Human Games are Scary

Wayne and I ran through the hallways of the Nemesis, almost certain that our pedes were sparking at this point. I took a quick look back to see if we were still being pursued, and accidentally tripped over my pede...again...and crashed into Wayne. We tumbled and rolled down a few halls before collapsing in a jumble of arms, legs and, aching helms.

"How did it come to this, my friend? Running around a primus forsaken warship for our lives...," Wayne spoke wistfully. I could only half-nod since his aft was currently keeping my helm attached to the floor. Speaking of that... I quickly shrugged him off before rolling my shoulders to make sure they were still attached to my body.

"Look, all we have to do is keep out of sight and get to that end point," I told him.

We quickly started sneaking through the halls before hearing the sound of oncoming pedes. After a mini panic-attack, we quickly rushed into the nearest room we could find, and hid behind some old consoles. The door opening and the sound of sniffing informed that one of our pursuer's must've used their tracking abilities.

"I smell you, Steve! I know you're in here!" Starscream sang.

My wings started shaking as the approaching heel-struts met my audio receptors. Wayne must've noticed because he inhaled deeply before sighing and putting his servo on my shoulder. "My friend, this is where we part ways," he whispered.

"What are you-" Before I could finish the sentence, he suddenly pushes me out from the console and tosses a nearby piece of scrap metal at Starscream's helm with a shout of "Viva La Steve!". The metal hit that prong on the top of his helm, and it actually snapped it in half, the part that fell off clunking to the floor... The room fell into a quiet hush, but it's that hush you hear before shit just starts to pop off.

Starscream's clawed servo slowly reached up and gripped where the top of his prong had been. Wayne slowly slid back down behind the console; and I just scuttled to the door before quickly leaving. As soon as the door closed, all I heard was bangs, clashes, thunks, bams, and Wayne's screams of absolute terror.

"I will always remember you, Wayne. Even though, you were kinda of an aft at times...," I whimpered. With that, I walked down the hall in an effort to get away from the sound of my best friend being brutally murdered. Not even down the full length of the hall, I just see Wayne past by me as a purple blur running for dear life from the grey blur I assumed was Starscream.

"I should probably help him, buuuut then I'd lose the game." Just as I was about to walk forward, I feel a tap on my back along with a "You're out" and groan in absolute annoyance before turning to look at the red medic. He clicked his tongue at me before following after the two mechs. Looks like it's up to Wayne...

"Must run faster! Must run faster!"

I quickly rounded another corner, only to proceed in slipping on my pedes and landing flat on my helm with a loud "Damn it!" before scuttling back onto my feet. Starscream was closing in on me and I was starting to tire, so I'd better think of something, right? I quickly looked around before noticing a group of other drones.

"Ah, ha!" I ran as fast as my pedes could go, and effectively rammed all of them to the floor with me. We were all too busy groaning in pain to notice Starscream looking over all of us. Well, they were just too busy to notice... He growled and did that thing with his arms before suddenly getting an evil smirk on his face.

"You had a good tactic, drone. But all that time spent with Steve has allowed his scent to mingle with yours just slightly enough for me to pinpoint you out," he stated. My intakes locked up on me after he said that; I told Steve those bro hugs would lead to our undoing one way or another!

I covered my visor as his claws came in my direction and started praying to Primus for a miracle.

"Hold it right there, Screamy." Knock Out will do... The ship's medic strode towards us with an annoyed look on his faceplate. At this point, the other drones just sensed that something was about to happen and just got up and walked off; one actually having the audacity to shoot me a dirty look! The sheer rudeness!

"This doesn't concern you, Knock Out!" Starscream stated. He turned his gaze away from me, so I took this time to see just where his claws were. ...They were about two or three inches from my sparkchamber...

"We both agreed that I would leave be Stan-"

"Steve," Starscream corrected.

"-whatever, while my soon-to-be berthwarmer-"

"Wait, what?!" I asked.

"-would be unharmed as well!" he stated.

Starscream growled and took his claws away from my person, which is a good thing because if my systems stayed locked up any longer, I'm afraid I would glitch, and then I'd be really screwed. Soon, they started to get into a heated argument, which meant I started to sneak away.

I made slow progress, mainly because I kept turning around to see if they were still occupied with their argument every three feet, but I made it to the edge of the hallway and started running to the destination. I broke into a dead set sprint at the loud "Hey" followed by two sets of pedes.

"I see Wayne in the distance, Soundwave!"

After getting tagged out by Knock Out, I sullenly walked towards where the game would end if Wayne made it, the top of the ship. I had dragged Soundwave with me, you know, like one of those cameras at the end of races, in case it was too close to call for the bare optic.

But back to Wayne...

He was in his jet mode, and I could tell he was absolutely exhausted from the fact that his exhaust pipes were sputtering like one of those vehicles in an old timey cartoon. He was bobbing up and down, and his wings were shaking like crazy.

"Oh, NOOO!" Starscream and Knock Out were right on his aft in their respective vehicle modes. Knock Out was a fair distance, but Starscream is just almost nose to jet flame with Wayne! My servos gripped my helm as Wayne started to get a little too close to the ground for my liking.

"Come on, man! You are almost there; think of the consequences!" I shouted, dropping to my knees. My fragging knees! This is how fucking dire the situation at hand is, and I do not need him to get me stuck rooming with Starscream for two months!

He gave a quick burst of speed, my encouraging words must having something to do with it, which gave a little bit of a berth between him and Starscream. "Yes!" I cheered, hopping back on my pedes. But my celebration was cut short...

Wayne must've thought that the boost would've given him enough thrust to make it to the finish line, but you can guess how that played out. He gave off a small 'oops' before doing a cartoonish drop from where he was in the air and going into complete somersaults.

"NOOOO!" I screeched, grabbing my helm again.

Somewhere in the absolute horror, Wayne transformed and was just rolling towards the finish line. I started hyperventilating as Starscream and Knock Out got closer; use your legs, you dumb fuck! It's coming down to the wire, he's slowing down, and a few inches from the finish line, both mechs transform and pounce on top of Wayne.

"WHYYYYYYYY?!" I asked, shaking Soundwave by the shoulders. I silently wept on his flat arms as Wayne groaned from the sheer weight of both mechs on top of him and the fact he may lose his virginity today. Starscream got off said mech and dusted himself off before looking at me.

"Oh, Steeeve~," he sang.

I screeched and hopped Scooby-doo style into Soundwave's arms as he approached. Wayne was digging his servos into the plating of the ship as Knock Out tried to drag him to the medbay. Soundwave looked up and shook his head before displaying something on his visor. It was a picture of the finish...and Wayne's servo crossing it before they tackled him! Yes!

"Impossible!" Starscream stated. Wayne released the plating to throw his arms in the air before hopping onto his pedes and doing a victory dance. Starscream growled at him before brushing past and dragging the crestfallen medic with him. Soundwave looked at the both of us before walking away, shaking his head again.

"That was a really terrifying experience there, Steve. Ha, ha, ha; let's never do something this stupid again, shall we?" he asked. His voice was quivering, his body was shaking, and the light of his visor kept flickering.

"Yeah, I can agree to that. But we can still play the game. We just can't make assine bets with Starscream and Knock Out; why the hell did we do that again, exactly?" We both shrugged before making our way back into the ship.

"So, what do you want to do tomorrow?" I asked. We both paused to think about it.

"Mario Kart?" I suggested.

"Mario Kart," he answered.

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