I am not sure whether to be outraged or impressed. Buffy Summer and friends just came to my room to apologize. If I was in a better mood I would have let them in and given them free reign to apologize as much as they wanted. However, it's nine in the morning and me and Cor only got in to bed around four in the morning. Honestly, a girl needs her beauty sleep.

Returning to bed I feel Cor snuggle up to me. Strange I never saw myself as a snuggler but I have found it rather nice. I never thought I would enjoy snuggling. I remember the nights that Riyad kept me in his bed. There was nothing nice about it; there was nothing to enjoy, to remember fondly at a later time. Out of them all he had the cruelest streak. He found such pleasure in my pain, in my terror, my hatred. When I was given to him I felt the world had come to an end. To know without a doubt that he would be my tormentor for life was enough to break me my from my drug induced stupor. It rattled fear through my weakened body flushing out the heroin. The others had their own harem and it was time Riyad built his, and I was so lucky as to be his first. How fate can be so very cruel. They had all used me, robbed me of my innocence, my hope, my love of life, and my future. Then Mohammed, my owner gave me away like a gift, a toy, a doll to his youngest son.

Shaking away my thoughts I slide my arm around Cor's waist and let her scent surround me. Here in this moment I don't need to remember that time. Here wrapped around my anchor, my friend I don't have to relieve those nightmares. Closing my eye's I let myself drift back into the sweet embrace of oblivion and pray that I don't dream.

Waking up to a warm body spooning me from behind momentarily transports me to another time, another place, another bed. Stiffening I take the time to feel the person behind me. The body is soft, the embrace is comforting not possessive. Relaxing by inches I release a breath and turn around. Cordelia is still sleeping. Her breathing comes in slow even waves, her face is completely relaxed, and she is at this moment the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Looking closely at her I wonder how I could be so lucky as to have her as my best friend. She's right and I have to finally admit it to myself if not to her; it's time I found a bit of happiness for myself.

I've been carrying this torch for Buffy. Being faithful to someone I am not even dating is ridiculous. I have had more than one guy ask me out but they are not an option for me. The few girls who have asked me out were a little too butch for my taste. I'm sexually undecided; however, if I am going to sleep with a woman it will be because she looks like a woman. I don't want to be with a woman who looks and acts like a man. I want a woman because she is soft, lush, and curvaceous. What is the point of being with a woman who looks like a man? None that I can see. So I am resolved to start looking for a girlfriend. I suppose taking a determined attitude toward it isn't the best way to go about it. I change that to I will keep my eyes open for a woman who actually interests me. I want love, I want to be happy, and I want the small pleasures of being with someone you actually care about. Obviously I am not going to have that with Buffy. Why should I deprive myself of a relationship with someone who will actually see me? Someone who will care about me? No it's time.

Sliding out from under the sheets I grab a change of clothes and go to the bathroom. Normally I would wake Cor up but I know she is tired from last night. Turning on the water I adjust to the perfect temperature and step in. The water feels delicious and it's the refresher I need this morning. Lord knows I drank way too much last night. Every dollar I made from that one dance went to paying for drinks. Even at a discounted price I still managed to waste all of it. I can't believe I drank so much. If I wasn't a slayer I would have been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. As it is I have a hangover from hell. Who would have thought it possible for slayers to even get hangovers?

Getting out of the shower I dry off and get dressed. Waking Cor up I tell her we have to meet the Scooby's at the school in an hour and that she should get dressed. As she groggily gets up I lay out a set of clothes for her to wear. She's about my size a little bit taller so my sweat pants will have to do. Slipping out of the room I walk over to the diner and order us a small lunch. I know I am starved and undoubtedly so is Cor. I keep her food to a minimum because I am betting her stomach is in that small space between being revolted by food and craving it. She probably has a small hangover as well.

Returning to the room I find Cordelia sitting on my bed wearing my sweat pants, one of my sports bra's, a tank top, and a pair of sandals. Why I packed sandals don't ask me but obviously they have served a purpose. Strangely I don't even remember packing them. Hand of fate must have guided mine. Smiling at her I hand her a cup of coffee and her bag of food. She gives me a slight groan/moan of appreciation.

Taking a seat I open up my bag and begin scarfing down my food. My stomach is in the same place as hers but I know I am hungry. Hopefully my choice of fare will be light enough that I won't be hurling it up later. Cordelia digs into her own grub though not with any sense of relish. Once the meal is over by silent agreement we get up and begin the long trek to the school. Going to school on the weekend is just plain old fashioned wrong.

The walk is done is silence and I know it is mostly due to the fact that we both have a mild to extreme headache. By the slight frown mark I can tell Cor has the extreme headache. She didn't have as much to drink as me but I bet she isn't used to alcohol, well not like I am used to it anyway. I sympathize for her, really I do.

Entering the library we see the Scooby's gathered around a table looking through musty old books. Lord knows there are moments when I am grateful I was never invited to be a member of that little group. Who wants to gather to do research on a weekend before graduation? These people are so deranged; forty year old adults in the bodies of teenagers.

"Do we have any idea as to how he plans on ascending?" I hear Buffy ask and honestly I am curious myself. I haven't involved myself in anything regarding the mayor and originally I was a key player in his developments. Cor has been out of the loop which means I have as well.

"No I am sad to say we don't have a real clue as to how. There are multiple ways to go about the ascension but each one involves different ingredients and situations. It's like finding a needle in a haystack." I hear Giles say with exasperation clear in his voice and his body language.

"So how did you guys hear about the ascension anyways?" I ask finally garnering their attention. Immediately all eyes are on me.

"Quite frankly Faith I was wondering how you came to know about it." Giles says pointedly.

"I have my sources Giles. I'll share what I know if you share what you know." I tell him while leaning against the checkout counter. Cor stays behind me but merely rests her head on the counter.

"Well we heard from the deputy mayor. Wisely enough he has left town. He told us what little he knew and after a bit of encouragement he chose to leave town, and possibly the country. We have no clue how far a reach the mayor actually has. From him we know the mayor founded this town, that he is a hundred years old, and that he plans to ascend to a higher demon sometime near graduation. It's very little and it leaves us relatively lost as to where to research." I can practically feel Giles desperation.

Overall it's not much more than they would have known if I had been involved. Tomorrow I would have been busy killing professor Wirth. I haven't been involved for fear that any attempt to stop the ascension before it happens would only create further chaos. However, at this moment I do have an important decision to make one that could in fact alter the space of time. One I could let Lester Wirth be killed by whomever, or I could make sure he lives. In one direction it leads the Scooby's to figuring out what type of demon the mayor turns in to. In the other direction it means either letting a man be murdered or save his life.

"My sources tell me the mayor plans to ascend on your graduation. He's the commencement speaker. What better place to ascend then where there is a free buffet; parents, teachers, and students what a delightful all you can eat." I tell them with a straight face. I am not positive that the mayor will ascend at the graduation but it still seems like the best place. I am not overstating it when I say that it will be a free buffet. The looks on their faces tell me that they are beyond shocked.

"I told you I wasn't getting out of this school alive. I've been way too lucky." Xander shouts making Cor mumble incoherently and press into my back. Wrapping my arm around her I shoot Xander a scathing look. He gets the point and shuts up.

"That is both informative and horrifying Faith. Is there anything else your sources could reveal to us?" Giles asks looking at me with a bit of suspicion. Giving him a slight smile I shake my head. I have a bit of thinking to do. I want to change the events to come but I have to do it in a certain manner.

Turning to Cor I wrap her in my arms and whisper in her ear. I hate to leave her here to face them especially with what they are probably thinking but I have to. She merely nods her head in acceptance. Giving me a hug goodbye she tells me to be careful before she walks over to the table and takes a seat with the others. Without a word to the rest of them I leave. I have to save a man by helping to kill him.