Chapter 26

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It was slightly strange to watch someone other than myself suckle at my wife's breast, but still, I grinned like a buffoon to see our tiny daughter as she lay in her mother's arms.

Charlie became a permanent fixture in our home after a meeting was called between with family, then with Sam. Charlie was hired as a "security liason" which was basically a complete lie but a fitting cover story and one that we were able to work into the fabric of our lives. He doted on Bella whenever he could, never fully able to rid himself of the guilt that plagued him for what he had done. Seeing Bella be able to have a relationship with her father, a feat unheard of in our time, was just amazing to watch.

The afternoon the inspection team left, after Bella and I slept for several long hours, I woke to see her watching me. I smiled and kissed her, then kissed her again, then again before I made love to her and thanked her for coming into my life, despite the difficult passage through torment and trial that she had to take to get there. She loved me right back and gave me again her heart and her body and I was amazed after all she'd been through that she continued to give so freely. I was struck by the gift that she truly is to me.

It was that late afternoon lovemaking that conceived our daughter and now, forty weeks later, I watched the fruit of our love be born into this world. It's not a perfect world by any means but it is changing for the better.

Freedom for Women movements have risen and grown and are attempting to overthrow the imbalance of how things are operated. I am hopeful that by the time my daughter is older she will live in a world where she is free and equal and will not have to be hidden away forever. One can always hope. If she is lucky enough to have her mother's strength, as well as her beauty, then I have no doubt that whatever state the world is in, when she gets there, she'll be able to handle it all.

For now she's not on any birth registry. Dad delivered her and I helped. It's a miraculous thing to help one's own child be born. The government doesn't know she exists but our family was all excited to welcome the newest member. Alice is due to deliver in a few months and Rosalie is struggling with the physical effects of what the trainers did to her. She and Emmett are hopeful that the treatments Dad has facilitated will be successful.

Sam came earlier in the morning to pay his respects. His daughter remains hidden away on the protected land of the reservation but he has brought his young son, Jacob, to visit us more and more. He's a handful, that kid and follows his father around like a little puppy, mimicking everything he does, but he's a good kid really. Sam brought him to see the new baby, after asking permission, of course. Jacob was funny to watch. He entered the room all bluster and brawn, loud and precocious as a normal six year old but the moment he laid eyes on the tiny pink bundle in my arms he stilled with wide eyes and gaping mouth.

"Is that the baby?" he asked.

I chuckled, not sure what else he thought it could be. "Yep."

"It's a girl," he mused, amazement in his voice. I just nodded.


My chest puffed up proudly as Bella answered tiredly, "Thank you, Jacob. We think so."

He stood there for several long minutes before he put a finger to her tiny fist. She reflexively opened her hand and grasped his offered digit. Jacob was awe struck and looked at her with his big, brown eyes full of some emotion I was having trouble identifying. Finally he turned to his father, who was standing with a hand on his son's shoulder.


"Yeah, Jake?"

He looked back at the sleeping infant. "I'm gonna marry her one day."