, his half-lidded eyes never leaving the perky round ass that was propped up so nicely for him.

As soon as the button was pressed, Sasuke yelped and let out a long, needy moan. Something was vibrating directly against his prostate, sending shots of pure pleasure through his entire body and making his limbs jerk in anticipation. His cock twitched with the already unbearable need to come, cruelly denied by the metal ring around the base.

"It looks like everything is in place for today."

When the tie was unwrapped from his arms and the vibrating stopped, Sasuke sat up, rubbing his sore wrists while eyeing his Nii-san with suspicion.

"What are you planning this time, you bastard?"

Itachi's malicious grin stretched from ear to ear while his fingers played with the remote.

"I thought that would be clear by now, Sasuke… You have a vibrating egg up your pretty ass and a metal ring around your juicy cock. Which by the way, you can't take off without my consent."

Sasuke raised one eyebrow at the smirking man in front of him and let out a mocking chuckle.

"Pff, please. I think I'm a little too old by now to be impressed by your empty threats."

"You don't seem to understand Sasuke. I wasn't giving you an order or a rule. I was stating a fact. You cannot take that ring off, without pressing this pretty button right here. It has a fun little mechanism in there, you see. So the only way that thing is coming off, is by my hands."

A feeling of utter horror crept up the shocked teen's spine, all blood left his cheeks and his mouth went slack.

No… no way…

"Is it dawning on you Otouto? The knowledge of what is about to happen to you? The torture you are about to endure for an entire school day?"


The tall silver-haired man was known for his easy going nature, so needless to say the whole class was startled by his sudden and uncharacteristic outburst. Sasuke however, was suffering (or enjoying, he wasn't sure anymore) from a particularly epic rush of mouth-watering heat coming from deep inside him.

He looked at his sexy teacher, his eyes half-lidded with lust and his mouth slack, unable to even blink. From the front of the classroom it seemed as if the teen was totally unimpressed with the raise of voice, something that fuelled Kakashi's anger even more.

"You saunter into this classroom over 15 minutes late, without your textbook or any form of materials AGAIN and refuse to have the FUCKING decency to at least sit through my class without annoying the SHIT out of me!"

By then, the man was seething with the lack of response and blatant disregard of his authority. His eyes narrowed dangerously as he pointed a shaky finger at his drop dead gorgeous but very disrespectful student.

"I will see you after class, Uchiha!"

The rest of the class held their breaths, most of them wide-eyed from shock, while others snickered with glee at the scene that was enfolding before their very eyes. You were in a LOT of trouble when Hatake Kakashi lost his cool and yelled and even cursed at you. He didn't even mention anything about detention, that's how far the popular student had taken it. If you were to stay after class, it meant that hell was awaiting you.

Sasuke came down from an almost painful high, clenching his fists until his knuckles turned white. He wiped the small trail of saliva from his chin, when he realised what had just happened. And he panicked.

"Sensei, I…"

"Not. Another. Word."

The normally lazily relaxed voice sounded extremely pissed off and Sasuke buried his face in his hands, knowing he was in for it now. And probably not in a good way, like lying bare-assed over his teacher's knee, while he got spanked. The visual suggestion did nothing to ease the coiling pressure that was raging through his veins and the teen let out an exasperated sigh, rolling his eyes back in his head.

A gesture that also didn't sit too well with his already raging teacher.

"Well ladies and gentlemen, even though this class isn't supposed to be over for another 20 minutes, you are hereby all dismissed. Normally I would just send the culprit away, but I am in no state to teach you guys anything right now. I will see you all next week."

And with that Kakashi sat down behind his desk and pretended to look through some papers.

The students were so quiet; you could hear a pin drop in the large room. No one dared to move until one person was brave enough to stand up and silently shuffle towards the exit. Kakashi looked up and glared at the one person he wanted to strangle right now.

"I dare you to move a single muscle, Uchiha!"

Within a minute the entire class room was deserted, save for a seething teacher and a more than nervous student. Sasuke didn't dare to look up when slow footsteps moved in his direction, so he fixed his gaze on his trembling fingers. His sensei stood in front of his desk for a few seconds, the uncomfortable silence hanging like a death sentence over the teen's head.

He prayed to every god he could think of that the cursed vibrator would keep still for the time being. He had been late once again, courtesy of his evil brother once again, and he hadn't dared to rush to the bathroom first to try and get at least the torturous egg out of his ass.

So far, there hadn't been any sign of a consistent pattern in the delicious buzzing against his prostate. In fact, it seemed to turn on at the most inappropriate times. As if Itachi himself was watching his every move, waiting for the worst possible moment to press the damned button.

The suggestion almost made the youngest Uchiha release a mocking snicker, holding back just in time. It actually would be SO like his demon of a brother to sacrifice a day at work for the sole purpose of making his little brother's life a living hell.

With a loud sigh, the chair in front of him was moved with a loud screeching noise that made Sasuke jump in his seat. Kakashi sat down on it backwards and folded his arms around the backrest.

"You better start talking Uchiha. What the hell is going on with you today?"

The tortured teen closed his eyes and ran a shaky hand through his unruly mass of soft black hair. How was he going to get out of this?

"I know it's fun and exciting to be a little rebellious at your age, but being so disrespectful towards a teacher, in front of the entire class even, that just isn't anything like you, Sasuke. So what is bothering you?"

Kakashi forced his voice to sound a little more relaxed, hoping to coax the boy to share whatever it was that was making him act so uncharacteristically. Now that his initial anger had calmed down a bit, he actually felt a bit worried. Sasuke wasn't exactly an angel, but usually a well-behaved student with good grades and loads of friends. Something was just out of place.

"Sensei, I'm…"

Yes? What were you going to say, genius? Something along the lines of;

'You see sensei, my asshole of an older brother, who is also a walking sex-god by the way, has shoved a little vibrator against my sweet spot, which he can operate on a long distance, making me mad with lust every time he turns it on. Oh and did I mention I am also wearing a mechanical cockring? Yeah, he is so much fun, that Nii-san of mine. He fucks like an animal though, so that sort of makes up for it…'

See how that works out for you.

Desperately Sasuke searched for a way out, a decent explanation for his behaviour. The fact that there was a very sexy man sitting so close to him and was staring at him intently, did not help him at all.

"I-Aaahh gods…"

With wide eyes Sasuke clamped both his hands over his mouth when he realised the sound he just made. But this time, it wasn't just a short burst of pleasure like it had been the times before. This time, the teen's overly sensitive prostate was battered with a long streak of delicious vibrations, making the boy shake with need. He desperately needed to cum, but every time he got too close to the edge, his pleasure was abruptly cut off by the metal ring around his leaking erection.

Leaving one hand on his traitorous mouth to prevent more sounds to come out of it, he grabbed the edge of his table with the other one for leverage, making the small desk tremble with him.

Kakashi raised an eyebrow at the boy's weird antics, suddenly feeling a little uncomfortable with the whole situation. It was almost as if…

And then he heard it. It was distant and muffled, but definitely there. A soft buzzing sound, coming from the strangely behaving Uchiha. It took him a few seconds, but he quickly put two and two together.

Was that boy serious? Was he actually pleasuring himself in class? In front of his teacher? Was that the reason for all this?

While his blood started to boil with something completely different than anger, Kakashi narrowed his eyes once more at the now teary-eyed teen. He really didn't need to have mental images of the already gorgeous boy looking so flushed and mewling like a needy bitch. He had to stop this before he would lose his composure.

"I can hear that thing from where I'm sitting you know…"

Sasuke was frozen in his seat, utter horror and pure lust battling in his head for focus. Unable to do anything besides staring in his teacher's darkened eyes, he sat there, inwardly fighting and relishing the pleasure that wracked through his lithe form.

"Turn it OFF, Sasuke!"

With a loud bang, Kakashi slammed his hand down on the small desk, making his silver spikes jump with the sudden force. He willed his wandering mind from venturing into more lustful directions and focussed on the stinging pain in his palm.

The boy was practically sobbing now, his hand still tightly wrapped around his lips.


Annoyed with the unintelligible answer, Kakashi grabbed the slender wrist and pried the hand away from the teen's sweaty face.

"I CAN'T! Oooh FUCK!"

Finally the buzzing died down, giving Sasuke some time to catch his breath. After a few seconds of heavy panting he shot his bewildered sensei an apologetic look. He just wanted to go home, away from this horrible situation. More specifically, he wanted to go home, kill Itachi, change his name and transfer to a school on the other side of the country. How could he ever face this man again?

"I-I'm really sorry sensei, I…"

Looking down at his desk again, the boy once again searched for the words that would get him out of this. He was so embarrassed. And so fucking horny.

"I can't turn it off, I… I just want to go home!"

He knew he sounded desperate, but he didn't care anymore. This was just too much.

Suddenly a familiar chuckle sounded from the entrance of the classroom. As if nothing was out of the ordinary, Itachi slowly made his way to the frustrated duo on the other side of the room, the sensual sway in his lean hips that made him infamous, was hypnotizing both of the men he was prowling towards with that cocky smirk of his.

"Don't be too hard on my cute little Otouto. He truly can't do anything about it…"

Teasingly he swirled the little remote control in his fingers, pressing the button for just a second. A second that made Sasuke jump out of his seat with a loud yelp, seeing as Itachi had turned the intensity to the highest level. The teen glared viciously at his older brother, ignoring the violent beating of his heart that made his ears buzz.


Kakashi stood up and interrupted Sasuke, adding a demanding tone to his voice.

"What are you doing here, Itachi?"

Putting on his most clueless expression, the older Uchiha knelt down next to his brother, feigning worry and innocence.

"I came to pick up Sasuke, since this was his last class of the day."

Itachi turned towards the scowling face of his darling Otouto and ran his hand through the boy's silky hair.

"Did you get in some sort of trouble, baby?"

His deep voice was laced with fake concern and Sasuke could clearly hear the amusement seeping out. Maybe to anyone else it was inaudible, but Sasuke knew his brother all too well. Swiftly he reached for the remote that was hanging loosely from the long fingers that weren't tangled in his hair.

But that impossible devil outclassed him in pretty much everything. With the speed of light Itachi yanked his hand back, dangling the device teasingly out of reach from the frustrated teen.

"Ah ah aah! I'm not done with you yet Sasuke-chan."

Furiously Sasuke jumped up, with every intention of murdering the smug bastard in front of his stunned teacher. But a single press of Itachi's perfect finger was enough to make his knees give out from underneath him and reduce him to a moaning mass of flailing limbs.

Itachi caught him before he could hit the floor and effortlessly flung the writhing teen over his shoulder, giving the silver-haired man in front of him a nice show of perky round ass up in the air. The Uchiha prodigy grinned at the sight of the teacher's prominent bulge in his pants.

"Don't worry Kakashi-sensei, whatever it was that Sasuke did to get into trouble, I will make sure he is thoroughly punished for it. I must admit though, I can see why Sasuke has the hots for you."

"Itachi! Shut your fucking face!"

"Language, Otouto…"

And with that, Itachi turned on his heels, with his furious baby brother still over his shoulder and left a speechless Kakashi alone with his rambling thoughts.

What the hell just happened?

I'm still not sure if I should make this another threesome, or keep it between Itachi and Sasuke. Input and reviews are very much appreciated :)

Anyways... To be Continued...