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Chapter 3.

Itachi hadn't been lying. During a 20 minute ride home that normally wouldn't take longer than 7 or 8 minutes, Sasuke was tortured by his brother's finger and the hellish device that was happily buzzing against his sensitive prostate. He could beg, whine, cry, threaten and throw a fit, it didn't matter.

His Aniki's damned finger was snugly connected to the little remote and the infuriating smirk was perpetually plastered on his perfect visage.

After a while Sasuke had given up, unable to think straight with the ruthless treatment of his darling brother and lover. All he could do was lean against the car door, his body slack, eyes glazed over and a small trail of drool rolling slowly down his half-open mouth.

The older Uchiha grinned, his aching arousal twitching at the enticing sight and finally he took pity on his lethargic Otouto.

"We're here Sasuke; you can get out of the car now."

The dark eyes of the boy moved towards his general direction, but didn't really see anything. Itachi feigned an annoyed sigh and got out of the car to pick up his baby brother and lifted him from the seat. Even if he could stand, Sasuke never would have made it to the door; his knees felt like jelly.

With the cool breeze blowing through his sweaty bangs, while being carried towards the house, Sasuke slowly started to come back from his lust-induced haze. And almost immediately he began to sob.

"Nii-san, please... I love you... I'm sorry... Please Aniki..."

Even though he really couldn't remember what he was apologizing for, Sasuke figured it must have been something bad to earn this delicious torture. All he knew is that he needed it to stop. He needed... He needed his Aniki's hands on him, his beautiful cock inside of him...

And begging usually worked, since Itachi loved having his over-sized ego stroked.

"Itachi please! I promise I'll be good... I love you so much..."

Itachi carefully laid Sasuke down on his bed and hovered over the whimpering boy on his hands and knees.

"Do you even know what you're apologizing for Otouto?"

His voice was warm and soft, not really helping the younger Uchiha's flustered condition.

"I-I... I love you Nii-san..."

Itachi's lips curled up into a stunning smile, brightening up the room with the show of his pearly white teeth.

"You are so adorable, baby..."

Feeling a wave of sentiment flow through him, Itachi decided to act on it for a change and laid down next to the still trembling frame of his dazed Otouto. He softly stroked a strand of black hair away from the flushed face and let his thumb slide over the warm pouty lips.

"Maybe I don't tell you this enough, but you do know how much I love you, right?"

Sasuke tried his best to focus his eyes on his Aniki's pretty face and nodded fervently. Assuming that this was the reason he was being punished, he let the tears well up again and clung to the warm, strong body next to him.

"I do! I'm sorry I forgot Nii-san!"

With a low snicker Itachi buried his face in the inviting neck and inhaled the sweet, intoxicating scent that was only his little brother. With a few sensual licks, he had the boy gasping and mewling his name softly. The fine texture of the younger Uchiha's skin was provocative on Itachi's tongue, luring him to explore further.

He dipped down, tracing the lines of protruding collarbone and gently sucked on the mark he had made earlier. Sasuke felt dizzy as the wickedly talented mouth devoured him slowly, inch by frustrating inch. It was hardly the first time he felt the mind-numbing sensations of his older brother's seduction, but it never failed to steer him directly into a state of sheer bliss.

His tiny hands were shaking as he buried them in Itachi's long silky hair, gripping as tightly as he could in his desperation for something, anything.

"Please… Nii-san…"

It was barely more than a whisper, but his Aniki always heard him. He was always there, making him feel like he was something precious, irreplaceable; handling him with such care. Even when he was acting like a tormenting devil, the deep love Itachi held for him was always the unwavering undercurrent, keeping him sane.

Well, maybe sane wasn't the right word at that moment. He felt anything but sane. His big brother's delicate touch was haunting him, devouring him so greedily. That hot tongue made its way downward, slowly but steadily ripping him from any remaining shards of logic in his mind.

But before Itachi could reach his intended goal, Sasuke softly pulled on his hair, bringing that beautiful face levelled with his own and captured the wet lips for a searing hot and sloppy kiss. The older Uchiha let out a surprised gasp at the boy's sudden dominating actions, a gasp that was hungrily breathed in by the fiery mouth that was eagerly sucking on his tongue.

"Aniki… lose the toys and do me properly… Please…"

Not wanting to waste any more time, Itachi practically clawed both his own and Sasuke's clothes off, only stopping briefly to take in the mesmerizing sight of the flushed naked body of his baby brother. His pale limbs were glistening in the soft light of the setting sun and the satin sheets seemingly caressed every inch of exposed and highly sensitive skin.

"You are so sexy baby…"

He whispered sweetly in the boy's ear, before getting rid of the devices that had served their purpose so diligently.

Sasuke opened his mouth to reciprocate his Aniki's words, but the response was drowned by the heated moan when he felt the vibrating egg being replaced with something so much better. His inner walls were stretched deliciously, accommodating the considerable girth of his big brother's throbbing cock. So profound, so exquisite, so unimaginable good.

Itachi groaned, intently watching his yearning erection disappear inside that tight little hole that was sucking him in with such devotion, such greed. His swallowed audibly and began to move slowly, teasing himself to quell that little streak of masochism that secretly accompanied his somewhat sadistic nature. His entire body ached at the slippery sensation around him; heat lapping like fire up his spine.

He grabbed the boy up by his shoulders, tightly clutching him against his wildly beating heart. Sasuke wrapped his slender legs around his Nii-san's waist and whimpered against his neck, unable to make any coherent sounds. It was just too much. The loss of the metal ring was liberating as he felt the raging pressure gather in his lower body for the umpteenth time that day.

But this time… there was nothing holding him back. Itachi's abdomen had trapped his leaking erection between their bodies, creating such heavenly friction with every thrust of his brother's lean hips. It didn't take much effort before Sasuke came violently for the first time, coating both their skin with his essence. He bit harshly into his brother's moist skin, trying to muffle his throaty cries of bliss.

But it wasn't enough. The excessive pleasure and denied release of that day had him on the edge again within mere moments. His eyes widened when he felt the familiar coiling throbbing through his veins once more. Leaning his head back to look into his brother's eyes, he saw the raw lust oozing from behind the long black lashes that had always fascinated him.

"One more time, Otouto?"

Itachi gently squeezed the sensitive length that was still rock-hard and twitching with pleasure in the palm of his hand. As soon he slid his thumb over the dripping head, he had his baby brother screaming his name in ecstasy once again. The lithe body convulsed in the throes of passion, clenching around him so gloriously.

"Oh gods, Niiii-san!"

He was so close himself…

His hips thrust forcibly again, burying himself as deep as possible in the tight inferno that writhed in his embrace. Fire was bursting under his skin, the tension rising to the breaking point. He hovered there for an endless second, holding his breath before he let it break over him, pleasure pulsing through him in waves.

And then it came crashing down on him with an intensity that made his lips bleed and his ears ring. He wasn't one to lose him composure easily, always poised and controlled in everything he did. But devouring his baby brother always had him on the brink of insanity, always made his stoic façade crumble and shatter.

"Holy shit, Sasukeee!"

With an uncharacteristic howl, he emptied himself inside the trembling mass of sweaty limbs, clawing at the perfect porcelain complexion to keep contact with reality, while his sweet Otouto was still milking him for every drop he had left.

Silence filled the room, only to be interrupted by broken gasps for air, while two pairs of onyx eyes slowly started to focus back on each other. Minutes passed between them as both they stared into their mirrored image, unable and unwilling to break the moment with needless words.

After what seemed like an eternity, Itachi gently lowered his defiled little brother against the satin sheets, careful to untangle their cooling bodies with the utmost care. Sasuke's eyes fluttered closed, revelling in the loving treatment after the most intense round of love making he had ever experienced.

When the bed dipped lightly as Itachi laid beside him, curling around Sasuke's exhausted frame, the youngest Uchiha lifted one hand and traced the distinctive lines on his brother's gorgeous face, simply enjoying the feel of the soft skin against his fingertips.

He felt so safe in the strong embrace of the smiling man under his touch. His Aniki, his big, strong, over-protective Nii-san. A demon and an angel, a sadist and a lover, perverted and sanctified. Sasuke wouldn't have it any other way. Itachi belonged to him in every way possible, just as he belonged to his Aniki.

A warm hand tenderly stroked his cheek, while the deep voice slowly carried him into a content state of relaxation and sleep.

"I love you baby…"


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