Too Beautiful

Author: xMotherFuckerJones

Summary: AU. Emily is in an abusive relationship, Naomi Campbell who has been her best friend since primary, recounts all the times she has seen Emily's bruises, despite being in love with her she wants nothing more than to see her happy. With or without her.

Rating: T [Rating may change in the next chapter]

A/N: This idea just came to me today, it's not that good but I have not seen or read a story yet of this. If this isn't all fancy like usual, I apologize I did this in a hurry. Please also listen to the song Too Beautiful by He Is We. It's inspired by the song. I have not proof read this or anything.

Warning: There is domestic abuse contained in this. If you don't like it, please don't read any further. This is a 2-3 shot. It will also switch POVs. [Potentionally]

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I DO NOT OWN SKINS. But, I wish I owned Emily ;[

Naomi's POV

Jesus, can this place be any more depressing? I swear, I'm losing my mind just sitting in this damned chair listening to the wailing of patients. Fucking hell, how long has Emily been in that fucking room? I just want to get out of this place and go give Mandy a piece of my mind. I slowly brush my hair out of my eyes and take a deep breath. I can't do that, it'd be worse for Emily. She begged me to never tell anyone about her abuse. Abuse? Jesus, that is a word I should never have to even think about again.

Anyway, I'm sitting in this very uncomfortable chair. I had to bring Emily in the ER once again. That's twice in two weeks. They feared she has a broken rib, and a fractured nose. She had lied to me once again and told me she fell down the stairs. I had to hold my tongue and refrain from asking her if the stairs was actually a big fucking ape named Mandy.

Do you know how heartbreaking it is to watch the one you loved be treated so poorly you literally feel helpless? Everytime I see Emily and Mandy together, I see red no, not because its Emily's hair colour. It's because I have to watch Mandy order Emily around and walk all over her like she's nothing. Emily isn't nothing, she should be treated like the fucking sun rises and sets for her only. Yeah, yeah laugh it up stone cold bitch Naomi Campbell can be a right sappy twat.

How many times have I been in this damn hospital? Oh, right three. Three fucking times since Emily has begun dating that man lady. Not including the other things, man lady actually hurt Emily only three times enough for her to be commited into the hospital. I couldn't help but crack a smile, man lady. If only Cook were here to laugh about it with me. I make a mental note to visit him and tell him. God, I miss him. If he hadn't of tried to kill Dr. Foster, he would still be here. I wouldn't be in this fucking predicament. He would have talked me into killing Mandy already. I know what Cook would have done if he found out how Emily's being treated.

"I don't fookin' hit women but I'll get Naomikins here to give ya a taste of yer own medicine, muff monkey." is what he would have said. It's been three years since that fateful night. Freddie had disappeared and then Cook disappeared. After what happened to Cook everyone kind of fell apart. Katie went to Leeds. Emily and I took a year off and went traveling. We went to Goa and I was planning on telling her how I felt, but then that giant woman walked by us and Emily has been hers ever since. Sounds like a bad romance movie with no happy ending. Effy succumbed to the voices in her head and let her depression engulf her, now she practically lives in the physch ward. She hardly lets anyone see her anymore. Last I heard she was now in confinement daily and strapped to a bed being drugged 24/7. They had caught John Foster, charged him with the two murders. He's now serving 2 life sentances with no parole. After finding out of Cook's death we haven't been the same. Neither have I. I was crying everyday, I spent 3 months locked in my room after Emily and I returned home from traveling. We didn't have any cell service so we didn't find out well after the incident. We missed my best friends funeral and I clammed up.

Six months rolled by and that was when I noticed the very first bruise on Emily's side. She was so non challant about the whole thing and I first believed her. How could I have been so stupid?

I was laying on the couch fiddling with the damned remote. Smoking a spliff and I was watching the horrible day time TV. Friends. Don't they play anything other? I was having an internal debate as Emily flopped down on the couch, over my legs. For being a tiny person she sure weighed a lot.

"Oi, oomph loompa not all of us have small legs." I complained as I moved my legs out from under her and she giggled as I laid my legs over her lap. I let myself look at her a bit longer as she was tying her hair up into a ponytail. She was wearing a light blue tank top, and short jean shorts. She was wearing no make up, and I swear she couldn't look any more beautiful. Then I saw it. The bruise on her right upper tricep as she was tying her hair, it looked like the shape of a handprint. "Em, what happened to your arm?" I asked as I leaned forward slightly. I swore I felt her body stiffen under me but that was probably my imagination.

"N..Nothing, stupid back pack strap got the best of me. Got caught on the stair well.." She muttered a bit too quickly. I furrowed my eyes as I took in the information.

"Right, well tell me the real reason now."

"Naomi, that is the real reason." I sighed and looked back at the TV as I inhaled my spliff some more.

"Whatever you say, Emily."

I knew she was lying to me. Her voice got a little higher and she bit on her lower lip like she always does when she lies. And her pinky was twitching. Does she seriously think she can fool me like this? I can read her like a book.

Anyway, the second time I saw a bruise, it was on her side. It had looked like three or four little finger prints. She was finding something to wear for her gallery opening. Yes, Emily had become a photographer. What a lesbian cliché that girl is. Anyway, I was helping her with her dress.

"Naoms, I will not wear flowered looking dress like that! I will look like Mrs. Doubtfire. If she was skinny!"

"Oh, Christ Ems. I was throwing it on the bed, I wasn't picking it for you to wear." I muttered as I shook my head. My god little Fitch could be quite annoying when she was stressed, I still found it cute the way she would huff and cross and uncross her arms. Basically just be really twitchy like.

"Naomi." Emily whined as she dragged out the I in my name. I quickly turned around and she was only in her underwear, and she visibly flinched when I reached out and placed my hands on her shoulders.

"Emily, relax. Take a deep breath, will you?" Emily did as I said so. "Good, now sit down and keep breathing. I'm finding you something that will look amazing, okay?" I didn't wait for an answer as I quickly turned around and continued looking through her closet.

Five minutes later, I found the perfect dress for her, amazing heels that boosted her size a good 3 inches. As I set it beside her so she could examine it. That's when I saw the bruise. It was fresh. Maybe given that day atleast.

"Christ, Emily what the hell happened?" I asked as I leant down to look at it. Emily flinched at the sound of my voice and quickly got up blocking me from looking.

"Just bumped into something." Emily said non-commitedly.

"More like someone hit you." I said and I watched her face contort through many emotions and that's when it dawned on me. Big fucking ape Mandy was touching my Emily a lot more ways than just loving. "I'm gonna fucking kill her!" I shouted as I quickly turned around and almost ran to my keys and shoes. Emily made it over to me before I could be out the door.

"Naomi. Please, don't." She had tears in her eyes and she was holding onto my arm so tight, it seemed like she was scared to let me go and if she did I would be gone in a second.

"Emily. She's hurting you. She shouldn't be putting her hands on you…"

"Yes she can, Naomi! I deserve it. Everytime she did so it was because I did something wrong."

"No, no one deserves that."

"I do."

"Em, do you hear yourself?" I lowered my voice and I looked straight into her eyes and all I saw were vulnerability and sadness. "Please, listen to me. You don't deserve to be touched that way. You deserve to be treated like the fucking sun rises and sets with you. And, that's not how Mandy treats you. I've seen it. She treats you exactly how Katie treated you. A doormat."

"Don't fucking say that. Mandy loves me. And, she's always sorry after."

"Because, she's afraid you'll tell people what she's doing to you."

"No, Naomi. You don't understand. You never will." Emily's voice was dripping with venom and her eyes were angry and her whole body was tense. I was actually feeling scared.

"I understand perfectly. She practically brainwashed you into thinking that it's okay to be hit like that!" I yelled and Emily visibly shrunk. "I'm sorry, Emily. Please, just understand that I care about you and I don't want to see you hurt." I didn't move nor did I even try to speak anymore.

After that Emily got dressed, muttered a thank you, and left. We didn't talk for a few weeks after that. I was worried, so worried about Emily. She was in my thoughts all day everyday after I found out. I was wondering if she was okay, or if she was hurting again. If she was walking around with a bruise on her body, or if she had more. I couldn't help but be the most angry I have ever been about anything. Mandy was bruising and scarring my Emily. Yes MY Emily. I don't care if they're in a relationship. Emily has and always will be mine. No matter what. It's always been Emily and I against the world, and it's going to stay that way. No fucking girl is going to come between us or take Emily away from me. But, when I got that phone call. I felt like Emily had finally been taken from me.

I was sleeping when the call came. My phone started screaming at me around 2.30 in the morning. It was Katie. What the hell is she calling for?


"Christ, Lezza. How long does it take to answer the phone?"

"It's half 2 in the morning, you cunt. What the fuck do you want?" I immediately shot back, I didn't feel like being sarcastic with Katie. But, she didn't actually sound like she was in a joking manner like usual.

"Emily is in the hospital…" Katie's now very weak voice said. "She tripped and she got a concussion, broke her nose and her jaw is fractured." I shot up from my bed and I knew Emily certainly did not fucking trip.

"I'll be there, what room?"

"Room 316." I hung up on Katie and quickly got dressed, I was half livid and half heartbroken. I can't lose Emily. I just can't.

I got into my car and as I started it, I broke down. Full on crying. I didn't know what to do at that point. My best friend was almost killed tonight, and I know who exactly did it. I can't stand by and just let Emily get hurt, I have to do something. Tomorrow. After I see Emily. I know exactly what I'm going to do.

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