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Here's part 3 of Too Beautiful.

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Part III: The Fall and Rise of Emily Fitch

Emily's POV

It all started when Mandy saw a girl at the club get too close. I didn't know she'd be that angry. The girl wasn't even gay, for all I was aware, she was straight as a pole. But, sometimes poles have dents. I guess she wanted to try something new? I'm not fully sure. But, Mandy was angry. With me and of course with the girl, who was hitting on me. Of course the girl was somewhat attractive, ocean blue eyes and long dirty brown hair. For some reason, I compared the girl to Naomi. The eyes were an off colour and so was the hair. I remember thinking to myself that she wasn't even attractive if her hair was peroxide blonde or her eyes were a crystal blue I would re-think my thoughts. But, her nose wasn't long and narrow. It was too small and the tip wasn't edgy enough. Her tits were too big, also. Way too big for me, I've never been a boob girl but I did think that they were too big and unattractive. Did her back hurt all the time? I found myself comparing the girl to Naomi, and now I know why. Naomi was…amazing. She really was. Her cute ramblings about politics, and the way she would fire up when I told her she gets too enthusiastic at times about her politics. How she would roll her eyes and cross her arms, and most definitely fixing me with her most famous "Campbell Glare". She was violent when she got angry. It really made her more sexier. She would throw things at me, soft things like pillows and such. When we would argue about day to day things, playfully not actual. Thank god that girl never actually got mad at me. I remember a day after she threw a blanket at me, I bought a shirt that said "Naomi Hit Me" you know when the actual Naomi Campbell hit someone? I wore it when I showed up at her flat, and she didn't talk to me for three days. Agonizing they were.

Wow. I went way off track, haven't I? Sometimes Naomi tells me I have the attention span of a lental bean. Whatever that means, I have no idea. Anyway back to Mandy and the ugly girl at the club.

After Mandy slapped the girl for getting too close, she dragged me. Literally, back to her flat and proceeded to be pissed off with me. It wasn't like I was flirting back, I have a girlfriend and I would never cheat. Our argument got escalated and I was walking away from her because I didn't want to ruin things. Bad idea, it was. Mandy grabbed my arm and she did it hard, to the point where it really hurt me. She was yelling and screaming with so much venom in her eyes, I was actually really afraid of her.

"Get your filthy hands off me, bitch." I screamed at her, and yanked my arm away. I was frightened beyond anything and I was also angry. Before I could even walk away from her, she grabbed my arm again and whirled me around and slapped me. Not enough to leave a bruise but enough to scare me more and actually be afraid of her. Mandy saw the terror that filled my face, no one has ever hit me like that before. I was actually afraid of Mandy. Sure she is a lot taller than I am, but she had never laid a single finger on me. Until now, she quickly backed away and started mumbling her apologies, I didn't care for them. I grabbed my coat and quickly fled her flat.

For three days, she called and texted me. She even sent me a dozen roses. Being the sodding push over I am, I forgave her and everything went back to normal. That was until we got into a fight again.

She knew where to hit me so it wouldn't show, and for people to not even ask. It was like she's done this before. I was sure she didn't mean any of it. For Christ sake, she was angry and it was like she was so used to hitting me all the time.

I couldn't take it anymore being someone's punching bag. I'm not afraid of Mandy. I've got Naomi. And, Katie also. I would never let anyone else hurt me or touch me the way Mandy has. The earful Naomi gaze me yesterday was enough to get me through.

"You deserve better than this, Emily." Naomi said as tears were threatening to fall from her eyes. She had just started the car and was turned towards me. I slowly looked up at her and saw the sadness written all over her face. The sadness, I caused. "I can't take seeing you like this. Every time we meet up, you have a bruise. I don't think ever once your body has healed fully." She wiped the tear that rolled down her cheek. "I really wish you would just think about this, Emily. She's slowly killing you and I can't do anything about it."

I promised myself I really would think about it, and I did. Naomi gave me the courage to finally overcome my biggest demon and I am in the midst of finally defeating it.

I looked out the window up at the apartment building where the woman who has been giving me scars lived. I drew a deep breath and got out of the vehicle. I looked around at the people as they passed, going on with their daily lives. Nothing this horrible going on with them is there? I bet they all happy lives, with the one they love. Did I ever get that? No, but I will. I swear to God, I most certainly will. I glanced over at Naomi as she studied me, and she took my hand in hers. I intertwined our fingers, and they fit perfectly together. Her hand wasn't too clammy or cold, like Mandy's. It was warm and comforting as she gave me a soft squeeze. Almost reassuring me that everything will be okay, and that she will be by my side. Always. I mentally added. I hope she will be, she has come with me this far, why can't she stay forever? I took another breath and another reassuring squeeze from Naomi and I entered the building.

The elevator ride seemed to be the fastest one I've ever been on. I was really dreading this, wasn't I? Before I could really freak myself out, Naomi squeezed my hand and offered me a smile. And just with that I felt like I could take on anything with her by my side. We didn't speak the entire car ride here or even now. We didn't need words to speak. We had conversations with our eyes, body language and even a simple touch. They say pictures said a thousand words, but, one touch from Naomi. Nineteen Harry Potter books were already written. Ever since that kiss things have been a lot more electrified between us. You know the saying "With every door that closes, another one opens"? I paraphrased of course, but that was true for me. I was bolting and locking the door to this relationship, and a million other doors opened for me.

I opened the door and I was quickly hit with the whirlwind of Mandy's questions and badgering.

"Where've you been, Emily?" Mandy asked as soon as the door was open, she was waiting at the door staring at me with those expectant and sorrowful eyes. For a moment, I truly believed there really was a Mandy who didn't hit me or hurt me in anyway somewhere in there. Then I felt the pain of her lips on my cheek when I realized that'll never happen. She caused me to look and feel like this. I shoved her away and then she became angry. It was like Naomi wasn't even standing there with me, Mandy hasn't even noticed our joined hands. "Emily, what's wrong?"

"What's wrong? What's fucking wrong?" I shouted at her and saw her visibly flinch at my words. For once, maybe I could actually hold the deck of cards, but that thought was quite literally slapped from my brain. I felt a familiar sting to my cheek, and now my brain throbbed.

"Don't you dare fucking talk to me like that!" Mandy shouted, and she was about to say something else but she was quickly silenced as Naomi punched her in the face. It must have been pretty hard because I saw Mandy stagger back and hold her mouth with a look of fear.

"Don't you ever lay a finger on her again, you understand?" Naomi said in the most calming voice, I've ever heard her use. Naomi Campbell calm? Since when? She must really be pissed if she was calm. I quickly looked over at Naomi, but her demeanor spoke of nothing calm. Her voice may have been, but her body language said "Stay the fuck away from me" Her shoulders were squared and her fists were clenched so tightly, her knuckles were white. She had the look of thunder on her face, and I swear if looks could—actually, no, I'm sure you all know that line.
"Emily's taking her things, and you are through. You will never, and I mean never. Coming within spitting distance of her, you understand? And if you do, I will personally, do every single thing you've ever done to Emily back to you." Naomi said and now her body was shaking. I knew if Mandy said something else, Naomi wouldn't hold back from beating her an inch of her life. "Now get the fuck out of here until she's packed and gone.

Mandy didn't need to be told twice, she was gone and out of there In record time. I looked over at Naomi and I swear I've never found her so sexy before. I mean, she is always sexy, but not as much so when she's angry as fuck. I grabbed her shirt and roughly pulled her body against mine. She moaned when our bodies touched and I kissed her with everything I had. "I fucking love you, Emily Fitch." She mumbled against my lips as she kissed me again with so much passion I swear I almost fainted.

"Yeah, I know." I said as I giggled against her lips, and before we could get too carried away I pulled out of her grasp and she pouted. Fuck, she was so cute when she did that. Is this what I have been missing? Fucking hell, I don't know how I've been so close to her but not even notice how fucking lovely she is.

It took us about an hour to gather all my things. I decided I'd just take my clothes, jewelry and makeup. And, leave Mandy all the essentials. But, just to be mean I took the laptop, and her PS3 and all the games. She can go fuck herself if she ever thinks she'll get these back.

We got into her car now that we packed all my things into her car, and I was so tired and worn out by that time. Naomi wanted to bring most of the boxes down but I didn't let her, I wouldn't break if I did the same amount of work she did.

"Where should we go now?" I asked Naomi as she was driving down the street, she looked over at me and smiled her adorable smile. The most genuine one I've ever witnessed to be honest.

"Ours." Was all she said, and I quickly looked over at her with a big grin on my face.

"Where?" I just wanted to hear her say it again.

"Ours." She said as she grabbed my hand and kissed each fingertip as we sat at a stoplight, I smiled as I watched her. This was the happiest I've ever felt in three years. Naomi Campbell will always mean the world to me and more. I don't know how I could actually live without her.

"I love you, too." I whispered quietly and gave her a gentle squeeze as we drove back to our flat.


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